HUMBOLDT TAXPAYERS BEWARE: County DHHS wasting their time and your money on undercover customer service stings?

In yet another refreshing reminder that all of Humboldt County’s pressing humanitarian crises have been solved, the County’s DHHS recently conducted an “undercover sting” operation to provide direction to businesses on how to better operate and meet the needs of their customers.

According to the County’s press release, DHHS’ Employment Training Division came up with this brilliant idea to help people get jobs and lift them out of the economic hardships they’ve long been mired in…oh wait. Shit. Cancel that, this undercover “customer service” sting actually had zero to do with helping people find jobs.

In fact, there’s just about zero reason for doing any sort of “undercover sting” aimed at providing feedback to businesses. If DHHS’ subsidiary departments had any sense – including the Employment Training Division and the Economic Development Division – they’d be doing stuff to encourage businesses to get going in the first place. We’re sure that DHHS is doing absolute loads of good in training people for employment and what not, but how about rerouting the money used to critique perfectly functioning local businesses towards helping more businesses get started? You know…encouraging business?

As an added bonus, encouraging more businesses in the county would mean . Bet you the County would’ve paid  a consultant $40,000 for that tidbit – but you got it for free, courtesy of your friends at THC.

“But THC!” you say, “Humboldt County doesn’t like, promote, or encourage business!”

We momentarily forgot this, fellow Humboldt-ians, but thanks for the reminder: Humboldt County doesn’t like, encourage or support new businesses – they just like to launch pointless, shady, and wasteful sting operations so they can try to tell people how to run their existing businesses.

Which makes a lot of sense, because the County is run with such alarmingly effective business acumen that we’ve found ourselves in a massive, massive budget deficit. But who’s counting, right?

Here’s a link to the LoCO, which has the full text of the press release:

HUMBOLDT RETAIL EMPLOYEES BEWARE! Primal Decor Wins DHHS’ First Undercover Customer Service Sting

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7 Responses to HUMBOLDT TAXPAYERS BEWARE: County DHHS wasting their time and your money on undercover customer service stings?

  1. Mac Towner says:

    Did you notice that I he “winner” of the taxpayer funded sting operation was none other than Primal Tatoo! This means that our tax dollars as directed by our Stupidvisors was actually spent buying tattoos for county employees. Fucking seriously! My tax dollars actually bought a Tatoo for some overpaid, entitled, bureaucrat! When’s the next Stupidvisor election?


  2. Arcatan says:

    This really is a little over the top with respect to the use of taxpayer funds particularly in an election year with the Supervisors placing and supporting not one but two new county tax measures. It truly begs the question, ” Are we really getting value for our tax dollars and our local government?”.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure our elected idiots will say they don’t control How DHHS spends their money or that some grant was involved but actually, yes they do control how money is spent and what grants are applied for. “Stupid is as stupid does”


  4. same one sided BS again says:

    At first I was going to offer you some of the good reasons behind this program benefiting employees. Then I reconsidered. Why should I help you see things right in front of you? In your world there is only one reason, and that is the reason that fits your political agenda.

    Too bad. You would actually like the reasoning if you are pro-employee like you seem to act.

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  5. ClassWarrior says:

    So this is how they misused the huge grant they were recently awarded. I thought they would use it to actually HELP people. I guess my naiveté is showing in this case.
    The DHHS job “training program” consists entirely of making résumés for folks who have huge gaps in their employment history. It was designed in the ’80’s when ‘job search’ meant going from business to business, filling out applications and praying for an interview. It does nothing to prepare anybody for today’s work environment, much less for job acquisition in a market dominated by robots (Made in U.S.A.) and slave labor (imported from wherever).


  6. Sammy says:

    Don’t ANY of you remember the Headwaters Agreement – money paid to specifically be used to re-train timber industry folks put out of work by the Environmental Whackadoodles to do something else for a living???????????

    See, Bonnie and John and Jimmy gave it all to Kirk fing JERK Girard to manage. Now, where did he put it? Is it gone or is it with the OTHER lying useless outfit —- Humboldt Area Foundation????


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