NCJ employs sexist slur while criticizing KINS for sexism

THC doesn’t like double standards regardless of the source. Not one bit. And we’re always pleased when handed a glaring example on a silver platter.

Now here cometh the North Coast Journal, that bastion of political correctness and shining example of all things left. In an article/post from the last days of 2016, entitled “Top 10 Dick Moves: The year in bad actors and bad looks, the NCJ’s Jennifer Fumiko-Cahill takes a stab at exploring the biggest assholes and jerks of 2016.

Hilariously – and somewhat shockingly – the first item on the Journal’s list of “dick moves” is aimed at KINS radio, which apparently ran an admittedly ill-conceived poll. From the Journal: ”

10. KINS

The unabashedly sexist “Can a woman actually be president?” poll was an unsavory mid-century throwback, like a salmon gelatin mold; it was ugly and dated, and nobody wants it.”

THC won’t argue with the facts in NCJ’s Top 10 Dick Moves list. KINS, that was kind of a shitty thing to say, even if you were just doing it for the clickbait. (Something which each and every local newspaper like the Times-Standard or blogs like THC, NCJ, and LoCO are guilty of.)

But aside from that point, let’s look into the North Coast Journal’s blatantly sexist usage of the term “dick move.” Correct us if we’re wrong, but doesn’t that phrase ascribe some very negative – even derogatory – connotations to the male genitalia by equating them with someone who acts poorly or in a socially unacceptable manner? For example, if the NCJ were to create a list of the “Top 10 Pussies” (we apologize for the usage, but we’re making a point), that would be frowned upon, to say the least. Appropriately, any suggestion of a “Cunt of the Year Award” would be brutally slammed by our ever politically correct NCJ as they self define it.  So what makes “dick moves” any different?

Now, the NCJ’s hilariously tone-deaf use of “dick moves” to describe sexist remarks by other organizations can be easily explained – maybe they were purposefully juxtaposing the two in order to draw attention to the sexual bias of language and its usage in the media. Because, surely, they don’t think sexism is a one-way street.

Or maybe they’re just a bunch of hypocrites with an axe to grind and an agenda to push.

We’re trying to come up with a catchy term to describe the NCJ’s actions here, but apparently all the progressive social justice warriors in the world haven’t yet coined a phrase which covers their own hypocrisy. We’ll probably just have to wait and hear whatever we get called after running this post, and then update later to recycle whatever term that is.

There are a couple more instances of ugly, below-the-surface sexism in NCJ’s Top 10 Dick Moves list (the more we say that the more it sounds like some sort of abridged Kama Sutra), but we’ll leave it up to you to sniff those out.

In the meantime, true equality warriors like those of us at THC will continue to be on the lookout for blatant instances of sexism and other discriminatory behaviors.

P.s. keep your eyes open for the upcoming THC segments, “Biggest Asshole of 2017” and “Humboldt’s Biggest Boobs!”


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60 Responses to NCJ employs sexist slur while criticizing KINS for sexism

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great catch THC.


  2. William B says:

    Fumiko-Cahill has a massive femi-nazi chip on her shoulder. Not a chance does she even remotely get the issue. After all it’s all about her. the NCJ has actually made a little progress lately. This misguided article was a step backwards.


  3. John Chiv says:

    In the latest issue, there is a letter pretty much summing up the same point. William B, NCJ had made progress, when?

    Was it when all the papers end up sprawled on the streets of Old Town? I already vented about J F-C but still enjoyed this THV post


    • Hello? says:

      They called you out too JC for publishing names of innocent minors in Mack


      • John Chiv says:

        Get your facts straight, hello. They mentioned Fortuna. I responded on my blog. First of, everyone knew who it was in Fortuna. I used initials. I also linked where NCJ used the first full name of a minor, not just initials and other examples of local press using full names. And a lot more about NCJ ” ethics”. So get off your high horse, not only are you incorrect but next time you jump to defending that rag, be better prepared. Toilet paper is better than NCJ.


