THC Poll results: super majority of Humboldt says Pat Cleary’s HAF stay out out of local politics

The results are in, folks! Thankfully, for this cycle of voting, the predictions could be counted on.

Turns out that Humboldt’s residents thinks that HAF, and any organizations that fall under the HAF umbrella, should stay out of politics. What’s even better? It wasn’t even close!

By a margin of 87% No votes to 13% Yes votes, Humboldt agrees that HAF’s generously donated money shouldn’t be used for any sort of political endeavor. (Also, a big thank you to all for getting out the vote: we didn’t think that Humboldt’s Mr. Beefcake voter numbers would ever be topped, but you all have done it again. Huzzah!)

Of course, as we all know, the popular vote is not a guaranteed winner these days. Will Pat Cleary and his cohorts at HAF and True North Organizing Network actually heed Humboldt’s opinions and stop their political meddling? Sorry to say, but probably not. It’s difficult to listen to the will of the people and your conscience when you’re pushing a political agenda down people’s throats. Those things tend to get in the way.

Should you see a decided lack of action from the overseer of our area’s most misleading “community organization,” you can give him a call at 707-442-2993 or write him at: 363 Indianola Road, Bayside, CA 95524.

Be forewarned, he never responded to any of the letters we sent him.

But instead of writing letters or phoning, you could do something that might actually get HAF’s, True North’s, and Pat Cleary’s attention: take your money elsewhere.

THC has gone on at length about the ridiculous way HAF takes money off the top from the donations it receives. You can read about it in more depth in this THC article: Humboldt Area Foundation: Padding their pockets and padding the polls

But we’ll also recap for you: For every dollar that HAF distributes in grants, it uses $.89 in operational fees. In 2012, that number was even higher: $1.32 in administrative costs for every dollar granted. They have more employees in their “Community Strategies” a.k.a. political scheming division than they do in their actual grant-making department. There are over 40 employees, when most comparable organizations in California have about 3. Pat Cleary pays himself over $30,000 a year more than most directors of similar organizations make (so much for the wage gap behind the Redwood Curtain, right?)

Those are just a few of the glaring financial red flags at HAF, but even just these beg the question: why are we trusting them with our money anyways? Say, for example, you want to give your money to the Boys & Girls Club, or to the Arcata Forest Fund, or whatever: do you realize that the vast majority of your gift isn’t actually making it to the desired organization?

HAF’s operating costs are around 34%, which means that out of your $100 donation, only $66 of it gets over to help the trees or the kids or whatever. Not only is HAF taking nearly 1/3 of every donation to fund its own pet projects and pay Pat Cleary’s salary, but they’re then turning around and using it for their own ends. It’s maddening.

So you tell us, Humboldt: where else would money donated to charity be better spent?

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7 Responses to THC Poll results: super majority of Humboldt says Pat Cleary’s HAF stay out out of local politics

  1. Tall Trees says:

    Wow. These figures are pretty alarming. I loved HAF for years, especially under Pennekamp, but didn’t agree on fighting the estate over developing the preserve surrounding the original buildings. I don’t know why HAF got in bed with True North. Sad.


  2. redwood lawyer says:

    If only any of your facts were true. Yet another fake news site damaging a great organization because of a personal vendetta. Very sad, THC…..


    • internet pre-trial paralegal something says:

      Says the “lawyer”. THC has put out verifiable facts for quite some time. Here’s some advice for them; don’t do questionable things and Joe Q. Public won’t have reason to start questioning things.


    • Howdy Counselor! We suggest you grab a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and actually verify our facts with the provided links. You can occasionally find a typo or two in our posts cuz we get bored proofreading but facts is facts. Besides there is no way we could make up all the shenanigans going on at Humboldt Area Foundation with what is supposed to be scholarship money. It’s almost like it was the County.


      • Question on ethics THC.

        Why do you allow comments that cross the line into people’s private lives such as a comment about Supervisor Bass a while ago that I protested by shunning the site for a while and more recently comments about a frequent commenter’s private life which he is then forced to respond to on the one hand, but…

        When a commenter by the name of “snoopy” or “scoopy” a few weeks back leaves a couple of hints that your “headquarters” might be in Blue Lake these comments get deleted?

        What gives? Is it simple self-preservation? Because you can? Because, as you infuriatingly argued about Supervisor Bass that there was evidence it was true? In other words, were these guesses about where you lived (perhaps educated, perhaps not) removed simply because the were untrue, because that would leave a fun game of finding out which location wasn’t removed because it happened to be true?

        Bottom line is THC, is there a “right” to remain anonymous, especially as you peddle in innuendo in the private lives of others by selective deleting some, but not other offensive comments that don’t belong on a blog about policy and politics.

        In terms of ethics, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander, no? If not can you explain why not?


      • Just Watchin says:

        THC…..whatever it was that got you “shunned” by jonboy, please do it again. And jonboy, what makes you think THC has any obligation to post anything that they don’t want to? They own it, they control it, and yes…it’s because they can. Mitch was right. You may be the most naive person ever.


  3. Arcatan says:

    I think it’s pretty concerning that Humboldt Area Foundation is involved in flagrantly partisan groups of any type. This kind of activity is in pretty clear violation of their legal charter and certainly violates the public trust. I will not be donating to any fund managed by HAF until they stop this practice.


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