Update! – THC actually gets credit for Hilary Mosher Extortion scoop from The Mad River Union!

Wow THC fans! Your homegrown hero’s and Mikes Hard Lemonade aficionados finally got some long overdue recognition from our local “mainstream” media. After our comment yesterday pointing out the Unions failure to follow journalistic protocol by giving credit to a story’s originator guess what happened? The Unions co-owner, Jack Durham, a well-known supporter of all things left leaning actually did the right thing and changed up his article to deftly insert a few words in our direction.

From The Mad River Union:

“The email was first made public yesterday on The Humboldt Confidential, an anonymous blog.” (emphasis added!)

Of course there was no mention of this correction or the original oversight but hey, we’ll take what we can get. Thanks Jack!

This correction had to hurt since Mosher and her various causes have been long time recipients of  Mad River Union editorial support and bias.

We wonder if The Union will be following up on any of the “scurrilous libel” statements made by Ms. Mosher and quoted in The Mad River Union? We know that if we were lied to as flagrantly as was Jack Durham and his publication we’d be hopping mad and would print some pretty serious editorials on the subject.

Among the most serious of these is the following statement by Mosher taken directly from the pages of the Mad River Union:

“However, Hilary Mosher, chair of the Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition, flatly denies having written the email. “I will not dignify this scurrilous libel with a response,” Mosher stated in an email to the Union.” (emphasis again added)

We assume that Mosher no longer intends to stand by this quote. The curious want to know what The Mad River Union will do to discourage being lied to in the future?


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30 Responses to Update! – THC actually gets credit for Hilary Mosher Extortion scoop from The Mad River Union!

  1. Mac Towner says:

    Congratulations THC for your well deserved credit. You are by far my favorite source for local news. I check for updates multiple times a day. Thanks for all you are doing. It is long past time that some of our officials and institutions were held accountable for their incompetence. The only thing better would be to actually elect people who remember their words and promises even after they are elected. Stupidvisors beware!


  2. Doug Johnson says:

    I posted all THC links to the growing Hilary Mosher rent control scandal to their campaign’s FB page. They quickly took the links down and then blocked me. The YES folks — especially Patti Rose & Carrie Peyton Dahlberg — are terrified that the voting public will become aware that Hilary Mosher resigned because THC revealed that she solicited $150,000 to stop all rent control activities. Patti and Carrie thanked and defended Hilary. How deep does the corruption go in their campaign? Vote NO on Measure V.


  3. LMOB says:

    It’s funny THC. If you read your developing position on P the first 2 posts explain your developing position on P based on the big money connection to the HCDCC, but not one mention of the big money and now cringe-worthy October surprise campaign tactics of the No no V folks.

    This is a faux-morality play to help justify your support for those that least need it at the expense of those that need it most. To their credit John Fullerton and Uri Driscoll are two conservatives that came out in support of it.

    Yes it is official (see Times-Standard today for those of us that understand THC is a pundit, not a news-source) that that email is from Hillary and she was seeking private benefits in exchange for public silence. Corruption? You can define it as such if you wish. I don’t condone it nor excuse it, but I also understand it. If you are focused on the corruption angle of this story, what about the corrupt actions and politics of those that either agreed to then reneged or enticed Ms. Mosher along with the probable intention of releasing this during the heat of the election?

    This news item that fell on the lab of the anonymous and possibly currently inebriated pundit focuses the attention of the public on the morality of a person and by association with the ethics of a political and policy measure. I get it, I’m used to it I can and do listen to this type of politics 24/7 right-wing radio.

    But we will never get answers to the inherent contradictions or messy ethics of the proponents like THC who support policies that shred our common interests in protections from the often cruel and unyielding economics for those that go after the most vulnerable. Maybe you too have your own personal financial or personal interests, perhaps not as short term as Ms. Moser’s, that help direct your personal politics.

    Not that you shouldn’t, you should and that is what politics is for. I just wish that we all could speak a little more candidly about our politics. Obviously those supporting government policies that only funnel more money and wealth to those atop our economic system will do anything and everything to obscure this reality. Kudos THC to you continuing successful efforts to this end.