      • Father says:

        If it had been my kid who’s initials you had published John Chiv, I would have given you a swift kick in the pussy


  4. John Chiv says:



  5. Mac Towner says:

    I wonder if the Journal will remove this offensive and sexist material and replace it with an apology? I doubt it. They are held to a different standard then they hold the rest of us.


  6. First of all, John, I hope you got the initials right in your post about Fortuna High.

    This entire fracas is complete cowshit. (In respect to Mac Towner’s delicate masculine sensibilities)

    If Kyle’s taking the last piece of pizza without cleaning up isn’t a dick move, I’m not sure what is.

    Lookit, we just elected a president that was caught on tape bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. I haven’t heard word one about that here on THC’s PC free zone. I think Jennifer’s title was probably intentional, and given our recent election, appropriate. Lord knows it got the perfect reaction from Mac Towner.

    Now, THC, if your latest hurt butt is really about this, “THC doesn’t like double standards regardless of the source. Not one bit.” , then please give me a moment to chuckle.

    Thank you. I have three letters for you THC. P v V.

    Are you telling me there was no double standard there? This article is fun, ultimately inconsequential, folderol and P and V will be, as you probably would agree, quite significant to the future of HumCo.

    On your first post on P you said you really didn’t care about this one way or another, but because of a LTE from Pam Service, who, is a member of the HCDCC, who, receives about $250,000 from unions and then always spends about 93% of it on contested Assembly or State Senate elections in a union/Democratic work-around against actual big money to try to make spending about even, because of that extremely tenuous connection that exists only in your mind, you were going to oppose P.

    Here is a quote: “They aren’t doing it to get big money out of elections (because, as you read above, they are big money in politics.)”

    Yet, on the other hand. When out-of-town forces come to town spending with a $270,000 campaign chest (at last check) and they handed you a 10 month old email to destroy their main opponent’s reputation (only you and FolletUSA’s PR lackey probably know whether or not a silver platter was involved), that is the story you went with. Not one published doubt about the money behind the measure and what it might say about the agenda behind it.

    Whatever, THC. I’ll try to get over it. I’ll just have to keep reminding myself that you “are a hypocrite with an axe to grind and an agenda to push” .
    One more thing, and you might want to take a swig of the MHL or another hit before reading this. Let’s also notice this growing trend. In moving car vs person, you took the side of car. In dick v boob or pussy, you notice when it is the dick that is being dissed. Money vs not: money. Predominate culture vs not: predominate. I believe it is a real thing in politics and political discussion and it is a defining distinction between left and right. It may be an implicit bias we all have but it also may be real.

    I’m hoping President Elect Trump’s use of the rich and powerful in the private sector to destroy the greatest tool we have to protect those rolled-over by free-market forces, government, will make this fact too clear to ignore and that this is the last gasp of Reagan/Trumpism before we realize the wisdom of FDR’s America and a strong and vibrant middle class.


  7. There were three letters to the editor about this article on the NCJ. Since I don’t always know who’s who, I looked up the writer online and one of the first things to come up was this:
    It’s brief so I’ll quote it:
    “Precious Piece
    Jennifer Fumiko Cahill’s Dec. 29 piece “Top 10 Dick Moves” was a jewel of writing. Trenchant content too. A gem of written communication.
    — Deanna Beeler, Arcata”

    So my next question (to myself) was “who is Deanna Beeler” (yes, I know where Arcata is).
    Seems she occasionally posts on RHBB. Other links show that she’s a lawyer but the state bar site shows she’s inactive. There is a business office with several employees.
    There is one review:,1,
    Now it gets strange. That same listings shows the street address of:
    517 3rd St, Eureka, CA 95501 Suite 30.
    Who else is at this address? (using the street view it’s obviously many small offices so Suite 30 isn’t going to be that large)

    Alpenglow Farms A CA Nonprofit
    517 3rd St 30, Eureka, CA 95501
    Now it gets really hinky.
    Seems that suite is actually the location for RAIN ZEPP A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION
    The link will show all the other corporations this company/corp represents.
    Well it seems it is actually two people, a Beorn Zepp (I remember that first name from The Hobbit) and Tracy Desutter Rain.
    Moving along, it seems they include services concerning in Mutual Benefit Nonprofit corporations.
    Which are quite different from the kind that are usually discussed on THC…

    So I guess the woman with the law degree but not current with the California Bar might be working for Zepp & Rain helping all these mutual benefit nonprofits keep their affairs tidy. Said nonprofits
    seem to all be recent converts to the benefit of having that relationship when it comes to the IRS.
    But it still doesn’t explain why someone with all that education should feel the need to praise the article others find funny in the wrong way or not funny at all.

