Lovelace passes the torch, golden booster seat to new Supervisor Mike Wilson

In a momentous occasion for Mark Lovelace haters (and we guess lovers, if there are any out there), Mike Wilson has replaced his forebear on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

Of note is the fact that both Lovelace and Wilson are currently in the running for the crown of THC’s Humboldt’s Biggest Asshole of 2016 – which you can vote on here: THC Poll: Vote for Humboldt’s Biggest Asshole of 2016

Sadly for both Lovelace and Wilson, it appears they’ve fallen too far behind in the running to best either Patrick Cleary or reigning champ Ryan Sundberg. Fortunately for Wilson, there may be a silver lining.

Citing a wish to the proud tradition of making it easier for leprechauns to effectively perform their duties as Supervisors, Lovelace found it necessary to pass on some hallowed relics for Wilson’s benefit. Unfortunately, you can’t see the “passing of the torch” because both Lovelace and Wilson weren’t tall enough to be caught on camera, but as we had a THC representative in the audience, we can give you a rundown of the ceremony.

Lovelace tearfully handed over two of the most important instruments of his office. First, he turned over the golden booster seat, which he said would make it possible for Wilson to stare down condescendingly at his fellow supervisors and members of the public – just like little ol’ Uncle Mark. Here it is:

booster-seatFinally, Lovelace handed over an item he lovingly calls “The Claw,” which will make it possible for Wilson to reach the microphone without having to jump for it. He’ll also be able to pass along documents to his fellow Supervisors without having to get out of the booster chair – an action which poses some danger to the wee lads, as the booster seat raises them to a really scary height off of the ground.

goldenclawThe Claw- an item introduced to the Supervisor’s chambers by Lovelace himself – may very well go down as Mark’s most lasting, innovative, and worthwhile contribution to the workings of County government during his tenure in office.

THC salutes both Wilson and Lovelace, and we look forward to continue working on them both in the future.

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3 Responses to Lovelace passes the torch, golden booster seat to new Supervisor Mike Wilson

  1. John Chiv says:

    This post, so far, is my 2017 favorite.


  2. Quoting myself from a week or two ago…
    One more thing, and you might want to take a swig of the MHL or another hit before reading this. Let’s also notice this growing trend. In moving car vs person, you took the side of car. In dick v boob or pussy, you notice when it is the dick that is being dissed. Money vs not: money. Predominate culture vs not: predominate. I believe it is a real thing in politics and political discussion and it is a defining distinction between left and right. It may be an implicit bias we all have but it also may be real.

    I’m hoping President Elect Trump’s use of the rich and powerful in the private sector to destroy the greatest tool we have to protect those rolled-over by free-market forces, government, will make this fact too clear to ignore and that this is the last gasp of Reagan/Trumpism before we realize the wisdom of FDR’s America and a strong and vibrant middle class.

    Let’s add tall people v short people to the list.

    Jon Yalcinkaya, proud short(ish) person (5’9″), proud liberal.

    One more thing. This.

    “In a momentous occasion for Mark Lovelace haters (and we guess lovers, if there are any out there), Mike Wilson has replaced his forebear on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.”

    A little bit about how our political process works. It’s not based on emotion. It’s based on support and votes of we the people. I understand that many Trump supporters might not get this (and some Hillary supporters too).

    Here is the truth that obviously makes you mad Mr. Consequential. If you do live in or near Blue Lake, kudos to you for doing what you can to affect the process to elect a different representative for your district. If you don’t, then let me stress to you the importance of district-based elections. This isn’t about what voters in Districts 4 or 5 think of their representative, it is about what those in District 3 think.

    District 3 Supervisor:
    Mark Lovelace 1,959 51.0%
    Bryan Plumley 1,401 36.4%
    (initial only results from ncj, I couldn’t find them in the county data)

    District 3 Supervisor:
    Mark Lovelace 4,109 67%
    Karen Brooks 1,979 32%

    District 3 Supervisor:
    Mark Lovelace 7,393 82%
    Uri Driscoll 1,587 18%

    The voters seem to approve of their Supervisor and the proof comes in pretty clearly and consistently every 4 years. I’m not sure why you and your readers are getting so emotional about this…

    Actually I do get it. This isn’t about emotions, it is about a government official who isn’t about rolling over for to the whims of the most powerful players who represent her or him. It’s a great ongoing game you like to play to make it about anything but policy including body parts, height, etc.,, but in the end it is about reducing pensions, lowering fees for developers, reducing compensation for workers, reducing regulations meant to protect ecosystem values and natural resources, and re-jiggering government and public policies to make all of this easier.

    This re-direction is works nationally, thanks to a growing influence of white men and women without college education. I’m very sorry to put it in those start and elitist-sounding terms, but this is simply true. One side of the political spectrum gets how to manipulate a tonne of voters to vote for their agenda.

    I think one important reason this tactic doesn’t work in the Third District or California is how much we all care here about each other and that includes a decently strong public education system and standards that we do all we can to make sure is available to all of our citizens.

    Happy Sunday and you are welcome.


  3. Just Watchin says:

    Seems like jonboy has trouble going for more than a day without talking about dicks….


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