    • Wow, some people can rationalize and spin a justification for just about anything. LMOB, you really should reconsider that political career. You’d fit in just fine with our Supervisors.

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • LMOB says:

        I’m not justifying or rationalizing. Ms. Mosher’s actions have 0 to do with the language of V. Do you not agree?

        Is Measure V a measure that should be passed for the good of Humboldt’s residents, that is the question you should be asking. While your are at it THC, you might want to ask yourself about your own “blind spots”. Why did you go after Pam Service for her absurd connection to “Big Money” in relation to P but don’t even mention it in the case of V?

        This isn’t spin, this is calling out crappy, expensive, politics of personal destruction for what it is and attempting to entice a smidgen of acknowledgement from those involved in the politics of personal destruction.


  4. Doug Johnson says:

    Mobilehome park rents countywide average $435 a month — and for many, that includes water, sewer and garbage. These are some of the lowest, most affordable housing costs in the entire state of California. These rents are already fair, stable and reasonable. Rent control doesn’t work and is not necessary in Humboldt County. Vote NO on Measure V.


    • LMOB says:

      Gee, Mr. Johnson that sounds great. They do also own the mobile home they live in too right? What are their monthly mortgage payments like on average? Can they move said home for reasonable rates so those charging rent don’t have unfair leverage? Isn’t this exactly the trap that Ms. Mosher was trying to extricate herself from in this now infamous e-mail?

      Also, Mr Johnson, could you please tell us a little more about your financial interests in this measure or are you simply a concerned Humboldt resident with the best interests of all Humboldt residents in mind?

      You are paid to help get Measure V defeated, right? What is your record on measures like this? If it doesn’t take too much time could you please provide a comprehensive list of previous campaigns in which you have been a part – both those that were decided in your favor and those not?

      I’m not holding my breath, but it would be fair for you to do so to help those who have to make a decision on V in the next couple of weeks.


  5. LMOB says:

    Also, in the ulterior motives category, these have been commenters on the THC’s hit piece resulting from actions that border either on entrapment at worst or ugly back-room negotiations at best by Casey Kelley’s Follet USA with Ms. Mosher, who, yes, it appears was a willing participant. Is Ms. Mosher really the only person here whose dealings should be up for scrutiny? If not as individual persons, what about the political actions of the organizations of Mr. Johnson, Mr Wolski and Mr. Kelley’s respective organizations or businesses or financial interests.

    a) Mr. Doug Johnson is the regional representative for Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association, a group that gave $35,000 to No on V.

    b) Mr. Guntram Wolski who does not seem to share the same housing struggles month-to-month that Ms. Mosher dues. ( https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2016/sep/27/meet-out-town-millionaires-fighting-humboldts-mobi/ ) Mr. Wolski’s Thunderbird Mobile Estates contributed $20,000 to the No on V campaign.

    We can all evaluate Ms. Mosher on ethical or moral grounds, what about doing the same for the institutions at play here that employ or are financed by the other side? It’s a little more complicated right?

    That is by design in part for decisive public moments like this. Vote against this type of politics and for those that need our assistance for affordable housing so as few of us as possible have to be in the position in which Ms. Mosher finds herself.

    Please consider voting “yes” on V on your absentee ballot or on November 8th for both a) the fair protections in the measure for mobile home owners and, now, b) vote for V as a vote against the despicable corporate actions and politics that is focused on destroying the reputation of individuals for the cause of higher profit margins.



    • Ahem, as best as we can tell the mobile home park folks are not extortionists breaking the law. You are entitled to your opinion of their approach to property management but at least they are following the law. There really isn’t a comparison, only one of them belongs in jail.


      • LMOB says:

        So Hillary Mosher belongs in jail? This is maybe why our country has 7 times the incarceration rate of other countries.

        Are they following the law? You are sure about that? This seems to be one side of the story so far, a side of the story that was released 2 weeks out from an election they are paying tons of money to win.

        At least we know one thing, we know where the presumption of innocence begins and ends with you Mr. THC.

        Cheers, hope your teams did well today.