    I feel like Alice in Wonderland just fell down a rabbit hole that came out in Eureka…but still a very different dimension.
    It’s not worth posting on NCJ. It seems like an irrational vortex that chews up some information and then spews out something quite different without admitting it is different.
    Now my head hurts. I think I need some Ceylon tea to clear my mind.


  8. fredtyg says:

    Off topic: FYI: State Assemblyguy Jim Wood chose someone associated with Humboldt Area Foundation as the “Community Champion of the Month”:


  9. Just Watchin says:

    Talk about double standards…BLM morons terrorize a special needs student with a knife in Chicago. Liberals are such tough guys….


  10. John Chiv says:

    Father awww, you’d have to out yourself first with your real identity and I dont think you have the balls to do that. Notice you left out all the other liberal media that actually did worse than use initials. Did you threaten NCJ for publishing Horacio Miranda’s name?
    Jon, just like Father, you ignored my response and facts. Jon, you think someone gives a damn what you think. Why dont you stick to your blog and the 5 unsuccessful people (like you) that read it.

    By defending NCJ and the sexist move by Cahill, Jon, you prove once again that liberals are intolerant with double standards and the real sexists, racists etc.

    Unlike you Jon, THC and I actually have an effect on improving the community. You talk too much, do nothing. Will you be running for office to drop out again?


  11. I don’t know where to start. I guess the best place is with the topic at hand.

    THC, you and your readers got punked. Trenchant, indeed. This was satire, and I hope that Jennifer gets a peek at this post and the comments below.

    This is about sexism and the title, in all of it’s crudeness, laid bare the true double standard.

    Read that piece again, you make it out to be serious. The title itself should be a dead give away. While it’s dealing with (mostly) serious subjects (KYLE!), it’s dealing with them tongue in cheek. (just to add a couple of neutral body parts to the discussion).

    So lets look at double standards. When the President Elect places his tiny hands on the bible in a couple of weeks, he will be the 45th president of these United States. History test for THC ers, what percentage of the 45 were female? * Also, for the record, all things being equal, the probability of the same binary result happening 45 times in a row is 2 to the 45th power or 2 multiplied by itself 45 times. Turns out this number is 35,000,000,000,000 or 35 trillion. To put this another way, the chances of no woman being elected in 45 elections, if we assume all other things being equal, is 35 trillion to one.

    I think we can all agree that all things are not equal when it comes to electing a man v a woman for President.

    Why is this? For starters, think about if you know or have known an ancestor who was born before August 1920. This person lived in a time when women could not vote. Let that sink in for a moment please.

    Now, did the 19th Amendment change our societal bias towards the male gender overnight? Of course not, I think we could also all agree with that.

    Since Warren Harding was elected President in November 1920, we’ve had 25 presidential elections, all won by males, again, all things being equal, the probability of this happening coincidentally is 2×2 25 times or 33,000,000 (33 million) to one.

    Again, even after woman’s suffrage, I think we’d all agree all things are not equal.

    So back to the KINS’ TOP dick question of the year, “Can a Woman Actually Be President of the United States?” Thankfully the liberal elite pussies at LoCO recorded the results in a place the intertubes can find. The answer is 63%. 63% of those KINS listeners who called in to the TOP (Telephone Opinion Poll) that day agreed that a woman CANNOT be president.

    OMG. Again, let that sit for a moment.

