True North Organizing, HAF and Pat Cleary ignore their “non-political” mission once more

It’s all over the place folks, and HAF, True North, and our favorite champion of the “non-partisan” community organization – Patrick Cleary himself! – aren’t even pretending to hide their political machinations anymore.

Just this past week, True North Organizing Network put on a political debate. Wait til you hear some of the questions that candidates were asked, too. If you thought the recent presidential debates were chock-full of questions that ignored some of the toughest issues – or that were outright designed to benefit one candidate over the other – then you’d have keeled over to hear the questions asked of our current City Council candidates.

Our personal favorite was when candidates were asked what they would have done to support the the protests over the North Dakota oil pipeline – as if the City of Eureka has any damn business sticking their noses in that debate when there are much more pressing issues affecting our community already!

Of course, it would make sense for True North and HAF to fashion a debate geared towards – they already hopped on that bandwagon with the City of Eureka. You’d even think that True North Organizing Network, a group that is ostensibly designed to support and protect minorities and tribal interests, would distance themselves from people like Allen McCloskey – who frickin’ stole from a California Tribe! – but nope!

He’s all over the debate, and all over True North’s Facebook page, spitting the same kind of social-engineering bullshit that Cleary and Co. are trying to force on the rest of Humboldt County. McCloskey even goes so far as to (yet again) accuse a City Council candidate of hating gay folks, after this was publicly refuted and debunked in the Times-Standard.

It didn’t just stop there, either. True North/HAF/Cleary have their hands busy stirring the political pot up in Del Norte, too, as evidenced by the second political event they put on in less than a week.


THC would think it must be exhausting to so vehemently deny political involvement while simultaneously doing everything possible to influence the outcome of local elections, but HAF’s favorite political tool shows no signs of stopping. In fact, they seem to become more bold with every week. (We’d also say that, just for the sake of subtlety, you wouldn’t need to use the word “non-partisan” in the advertising for a debate unless there are some legitimate concerns about the leanings or political involvement of your organization. HAF/True North protests too much, wethinks.)

At what point will the community tire of Humboldt Area Foundation using our generously gifted money to pay their own fat salaries and to manipulate our area’s politics?

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3 Responses to True North Organizing, HAF and Pat Cleary ignore their “non-political” mission once more

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Youth Run”? That’s what the flyer says. Seems like that’s more than a little truth stretching when the whole thing is run by Humboldt Area Foundation and it’s shill True North. Seems like Pat Cleary is hiding behind kids in Del Norte just like in Humboldt. Does anybody know if the SEC or IRS accepts complaints and conducts investigations about fake non-profits like HAF?


    • anonymous says:

      All that public and private money going to politicizing. Now wonder HAF cut way back on aid given to low-income families with children that have rare or hard to treat conditions. They spent it on hosting “forums” of loaded questions.


  2. If you donate to HAF and believe your donation is not being used for non-profit purposes, then you can file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General.
    HAF is like an umbrella. They oversee various charities and administer funds in their names.
    I think there was an article about how the Yurok Tribe was starting a fund with HAF handling it so it would be invested and earn income for future projects. Sorry I can’t remember where the article was or when but it’s within the past 6 months.
    Anyway, a group that wants to support say, small town libraries would start a fund and appoint HAF to administer the funds to worthy applicants that meet the requirements for funding. They do fund a lot of small, worthwhile groups.
    But with True North which is NOT recognized by the Attorney General’s office and does not have non profit status (I’m not sure about IRS) so True North says on their FB page (or used to, haven’t looked lately) that they are non-profit but by CA law, they’re not. They ask for donations to be made to the HAF with the donation designated for True North.
    HAF does have to provide a copy of the annual report to the AG and Sec of State (I think both) so
    when 2016 ends and 2017 comes around someone (outside firm has to do it…) will add up all the columns and figures and say where one thing went and another and where the money came from.
    I know how this works because I was a member of two non-profits in Eastern Humboldt and both met all the standards for everything and raised money to pay for what is now Veteran’s Park in Willow Creek. So I know the right way.
    The wrong way is what I’m dealing with now trying to understand what happened at KPFK (a Pacifica station in Los Angeles) that hasn’t file a report with the AG or SofS for a couple years.
    So while I don’t know how THAT got so messed up, it’s fairly easy to say that the wrong people
    controlled the money and had their own plans. Isn’t that always the way.
    I know I’ve seen True North sponsoring (or sort of sponsoring…usually others involved as well) support for undocumented immigrants and other things…
    But aside from getting THEIR name on the tv news and newspapers and blogs, how much as TN actually accomplished? Did they raise funds to help pay for immigration lawyers? Did they do a food or clothing drive for the families? Did they seek the assistance of other groups involved in similar activities? Are they actively presenting information to local elected officials and asking for their support? Hmmm…haven’t read anything about that.
    I know HAF is providing free office space to TN which has a material value; I don’t know if they have actual staff devoted to TN’s work, and if they do it would be interesting to know not just what they’re paid, but what they’re paid, and at what rate.
    Here’s an interesting example of a non-profit rip off:
    It’s in Oregon and I don’t know Oregon law but where the woman was smart was she set up religious nonprofits….you found a church, you get an IRS number, you file a return every year with very basic info and they just file it away. They’re not going to check you out. Well this lady got
    caught. Wish they’d told more of the story.

    But in the HAF case, the ‘non-political’ label is a bit strange. You can have a political non-profit as long as you show that the funds that are raised do benefit the class (of people) the organization
    was supposed to help. BUT….if you declare yourself (you group, that is) a church then you cannot use the church (and its non-profit status) to promote political activity.
    When the pastor from the 700 Club interviewed Trump and provided what was really an ad, he did it not as a pastor, but as an interviewer. It was the man and not the church endorsing Trump so
    no laws stretched or broken.
    But back to True North. I remember reading that the head guy was arrested for a DUI. Haven’t seen anything about how that was settled. Did he lose his license? Is he still driving?
    Meanwhile I’m waiting to see how the KPFK election affects things. If no improvements surfacing then I’ll file a complaint with the Office of the AG and complain. And grow old waiting to see what happens. Keeps my mind active and maybe something will happen. Hope springs eternal..(or so someone said…)

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