Eureka joins County in denying public rights, losing hopeless lawsuits, wasting tax payer money

It’s not often that THC gets real excited about the “reporting” from the folks over at the North Coast Journal, but the recently published bit about Eureka losing an appeal to withhold police videos is an issue that everyone can get behind. (Unless it’s the City of Eureka’s apparently really shitty legal team.) Read the full story, by Thadeus Greenson, here:

Supreme Court Denies Eureka’s Request in Police Video Case

Of course, the Journal might not have ran such a long piece on the final resolution of the case if they hadn’t been in a years-long pissing match with the City of Eureka – but THC sure is pleased to see that at least one major publication in Humboldt will take on stories about idiotic and corrupt government.(even if they’d never do it for something that doesn’t agree with their agenda.)

Eureka’s attempt to withhold the footage of a police-involved shooting is troubling on it’s face, but consider this: Eureka’s attorney Cyndi Day-Wilson was trying to argue that nearly every single police video recorded should not be available to the public. Which is ridiculous because it makes it look like EPD really screwed the pooch – but it’s even more concerning as a reflection that our governments are seeking to keep us as uninformed as possible. Not cool, people.

Here are some quotes from Eureka’s legal opposition, Peter Boylan (per the NCJ):

“All litigation begins with an attorney evaluating the costs and benefits of pursuing a claim. What are the costs of winning? What are the costs of losing? In this case, the risks and cost to the city of losing were always far, far higher than any benefits the city might achieve if it won. The city must have known that the longer it dragged this out, the more it forced the NCJ to litigate, the more it was going to cost taxpayers.”

From an email Boylan sent to Day-Wilson:

“I am not posturing when I say that, should you appeal this further, you won’t win,” Boylan wrote at the time. “Although anything is possible, a reversal of the appellate court’s opinion is extremely unlikely for a bunch of procedural and substantive reasons. Further appeal will do nothing but waste more public employee time and more taxpayer money. Further litigation will only drive up the fees and costs the city will inevitably be ordered to pay.”

And lastly…

“The city financed a long-shot bet with public money,” he said. “It is an unfathomable mystery why the city chose to roll the dice on this when the odds were stacked so heavily in favor of losing. …”

So why did the City push forward, against common-sense and despite every indication that they would lose, and cost us all money? THC couldn’t tell you – but we’ll remind you that you can ask any of Eureka’s City Councillor’s just what in the hell they thought they were doing by authorizing/directing Day-Wilson to pursue the lawsuit. Also, be sure to ask them why the f*** she’s still on the payroll.

In case you’ve forgotten, the City of Eureka isn’t the only government agency around here with a piss-poor legal record. Exhibit A: Humboldt’s County Counsel office. Once again, wasting a shit ton of tax-payer money in lawsuits that they can’t hope to win, and which also frequently center around denying the public or individuals their legal rights. Here’s a review of that, courtesy of us:

Lawsuits: County 0, Everyone else 103 (with pictures!)

So, this begs the question: just what in the hell are these attorneys thinking? Even to the untrained (or drunk, in THC’s case) legal eye, there was no way that Eureka was going to win this recent settlement. Similarly, the wonder-boy County Counsel that we are all paying for keeps screwing us over, too. Perhaps a better question is: where the hell is the accountability from our elected officials and the people they employ for the shitty, shitty decisions they make? We suggest you ask them.

It must be said that the Journal might not have ran such a long piece on the final resolution of the case if they hadn’t been in a years-long pissing match with the City of Eureka – but THC sure is pleased to see that at least one major publication in Humboldt will take on stories about idiotic and corrupt government.(even if they’d never do it for something that doesn’t agree with their agenda.)