    Of course this is an unscientific poll, and, hilariously, the two numbers add up to 101%.**

    So, I think the appropriate question for THC readers is, let’s go on the record how many of us believe a woman can be president of the United States? I voted for Hillary Clinton.

    OK, so back to the punking and the body part talk. Our language reflects our society’s mostly implicit, sometimes explicit (KINS TOP participants I’ll looking at you), bias against woman.

    Think about, and please be honest, the cultural relevance of each gender’s body parts.

    Culturally worst of all there is the “C” word. There are words that are so inherently destructive that we cannot even say these anymore and respectful people use the initial if force to use the word in discussions like this. We have the “N” word, I’d argue the “F” slur for gay men and a host of others for different ethnicities. Can anyone think of any work that must be referred to by an initial because of it’s inherently destructive connotations for a white male? Cracker? Homey? Gringo? I don’t think there is one, and this, like our string of male presidents, is not a coincidence.

    From there we have, as the cultural observer THC has pointed out boob (doofus), pussy (weakling), yes, dick (jerk). But then what about balls? Was John being ironic when he typed this “I dont think you have the balls to do that”?

    Or what about the sexual innuendo that Ted Cruz got caught using over and over during the campaign, “ramming down throats”. ( ) This isn’t meant as a positive thing, but it’s not about good v bad as much as this entire thing is about power, and is there a more x-rated or raw, power laden image than that one?

    It is so awesome when people like MacTowner or THC get upset or offended about the satirical use of the word “dick” because in the end it proves that your protests about political correctness is complete cowshit. The dirty truth is that you want the societal OK to use language to bully those who are not in power, and complain about a double standard when your own body parts get a teeny, tiny taste of their own medicine.

    THC, someday I hope you have the balls to own up to this double standard and quit cramming all this PC bullshit down our throats.

    Trenchant and well deserved satire indeed Jennifer Fumiko-Cahill. Thank you! It’s the post-Christmas gift that just keeps giving.

    * Answer: 0.
    ** Google ” KINS Can a woman actually be president? “


  12. John. I like you. You are a good person. May you enjoy success as you see it today and in your life. I look forward to those times we get moments to say hi.

    Having said that I disagree with practically everything you write that involves politics. We both know this.

    I do read your blog to try to understand what is going on in the law and order corner of our world, but sometimes John, it is impossible to get through your own agenda when I’m simply trying to understand what happened. The Adam Laird story and a recent post of yours is a perfect example. I had no idea what you were saying.

    After reading the comment above, I read your post reacting to Jennifer’s column. I think what you were trying to say is “I’m sorry, I was wrong to use the initials of the children.” If that wasn’t what you were saying, then there should have been no complaints about NCJ and their publishing of a legal document that had initials in it?

    If that is not what you are saying, if you think it was a good practice to print initials, then I probably disagree with you. Again, I don’t know, I am not an expert in minor’s initial-using in crimes, but I do expect sources of news to have integrity and rules on how they present this information.

    I understand your point that the NCJ and LoCO don’t. There is nothing you and I can do to change them other than participating in their distribution of news, etc. or not. What we CAN do is change ourselves to reflect the principles we believe in. If you do this, and readers and advertisers agree with you and see value in what you do, your success will continue. What happens at NCJ or LoCO should be of secondary or tertiary importance to you.

    After reading your post John, I’m sorry but I don’t know where you stand because you spend so much time calling out the NCJ for what you perceive to be a double standard.

    (Btw, thank you for noticing, getting, and reacting to my own little attempt at satire. I was pretty proud of it if I do say so myself.)


    • John Chiv says:

      Jon, I think you get it, you just want to pretend you don’t. If you cannot understand what I am saying that is an user error. Sane, intelligent people do. In fact, lot of liberals liked the Adam Laird post. You will keep defending Linda Atkins, NCJ, LOCO who are the ones with an agenda because they perpetuate the myths of your progressive beliefs.

      As a person, I enjoy some of our talks but you have tunnel vision. In your opinion, rich = bad, Republicans or conservatives = bad. Democrats = good.

      I think what you are most upset about is the the liberal local media, like most national media, is irrelevant.

