HAF not involved in area protest for once; do you think it should stay that way? (THC POLL)

(UPDATE) Turns out that THC wasn’t all that observant when looking at the local media coverage of the anti-Trump rallies in Humboldt.

If we had been, we’d have noticed that Renee Saucedo was front and center at the anti-Trump rallies. Thanks to John Chiv and a few other readers for pointing that out to us. In case you’ve forgotten, Saucedo is (or was) the lead Organizer at True North Organizing Network, the politically active group sponsored by Humboldt Area Foundation which is also housed at HAF’s headquarters. Here’s a link to a Times-Standard article which features comments from Saucedo at the rally:

Anti-Trump protest held in Old Town

Of course, Saucedo’s views are her own, as are the views of everyone on either side of the Trump equation. However, THC thinks it’d be highly naive to think that Saucedo – who’s been intricately involved with local political activism since the day Pat Cleary and HAF invited her to Humboldt to begin organizing – wasn’t encouraging the political protest in some form.

While that’s her right, it’s also the public’s right to be aware of this: HAF sponsors the political organization that Saucedo runs, and that she is out there stirring up unrest and fostering political divisions in the community. Is that what you want the money so generously donated to a “community organization” being used for?

Let us know by leaving a comment and/or taking part in our poll! And a big thank you to the many who’ve already made your voice heard through another THC poll.


Were you surprised that there was no mention of Humboldt Area Foundation or True North Organizing Network in connection with the recent anti-Trump protests in Humboldt? So was THC!

HAF hasn’t made any secret of their political agenda nor their attempts to push it down the throats of Humboldt residents. Over the last couple of years, it’s only become more obvious. Take the political debate they sponsored, or the multiple political marches and demonstrations they’ve organized just in the last year:

True North Organizing, HAF and Pat Cleary ignore their “non-political” mission once more

Humboldt Area Foundation joins City of Eureka in protesting ND oil pipeline

HAF Board Member also the leader of political group True North Organizing Network?

It doesn’t take a brain scientist to see the trend of their actions. It does, perhaps, take someone who is willfully ignorant of the obvious to say that HAF has not become increasingly entrenched in the political affairs of the County, but go ahead and debate it if you want.

We realize you might be a little tired of making your voice heard (for those of you that voted, anyway). But THC asks that you take a little time out of your post-election heartbreak/celebration to let the rest of Humboldt know what you think: Should Humboldt Area Foundation, and Patrick Cleary’s favorite political wing True North Organizing Network, stay away from inciting political dissent and demonstrations and stick to their charter, which mandates that they should not engage in partisan politics? (We can’t find the exact wording on HAF’s website anymore – guess they’re trying to distance themselves from being accountable to their charter now, too.)

Go ahead and take our poll below; we’ll post the results in a week.

Also, as an added pictorial bonus,  here’s THC’s favorite picture from the LoCO’s coverage of the anti-Trump rally in Arcata this week:

trump-rallyWhether you’re down with the protests or not, you’ve gotta love the elder stateswoman of the protest sipping her coffee with a decidedly unimpressed look on her face. She’s probably thinking what THC is thinking – that old codgers like us were way better at protesting stuff back in our day. (Cue LMOB telling us what a stupid group of old farts we are.)

Anyhow, seems like our purple-haired fellow citizen is less interested in the protest and more interested in getting that sweet fix of java, which we can totally relate to. In this crazy world we’re living in, you have to relish the simple pleasures. And feed your addiction.

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4 Responses to HAF not involved in area protest for once; do you think it should stay that way? (THC POLL)

  1. John Chiv says:

    Guess, if we follow the money trail thrn, True North to HAF. Then HAF to Patrick Cleary. Fill in the rest on local media and why they cover what theyvdo.
    THC you are Humboldt’s Wikileaks except you can get out of the basement and enjoy foggy Humboldt.


  2. Zoe says:

    Is Saucedo with True North any more? I thought she resigned months back. If so, what’s the beef?


  3. John Chiv says:

    So Zoe, because she is CR student equity director for now, her past affiliations and beliefs just vaporize into thin air?

    The beef is stripes don’t change. I know the radical liberal left has a problem with comprehending basic facts, just like the result of the presidential election.


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