Here’s another link to the full story at NCJ:

Supreme Court Denies Eureka’s Request in Police Video Case

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14 Responses to Eureka joins County in denying public rights, losing hopeless lawsuits, wasting tax payer money

  1. John Chiv says:

    THC, you and I can only agree on one thing in this post, that NCJ only got into this pissing match because of an agenda. If they were, oh so noble, to really fight for transparency, they could have picked better cases. As long as shitty journalism like NCJ and LOCO has any funding, you get shitty coverage. NCJ didnt have to file this lawsuit, just like the ones filed by HUMMAP or Janelle Egger, and waste taxpayer money.


    • Burt says:

      John chiv is soooooo jealous of the web traffic that LoCo generates, yet he doesn’t understand that without their links to his amateur website, nobody would have a clue what he’s up to everyday in the courthouse.


  2. Marc Delany says:

    Does the Eureka City Council understand that they have 2 employees only??? The City Manager, and the City Attorney. They need to look at continuing with this City Attorney, her judgement is appalling. Losing these cases confirms this. The CC needs to review her advice/record and then adjust as needed. It is great going to court with OPM (Other People’s Money)… the taxpayer’s money in this case. Is it possible there have been 103 losses to 0 wins?… Don’t know but that is so much worse than flipping a coin ( 0% vs 50%) that one has to wonder….

    When do you fire a City Attorney?… or keep her, but do the opposite of what is advised…. sheesh.


    • John Chiv says:

      Marc, she also won a case with excellent arguments against slumlords Kushwahas of the Budget Motel. And against repeat offender Dana Carr, who wasted city money. Do you win every case as a lawyer? I am neither a fan or critic of Ms. Day Wilson’s but this blog’s agenda is obvious to those who see who they target regularly. Cant get decent media to do your bidding, form an anonymous blog. And, I am not talking about the left here.


      • Marc Delany says:

        Facts are hard to come by, or to get an agreement that they are facts. This is deliberate. It is so hard to verify all that should be obvious and historic record. Transparency could be valuable to evaluation by all ‘sides’ (we are in this together)… unfortunately not forthcoming. So therefore rumors and innuendo prevail.


  3. Just me says:

    “If they were, oh so noble, to really fight for transparency, they could have picked better cases”

    Really?? Wasn’t the officer supposedly beating the sh*t out of a teenager? The officer involved, Laird was a Garr/Larry Glass supporter, so this really doesn’t fit your narrative that the NCJ was doing this because of some “agenda”.

    To try and say that the camera footage is part of the officer’s personnel file is ludicrous, and it was rightly exposed as such.


    • John Chiv says:

      Just me, do you have proof the officer was beating the shit out of a teenager? This wasnt some innocent teen, for one. This isnt a case of an officer involved shooting. Larry Glass has nothing to lose if this video is released. NCJ did not cover Kailan Meserve, they did not cover Randy Cook, they did not cover many other cases, more horrific. They are anti police and full of it. For years, greedy conservatives want better media but wont fund decent media and have allowed activists like Dahlberg, Greenson and Sims to peddle their agenda as news. Just you, does not have a clue.


      • Just me says:

        “Just me, do you have proof the officer was beating the shit out of a teenager?”

        OMgosh, THANK YOU JOHN!!!! That is the crux of this – there is VIDEO of this that will either show this was the case or not.

        Beyond that, the officer that was being trained by Laird was so disturbed by this that he reported it, and as a result, Laird was FIRED.

        Sounds like EPD had enough “proof” to fire Laird.

        “Larry Glass has nothing to lose if this video is released” – that may be the case, but you, John, are the one trying to accuse the NCJ of some kind of biased agenda in this case. Further, Laird tried to paint his dismissal from EPD due to his support of Larry Glass and Garr Neilson.

        I do not agree with Thad Greenson all the time, but the guy is the best journalist on the North Coast, without a doubt. It is not his job to be “anti police” any more than it is to be pro police. Whether the the NCJ covers the other cases you mentioned or not is not germane to this discussion.