      So with a progressive majority on Eureka City Council, why have’t they magically solved homelessness, drug addiction, crime or created living wage jobs? Maybe because they have no clue? Not going to read another rant about how it is the fault of tbe rich. The fault lies with overregulation, liberal media and Democrats who have been destroying California.


  13. John, I swear to you, I don’t understand what you are saying, unless you are saying that by definition you are right and the NCJ and others you perceive to be left of center are wrong. And please, this isn’t about me, this is about crime, punishment and journalism and I’m here to learn to learn from you.

    Here is a simple question: In your case, was it a mistake to publish the initials of the children involved?

    You know more about crime and punishment and journalism than I do. I really don’t have a dog in this fight. I can see where it is important knowledge to know who those who may have committed a crime, regardless of age, but on the other hand I also appreciate protecting individual rights and presuming innocence.

    It’s a delicate balance, and I’m interested in learning about the ethics of your profession as much or even more than the specifics of any one crime or hazard.

    So what are the rules? Did you break them? If not, why accuse the NCJ of doing the same?

    Integrity, John. It seems to me to be the opposite of double standards. I’m not saying, at all, that you don’t have it. You may or may not, it seems to me that you are the one who should be the judge of that. So help us understand, not by comparing yourself to someone else, but by standing up for what you believe in and letting others figure our for themselves who is right and who is wrong.

    What are the rules? Did you follow them? Are you able to admit when you broke the rules?

    If you were following journalistic ethics, it seems to me the proper response would have taken about 2 paragraphs. The short version might look like this.

    “Lookit Jennifer, I am proud to have published the initials of the children accused of the crime. It was a service that I feel the public and other students needed to know because ________. I’d do the same thing again if the chance was presented to me.
    Don’t forget that your paper did a similar thing when you did this _____.”

    Done. Hopefully, someone would respond either in comments if it wasn’t a fair question, or a representative of the paper itself if it was, and the conversation could continue.


    • Just Watchin says:

      jonboy….you whined about not having the time to discuss on your own blog the many subjects you felt were important, yet you have time to waste space on other people’s blogs. You seem to devote as much time to your own blog as you did to your run for public office.


  14. Bloggin' Ron says:



  15. John Chiv says:

    Esther, the regular Chiv troll, hi. Jon and you have no life, do you? Instead of admitting that your liberal wannabe publications are tanking, you continue to attack and insult. That is a sign of a liberal losing, no facts and a sure sign that one has said something truthful. So Esther, today, this personalitu, next comment, another?


  16. Bloggin' Rob says:

    John Chiv will #MAGA!


  17. Spork says:

    This whole thread has seemed to go tits up.


      • Satire. See, you get it too. But no, outside of this thread, biggest boob, p___, is not OK, unless you are using the Chivian excuse that your interpretation of another person’s ethics signs your license to be a dick. And outside of these fucked-up threads, much to the chagrin of JW, you will not have found me to use any reference to the biological plumbing of either sex. It would be nice if you followed the same rules because a) you simply cannot do it with the panache that Jennifer did b) the majority of people would rather not have assholes discussed when General Plans or pensions are on the table and c) women deserve the right to equal access to being public figures without and unfair, asymmetric focus on their gender.

        I’m sorry THC, but it is not in your politics to be able to use these terms as part of a above-the-shoulders discussion of politics and that isn’t a double standard, it’s just true. You like most conservatives almost always punch down*. That isn’t satire, it a form of bullying.

        But hey, you are the one who chose the icon with devil’s horns. Your m.o. is apparently to be a dick. That’s probably why you instinctively felt you had to be anonymous to start a blog. Oh well, c’est la vie.

        * Exception of The Donald noted. That begs the question, did you think a woman could be President last November 8th? What about other readers? Don’t forget the headline you buried with this post 63% of 101% (This is KINS’ special conservative math) voted that a woman can’t actually be president.


  18. John Chiv says:

    Jon, if you weren’t so creepily obsessed with THC and me, you’d be amusing. Meltdown Jon since January 20, 2017 is happening, and you can’t stop it.

