THC Poll: Vote for Humboldt’s Biggest Asshole of 2016!

Now that those pesky holidays are over, Humboldt can finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Of course, that can mean only one thing – it’s time for all Humboldt-ians to weight in on who they think was Humboldt’s Biggest Asshole in 2017!

Just like last year – in which Humboldt soundly voiced their opinion that Supervisor Ryan Sundberg was the Biggest Asshole – you’ll have a chance to cast your vote on people in Humboldt that took being an asshole to unprecedented heights.

You’ll recognize names like Mark Lovelace and Sundberg from last year (we obviously had to give Ryan a chance to repeat!), but there are also some dark horse contenders in there. If there’s an obvious candidate that we’re missing, let us know and we might just add them in, too. Now, get your vote on!

Once the competition has concluded, we’re excited to announce that we’ll unveil a special new trophy for the lucky winner. Here’s a link to last year’s award ceremony, in case you want to relive all the excitement once you’ve voted: Sundberg sweep early 2016 awards: Builder, Biggest Asshole!

On a side note, we are saddened to inform you that His Highness of Assholes and Asshats, Donald Trump, was ineligible for this competition because he’s not in Humboldt. When and if we get to America’s Biggest Asshole, we can assure you that he will be the only candidate on our ballot.

Be sure to vote, Humboldt – recognizing the biggest asshole from 2017 is in your hands!

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7 Responses to THC Poll: Vote for Humboldt’s Biggest Asshole of 2016!

  1. MiguelWC says:

    Is Squires on the ballot?


    • Hi Miguel, Welcome. Squires would have been an excellent choice to include but there is no way to include all the assholes in Humboldt. Just like with the homeless, we have way way more than our share. We will keep Floyd on the list for next time. Cheers!


  2. Tall Trees says:

    Where’s Dennis Mayo’s name? He picks fights at meetings and is an asshole extraordinaire!


  3. An Anonomous says:

    I’m writing in Matt Owen!


    • Arcatan says:

      Including Owen on the poll would be unfair to all the other candidates. I think everyone knows Mat is the biggest asshole. The contest is really all about second place.


  4. THC. A visionary in equality in private-parts language. From me and Mac Towner* thank-yous for leading the way forward for adults and children alike.

    And I’m sorry if I have to be the one to break up this gender-free smear campaign, but your annual contest here is a dick move. If you think there is some sort of equivalence between what you are doing here and what Jennifer Fukimo-Cahill wrote there isn’t and using John Chiv’s favorite argument that hey they’re doing it so I can do it doesn’t cut it.

    This is a raison-de-etre for you. This is what you do to stay anonymous and call out those, mostly left of center, mostly government officials with your THC-approved gender-neutral smear. A couple of things that Jennifer and the NCJ did a) it was clearly tongue-in-cheek but with a serious bite because it involved mostly real dick moves and b) I think this is an important distinction, Jennifer’s epithet is linked to an action, not the person him or herself: it’s dick-MOVE, not dick. If this was about a move rather than about calling a fellow community member a name (anonymously) you would at the very least give a blurb about why you thought the guy’s actions were dickish. (It is all men, so isn’t this allowed?)

    I hope that with a few exceptions (JW – looking at you) everyone agrees that language is significant and it does influence the way we think. For goodness sakes, we just elected a President largely because many voters felt a kinship with him for being an asshole. I think a lot of voters want their 8th grade school-yard vocabulary back and they are quite miffed at those damned liberal ____ies for making them think twice about saying what is on the tip of their tongue.

    And one last thing for the true social equality warriors like anonymous blogger (AB) THC who wrote this…

    “In the meantime, true equality warriors like those of us at THC will continue to be on the lookout for blatant instances of sexism and other discriminatory behaviors.”.

    You might want to look into this other anonymous blogger who wrote this earlier this year.

    “That’s right, you get to be part of the committee that selects Humboldt County’s most prolific, most effective, most ferocious, and – of course, because screw all that other crap – most beautiful environmental justice warrior.


    OK, one more last thing. What is going to happen to all this talk and focus on the crony-capitalist Supervisor Sundberg if his only competition comes from someone endorsed by both Mike Wilson and Mark Lovelace?

    Should be an interesting year and a half to get to June 2018, and, btw, sure beats paying attention to national politics.


    • Just Watchin says:

      Given the number of times that you use the word “dick”, you are obviously obsessed with them. If you’re going to put your sexual fantasies on display, do it on your own blog. You might attract some new readers….maybe a little light in their loafers, but new just the same.


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