    • Doug Johnson says:

      LMOB, I didn’t catch your name or your financial interests — oh that’s right, you’re hiding behind four initials. So transparent. No wonder you’re an apologist for the likes of Hilary Mosher. BTW, most mobilehome residents in Humboldt County own their homes free and clear — they don’t have a mortgage. And you lament “poor” Hilary’s “housing struggles” — really? She pays $488 to live in the nicest mobilehome community in Humboldt County and she owns and operates a lucrative private Montesorri school in Arcata. Hilary’s 2016-2017 rent increase: $14.50 a month. But you go on carrying the disgraced Hilary Mosher’s water, LMOB, because it gives voters just one more reason to Vote NO on Measure V.


      • LMOB says:

        Sorry about that Mr Johnson. My name is Jon Yalcinkaya. I’m an eligibility worker for Humboldt County living here in Eureka. I don’t have any association or financial interest in mobile home owners myself, but I do care about this community and those that live here dearly.

        Now that that is cleared up, back to a conversation I hope we might have. So most mobile home residents do own their mobile homes, yet still are subjected to the monthly rent, right? That isn’t the case with most California renters is it? So isn’t it slightly disingenuous to compare these rents to most California rents as you did here?

        “Mobilehome park rents countywide average $435 a month — and for many, that includes water, sewer and garbage. These are some of the lowest, most affordable housing costs in the entire state of California.”

        Common Doug as a fellow human, isn’t this a little disingenuous as a stand-alone statement?

        Lookit Mr Johnson, I’m not one who believes that a U.S. courtroom should be the model for our politics. You should be able to tell by my involvement in this discussion that I do believe in honest and fair discussions about policy, not about personal foibles. Your position as a paid consultant for V (If I’m not mistaken). I think warrants more information about your professional or career background. I’d like to look at those political campaigns form the perspective of the communities who have been involved and find out the regrets or possibly positive change that have resulted.

        I don’t think that an October surprise release of an email from Jan 2016 and the inevitable destruction of an active and important member of our community is relevant to how people should vote on what some or many on both sides of the political spectrum have argued is a fair constraint on potential exploitation of mobile home owners. As you have noted, the majority are owners, and as owners they are basically stuck in those parks and subject to the whims of the park owners, even as these owners change over time.

        Don’t you think there needs to be some oversight of this process to protect the mobile home owners themselves?


    • John Chiv says:

      Jon, what was contributed to fight Measure V has been reported way back on my blog. None of the people like Mr. Johnson had an issue with me publishing that post. I contacted Hillary re this issue. I printed what she allowed me to on record.

      TS and MRU did this story after THC broke it and after my blogpost . You never seem to question why Allen McCloskey, Carrie Peyton Dahlberg, Austin Allison, HAF get a pass by many of the local media. Quit whining about THC. Majority of the local media, are left leaning. “Reporters” put in place by who? The onl news coverage you get not spun is from either TV stations and by sources you deem conservative. Actually, what we do is report, gasp sometimes even on liberal issues.


  6. Just Watchin says:

    Just another Hillary that belongs in jail, but will probably skate. What difference, at this point, does it make?


  7. Doug Johnson says:

    LMOB, I didn’t catch your name or your financial interests — oh that’s right, you’re hiding behind four initials. So transparent. No wonder you’re an apologist for the likes of Hilary Mosher. BTW, most mobilehome residents in Humboldt County own their homes free and clear — they don’t have a mortgage. And you lament “poor” Hilary’s “housing struggles” — really? She pays $488 to live in the nicest mobilehome community in Humboldt County and she owns and operates a lucrative private Montesorri school in Arcata. Hilary’s 2016-2017 rent increase: $14.50 a month. But you go on carrying the disgraced Hilary Mosher’s water, LMOB, because it gives voters just one more reason to Vote NO on Measure V.


    • Just Watchin says:

      Doug…..allow me to fill you in. His name is jon yalcinkaya. He lived off the government welfare program for several years, then got a job working for them. Guess they figured at least they could something for their money. He was treasurer for the local democrat organization, but he became an embarrassment to them and they fired him. He declared a few months ago that he was running for Eureka city council, then chickened out before it even got started. He’s been caught lying on local blogs so many times that he got the nickname “lyin jon”, and his favorite color is pink. That should cover it……


      • Just Watchin says:

        Oh….and the lmob stands for “liberal man on bike”. They say it’s quite the sight to see him pedaling through the drive thru window at the local coffee shop.


