Humboldt’s Biggest Ashhole: Sundberg to repeat? Get out the vote!

Heading into the last few days of THC’s Biggest Asshole of 2016, we’re starting to see some intriguing story lines emerge.

Ryan Sundberg has established himself as the leader, but is followed closely by Humboldt Area Foundation’s Patrick Cleary, who has been steadily gaining ground. Can Sundberg out-asshole Cleary to repeat as Humboldt’s Biggest Asshole? It remains to be seen.

On another front, Corky Cornwall has the pleasure of being low man on the asshole totem pole, which has surprised pollsters and THC writers alike. (Have you people forgotten about those damned U.S. Cellular commercials? Come on!)

We’ll be closing the polls this Sunday, and holding the award ceremony next week. Be sure to tune in for that, as THC has designed a fantastic new trophy for the winner. Don’t forget to cast your vote!

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7 Responses to Humboldt’s Biggest Ashhole: Sundberg to repeat? Get out the vote!

  1. John Fullerton says:

    I like Corky. What on earth is he doing on this list ?


    • John, it seems your entire campaign for City Council in 2016 was based on playing the victim to the meanies who disagreed with you. In 2014 as Treasurer for those opposing Measure R, your rational for accepting $10,000 in donations either under $99 or $25 limit was that the anonymous donors were shy to expose their names to the meanies on the internet.

      You know what John, I agreed with you on those stances. I would have loved to go through a case-by-case basis and look at what was and what wasn’t appropriate political speech in our little community.

      Given that context, I find it very telling that your comment of this annual outrage of an “asshole” of the year gave a sort of back-handed approval by naming one person you liked instead of denouncing the entire dick-move process.

      John, you and I should agree that this entire series of posts is outrageous and wrong and has no place in what you or I would choose for our local public discussions about policy. Period.

      I look forward for post- election John Fullerton’s agreement with myself and pre-election John Fullerton.


      • Just Watchin says:

        Looks like Corky Cornwall really gets your panties in a wad. No wonder the community considers you a joke jonboy.


  2. Just Askin' says:

    Just Askin’

    Why isn’t Floyd Squires on this list?


  3. Harwood says:

    I used to mute the TV when Corky Cornhole came on!


  4. dph says:

    You forgot to put yourself up for vote.


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