    It has been fun to see banter with you on this thread. but it got boring after the first two times All the detractors here, if you despise me or THC so much, why do you read and follow us?


    • Mama Chiv says:

      John? Come home for dinner! Your soup is getting cold!


    • Just Watchin says:

      You forgot about his obsession with dicks…..


    • Hello? says:

      Is Chiv bashing LoCo because they no longer link to his blog? Wow, the Trump’esque temper tantrum response is so great! Must be the testosterone pills.


      • John Chiv says:

        Hello, that topic has been addressed. Could care less to be linked to loco whose traffic is in the toilet. However, it is interesting that since I responded to Jennifer Cahill and called out LOCO, the anonymous trolls have been working full time, on blogs and online. When was LOCO last relevant? They posted five press releases today, post Mad River Union articles. Must be hard getting that advertising when your numbers are dropping. Guess when you expose people like Patrick Cleary, Greg Dale and Rick Littlefield and expose the “ethics” of NCJ, cowardly people who support them go after you anonymously. Keep it up , like the national media and liberals, constantly harping on a non issue shows who the real prejudiced people are. How’s the nos coming along with those advertisers lol?


      • Hello? says:

        I love it! Gotta find something, anything to help justify your blog! Meanwhile, the only people paying attention are mom and dad who pay your bills. So sad!!


  19. john chiv says:

    Hello, you spread those lies on the Tuluwat, did not work. No mom and dad do not psy my bills. My hard work does. I dont have to justify my blog, my following speaks for itself. So does, your repeated obsession to spread lies.

    Whatsa matter hello? Couldn’t counter facts above? Whose paying loco’s bills? Even with Lost Coast Communications, they are pathetic. Five staffers, no news, trash for comments like you. Keep sitting in a coffee house trolling away loser. The fact is you are about as relevant as Hillary Clinton.


  20. John Chiv says:

    Esther, yet here you are at 1:28 commenting about me again. Which is not the topic of the post. You and Jon should get together and start your own cyber troll support group and pat each other on the back for a job well done.

    Take Depak and the others with you so adults here can have a discussion on the topic posted, not your delusions.


  21. John Chiv says:

    Esther, actually reading this thread, the question is who is the most creepy cyber stalker, Jon or you?

    What are you guffawing about, Trump wiped the floor with lyin, fake Hillary and the media. Go hang out on CNN comment threads or Buzz feed, more suited to your character.

    Do you really think my life is affected in anyway by some nameless troll who only has a life vicariously by obsessing over me. Keep typing away Esther, you got a lot of time on your hands and the more you type, the easier to trace your cyber path. Did you really think I engage you for fun?


    • Esther says:

      I’m sorry you feel so threatened by the silly nature of this blog thread! But hey, glad it helps keep you busy!

      Keep up your Trump’esque keyboard slamming style, it fits your personality perfectly! Cheers


  22. John Chiv says:

    Esther, looks like you are the one threatened by success. Comparing me to Trump is great, he is a winner. You, on the other hand, like Hillary, a loser multiple times. And cannot even use your name. Like Jon, your opinion is only effective in your alternate reality.


    • Hello? says:

      As a proud member of the LGBT community, I wonder how JohnChiv feels about Jeff Sessions appointment?


      • John Chiv says:

        Hello, thank you for asking. I feel great since I do not identify with the so called lgbt community which does not represents individuals, outs conservative lgbt members, and needs the feel for special labels. I don’t play the victim or identity politics. I have been successful despite challenges in my life since I am human. Lgbt activists are the ones creating a backlash on other lgbt membets by shoving their demands and not being respectful.

        Jeff Sessions will be good for this country. I am an American, first. How about you? Do you focus on anything besides the same tired tactic. Are you a jealous lgbt member or liberal that feels the need to obsess on those that dont play victim?


      • Hello? says:

        Could it possible that JohnChiv’s reason for not identifying with the LGBT community is because he’s afraid to embrace it? You could be a role model for those facing similar challenges in life if you had the courage.