  8. Doug Johnson says:

    Thanks, Just Watchin! Really appreciate the background on LMOB.


  9. Jack Durham says:

    Hey THC! You were credited in the first version that was posted. The only change in the update was the addition of the resignation press release at the top of the post. FYI. Also, I emailed you, but the email bounced back.


    • Hey Jack! Thanks for stopping by and welcome! Not doubting you but somehow we didn’t see the credit in the first version and another reader even pointed out the omission. Perhaps there were different versions and a bad one slipped through briefly? Anyway, we don’t doubt your efforts and really appreciate your bringing this to our attention. We try to be really careful about this kind of stuff and apologize if the screw up was on our end even if we can’t see how. Of course we were probably half way through a case of Mike’s at the time. Either way we will pass on some collectors version THC swag as soon as we get a chance just to solidify our eternal friendship. We’ll also check our spam filter in the am for your note but we often receive more than 100 emails a day from readers and a few from drunk butt dialers, inexplicably others just disappear. Go figure.


      • Jack Durham says:

        I have my first draft that credits the THC. Also, I had to go through the hellishly long 30-second procedure of linking to your website, which seems like an eternity when I’m convinced the T-S or LoCO is going to scoop me. Anyway, who the hell knows? You were noted in version 1, but who knows what shows up. There are too many variables.


  10. Jack Durham says:

    I credited THC in my original posting, and variations that followed, because not only did you get the scoop, but the THC was my source for the email. The email was never directly sent to me. (This makes me want to sob, but it’s true.) I then contacted the company owner via email, and I talked to him on the phone. He said Mosher sent the email. That was the confirmation I needed to run with the story. Mosher denied sending the email. I have not seen her retract her statement, despite the resignation. I leave it up to readers to draw their own conclusions regarding who is telling the truth.


  11. Arcatan says:

    Jack, Maybe if your rag made even the slightest attempt at evenhanded reporting you might get tips from both ends of the spectrum. I’m sure that you actually believe that you’re fair but then so did Goebbels.


  12. Observation says:

    I keep seeing comments regarding this topic that state Mr Kelley discussed a NDA after the alleged bribe offer was made, and asked Hilary Mosher to call to discuss her offer further. According to the published email, Mr. Kelley returned the NDA on Jan 20th. Hilary Mosher allegedly wrote her bribe offer email on Jan 23rd, in response to Mr. Kelley’s Jan 20th email (after the NDA was in place).
    The appearance so far has been that Mr. Kelley wished to discuss the offer with Mosher. That is not apparent from the published email, if you follow the actual timeline. We don’t know if he responded to her offer at all.


    • Is your point that Mr. Kelly might have been willing to succumb to the demands of an extortionist to save his business? Or are you just curious as to the timeline of the Mosher extortion plan itself? We’re not sure why this matters but then again we’ve been drinking.


      • Observation says:

        My point is that media sources and commentors have made it sound as though Mr. Kelley initiated the NDA discussion, when in fact (if the email is legit) he was responding to Mosher’s request for one.
        The layout of the published email makes it look as if Mosher wrote her demands, and Kelley responded. If you look at the dates of each email, you’ll see it’s the other way around. Once Mosher knew there was a signed DNA in place, she laid it all out.
        Kelley may not have even responded to Mosher’s demands.


  13. Doug Johnson says:

    Hilary Mosher has finally admitted that she lied — about offering to quit all rent control efforts for $150,000 — when she told the Mad River Union newspaper: “I will not dignify this scurrilous libel with a response.” Mad River Union Update 10.25.16: According to an article in today’s Times-Standard, Hilary Mosher confirmed that she did, in fact, write the email. This contradicts statements made by Mosher to the Union in which she denied writing the email and suggests that the email was just a campaign dirty trick. How can voters believe a word that comes out of this woman’s mouth? Vote NO on Measure V.


  14. Just Watchin says:

    The amazing part of this story is that someone would be stupid enough to put an extortion attempt in writing.


  15. Doug Johnson says:

    Unfortunately, Hilary knows the press will cover for her.


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