        John, speaking of not having a clue, your ….ermmmm, uhhh “reporting” leaves a lot to be desired. You are not a journalist, you are an opinionated blogger – your so-called coverage of court cases is downright embarrassing, especially when you provided one sided, guilty before judgement is rendered, and the accused walks away with a not guilty verdict. You’ve done this John, and that, my friend leaves you pretty clueless yourself.


  4. John Chiv says:

    Just me, why should any one believe a person with an anonymous name who blathers the same talking points with only insults to offer? You have no accountability, no credibility, you are just a puppet. I knew you would rise to the bait because you are so predictable. The whole criticism of me, your coverage of court cases, blah blah is the same BS you have mouthed anonymously a few times. No one cares about your opinion. Readers, my following, my covering cases that your precious Thad follows up months later with no credit given, by regurgitating reports is not news.

    Thad, , the best journalist ever, LOL shows you are a frequent Tuluwat/ LOCO regular. You are anti-police. You like “media” that caters to your delusions. Unlike your precious Thad who does what Judy funds him to do in her self supported paper, or the pot ads that support LOCO and NCJ or Patrick Cleary, I built my business with hard work. What NCJ and LOCO cover is a joke, they got away with it for years by being spoonfed stories by those who support their ideology and agenda. Where is the real investigation on whether Austin Allison has violated any laws in this campaign? Where is the questioning of this recent Measure V debacle? Now that Paul Gallegos is gone, Thad does not get his court stories spoon fed. Anyone can sound smart if they are told what to write. LOCO and NCJ are days, sometimes months behind stories reported elsewhere. What do all these paid staff do all day?

    Competition and real media is here, something you, Just Me, need to wake up and accept.

    You, Just Me,are a part of what is wrong with Humboldt. Because of your attitude and focus on the wrong issues, we have able bodied men and women who think it’s ok to be stoned all day and sit on their ass, addicted to drugs, not earn money but expect the rest to support their bad choices. The teen in question comes from a family playing the victim game, kids being raised in the foster system, and anti authority.

    Why don’t you be so tough and outspoken and debate this in person? If you don’t have the guts to use your real name (which should be verifiable) or be man/woman enough to be held accountable for your words, in person, who cares what you think? The days of certain media ruling this town are over. Time to replace them with media that brings information to the people, and THC is a part of that effort.

    Self appointing your publication and winning awards does not make you a journalist, nor does doing your boss’ bidding. It makes you a paid PR person.


    • Shak says:

      Well said.
      Where does one find a non biased, non agenda, news outlet for the NC? Even a conservative outlet would be appreciated, for balance.
      I was banned at LoCo for politely, under the circumstances, tearing into Ryan or the other main editor, for not investigating stories for originality & truths but were instead parroting others & promoting political agendas. I was kind and listed a paragraph of tips that other journalists had uncovered. I was unkind, in that I didn’t relay the info uncovered.
      Tuluwat is worse than LoCo. Very biased. Mad River is also.
      Finding the decent journalists is harder than finding the truths of the stories.
      John Chiv’s is the closest I’ve seen. THC is on the ball, as long as we understand the lingo, which I often don’t.
      Seriously, I would appreciate a list of respectable journalists, links.


      • Shak,

        We truly regret that like a similar quest for a competent local politician your search for an unbiased and literate source of local news is destined to be equally unfulfilled. We’re all simply shit out ‘o luck. We recommend making the best of the situation with a case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. It won’t make our collective future any less dire but at least we will face the beast with a grin.


      • Melinda Garrett says:

        Well said! I have found John Chiv’s reporting to be like a breath of fresh air. Straight forward information, and very timely. Although I agree with Shak in that the lingo at times is lost on me. So if you could dumb it down just a tad, I’d be a happier reader lol. I appreciate the hard work you invest in your blogs. I ran across a link to your blog through Redheaded Blackbelt, and have enjoyed following you.


  5. Shak says:

    Re: Mike’s Lemonaide. Best advice ever. I’ll drink to that. Cheers!


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