      • Okay, enough already. We’ve had to moderate comments from both of you several times. While we understand the public right to have individual opinions even if they are insensitive and offensive, we also understand the rights of individuals to react when attacked. The problem is that this is OUR forum and we get to pick the topics. If you want to continue your argument get a room of your own. We strongly suggest that you two meet up with a couple cases of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and drink till all the fight is gone and your sitting in the middle of a zillion empty’s giggling at each other. That’s what we do in the basement to solve our differences. There are far bigger issues facing our community than your insult fest.



  23. John Chiv says:

    Hello, your delusions and passive agressive liberal logic are pathetic. I dont have to defend myself to a nameless coward who is also a cyber stalker. If you had guts, you would use your name. I have three decades of courage, a life outside Humboldt and done more for rights of many, including lgbt, than your self hating, miserable troll ass has typed. People know me in real life. I do not owe a sick creep like you any answers. It is interesting that these attacks always happen when certain locals are exposed. You keep typing away, you know your allegations are as fake as the name you post with and you have no life. So get your attention without using me. You and your too dull?


    • Okay, enough already. We’ve had to moderate comments from both of you several times. While we understand the public right to have individual opinions even if they are insensitive and offensive, we also understand the rights of individuals to react when attacked. The problem is that this is OUR forum and we get to pick the topics. If you want to continue your argument get a room of your own. We strongly suggest that you two meet up with a couple cases of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and drink till all the fight is gone and your sitting in the middle of a zillion empty’s giggling at each other. That’s what we do in the basement to solve our differences. There are far bigger issues facing our community than your insult fest.



      • John Chiv says:

        THC, you could have moderated and just as you deleted some of Esther’s comments, you could have deleted Hello’s and put an end to this nonse.. These trolls have no other forum. You allow it, when it is irrelevant, you do not moderate for days. So get off your high horse and dont lecture me because this is not any different than your biggest asshole poll. I responded because it is not the first time, these untruths have been said here. Freedom of speech does not mean you dont have standards. You are an anonymous blog, that allows exclusively anonymous commenters, largely unmoderated and this is the result.


      • Hi John,

        Take a kook back and we think you’ll find that we have moderated many many comments that crossed the line of decency including several of Hello’s that you might not have even seen. If we get the chance we will send them to you and we think you’ll agree that we only left the best of the worst. At the same time we also try to give as much latitude as possible. It’s a tough and very fine line. Our suggestion wasn’t that you weren’t making valid points, only that the comments were off the topic of the post. We will continue our policy of moderating attacks on you or anyone else that cross our self defined line as we have in your support over and over again. Cheers!


      • Like whoa says:

        You are seriously thin skinned JC


  24. THC doesn’t like double standards regardless of the source. Not one bit.

    Take a kook back and we think you’ll find that we have moderated many many comments that crossed the line of decency….We will continue our policy of moderating attacks on you or anyone else that cross our self defined line as we have in your support over and over again.

    Double standards are like assholes. We’ve all got ’em. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to try to be fair to ourselves and to those we disagree with.


  25. THC and JW. Hopefully we can all agree this guy is a dick.

    And a little bit of link clicking will illustrate he was a Bernie guy when he went to the Democratic Primary. I believe he also went to the Republican Primary.
    He is 60 or 70 something with a 20 or 30 something girlfriend/subordinate.

    Misogyny exists and is prevalent and is supported by a social infrastructure. It’s why going forward we shouldn’t expect that only using gender-neutral private parts as epithets is the fairest thing to do.


    • spork says:

      What if people like associating themselves as male or female? Is that going to be the social faux pas of the future, to admit one’s sex? That seems to be what you’re implying. Misogyny exists. So does misandry.


      • You missed the second 2/3rds of the sentence spork.

        “Misogyny exists and is prevalent and is supported by a social infrastructure.”

        Do you contend misandry is supported by a social infrastructure? Is it really The Woman who is keeping you down spork? Where do you live? Amazonia?


  26. John Chiv says:

    THC thanks for that response. I am sure you have moderated many responses and for that I am grateful.


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