Just in! THC Headquarters is awash in a wave of Mikes Hard Lemonade! The celebration is due to our latest major scoop. As we reported here: https://thclive.net/2016/10/20/hilary-moshers-offers-to-drop-measure-v-if-park-owners-giver-her-property-and-free-rent-read-it-in-her-own-words/

Hilary Mosher a founding voice and leader of the ill fated and misguided attempt to preserve low income housing by wiping it out was just booted from the campaign when your THC reported that the whole campaign was nothing more than an attempt by Mosher to extort  a new home and a felonious amount of cash from the target of the campaign. You can read the spin version on the Measure V blogsite: http://www.humboldtmobilehome.org/blog

Bye Hilary!

As suggested by another THC regular, Arcatan, it does seem that Moshers actions would receive the attention of  the District Attorney. Of course that’s pretty unlikely here in Humboldt.

Beware wrongdoers THC is on the lookout.

Cheers readers!


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11 Responses to UPDATE: Mosher Forced Out Of Measure V Campaign – Ouster Seems Likely Due To Extortion Attempt Story Broken By THC

  1. Doug Johnson says:

    THC’s reporting was right all along! We call on Hilary Mosher to agree to dissolve the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) she signed, immediately. We also call on Hilary’s top two former campaign lieutenants — Patti Rose and Carrie Peyton Dahlberg — to publicly condemn Hilary’s actions.


  2. whatever. says:

    you wish. one bad apple,.old and desperate and looking out for herself, doesnt change the legitimacy of the group. yes on measure v, low income people living in low income housing have been demanding it.


  3. Uri Driscoll says:

    Hillary was right to step aside. Measure V has enough momentum and endorsements to carry it through. It never was about one person. It is about being able to own your home without being priced off the land it sits on.
    As always there is more to the story than we will ever know.

    When do we get to talk about the 55 gallons of poison the “Refuge” is pouring on the dunes?


    • LMOB says:

      Damn Uri, I almost hit like for one of your comments. Please separate one idea from another for us that enjoy giving credit when credit is due.


      • Uri Driscoll says:

        So you don’t care that the Wildlife Refuge is dumping poison on wildlife habitat?
        Looks like Ms VanDemeer from Fiends of the Dunes is resigning her post over that nasty scandal that has a whole lot more money involved that actually changed hands than the Mosher made up one.
        BTW it a good thing my self esteem doesn’t depend on you “liking” me. Thanks for the thought. I am surprised you call me a “conservative”. Don’t know where you got that from.


      • Cousin Eddiie says:

        FYI uri, If you disagree with LMOB you are a conservative.


  4. Doug Johnson says:

    I posted all THC links to the growing Hilary Mosher rent control scandal to their campaign’s FB page. They quickly took the links down and then blocked me. The YES folks — especially Patti Rose & Carrie Peyton Dahlberg — are terrified that the voting public will become aware that Hilary Mosher resigned because THC revealed that she solicited $150,000 to stop all rent control activities. Patti and Carrie thanked and defended Hilary. How deep does the corruption go in their campaign? Vote NO on Measure V.


  5. Doug Johnson says:

    Mobilehome park rents countywide average $435 a month — and for many, that includes water, sewer and garbage. These are some of the lowest, most affordable housing costs in the entire state of California. These rents are already fair, stable and reasonable. Rent control doesn’t work and is not necessary in Humboldt County. Vote NO on Measure V.


  6. LMOB says:

    Uri – Not sure if you will see this as the reply thread has ended on our conversation. I know that labels are unpopular, especially those that we don’t use to define ourselves, but you have had a consistent record of supporting the conservative candidate from Virginia Bass in 2014 to John Fullerton this year.

    Here is an excerpt from your May 21st 2014 letter where you use a cartoon characterization of local left wing politics. It’s titled “Developers are not evil cartoon villains”.

    “Developers, like ranchers and timber men and even sometimes fishermen have gotten pigeonholed by some of his most ardent supporters as “evil” for turning resources into homes and jobs for families.”

    You still haven’t referenced one example of someone during that campaign using the term “evil”. It’s not about evil, and if some people do use that term, it is wrong. My point would be that development needs to be balanced with other concerns. Look at the planning commissions at both the county and city level here in Eureka, would you say that there is balance? Do you think that there could easily be two or three more Supervisors on the Council that would take into account other priorities instead of focusing like a laser beam on “development” jobs?

    Of course you don’t because you actually ran against the one district that has had Supervisors that demonstrate an understanding that development does need to be balanced with other concerns and needs.

    That’s what I mean by a local conservative. If you have a better one or two word descriptor that could be used in forums like this where people don’t care for comments over 140 characters, please let me know.

    Finally, maybe your self esteem isn’t where you think it is. Please read my comment again, it didn’t say anything about liking or disliking you, the likes on comment areas like this refer to liking the content of the comment. At least that is how I interpret it, if you want to take that button as a measure of what we think of one another, you are free to do so. (btw, don’t tell JW this, but I do like you.)

    Btw, don’t tell JW this, but I do like you. I think you are a unique and independent thinker.


  7. Doug Johnson says:

    Hilary Mosher has finally admitted that she lied — about offering to quit all rent control efforts for $150,000 — when she told the Mad River Union newspaper: “I will not dignify this scurrilous libel with a response.” Mad River Union Update 10.25.16: According to an article in today’s Times-Standard, Hilary Mosher confirmed that she did, in fact, write the email. This contradicts statements made by Mosher to the Union in which she denied writing the email and suggests that the email was just a campaign dirty trick. How can voters believe a word that comes out of this woman’s mouth? Vote NO on Measure V.


  8. Doug Johnson says:

    A press release from No on Measure V:

    MCKINLEYVILLE, CA – According to Travis Sexton, Campaign Manager for Citizens Against Rent Control – NO on Measure V, the sudden resignation by Hilary Mosher, the author and main proponent of Measure V, following news that she demanded from FollettUSA $150,000 or threatened to move forward with a rent control ordinance, raises serious questions around the entire Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition and its campaign. “The revelation that Ms. Mosher sought a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with FollettUSA and then demanded money is both unethical and borders on illegal. We strongly encourage the offices of the California Secretary of State and the Humboldt County District Attorney to investigate further into this matter. We also strongly encourage Ms. Mosher to terminate the NDA with FollettUSA to allow the voters of Humboldt County to know the full truth.”

    On Thursday, October 20 the local blog site “The Humboldt Consequential” posted a story and copy of a January 2016 email titled “Re: NDA as per your Request” from Ms. Mosher to Casey Kelly of FollettUSA, then new owners of Ocean West Senior Village in McKinleyville where Ms. Mosher lives. On Friday, Ms. Mosher denied writing the email to local media sources including the Mad River Union by stating: “I will not dignify this scurrilous libel with a response.” By Saturday, she stepped down from the Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition. “Actions speak louder than words,” continued Mr. Sexton, “and in the case of Hilary Mosher, her resignation validates that Measure V was never about preserving affordable housing in Humboldt County, it was always about the greed and financial self-interest of Ms. Mosher.” That fact should be of real concern to anyone uncertain about Measure V.” Mosher’s two top remaining lieutenants — Patti Rose and Carrie Peyton Dahlberg — did not condemn their boss and the author of Measure V, but instead, thanked and praised her. “It makes you wonder how deep the corruption runs in their rent control campaign,” said Mr. Sexton. “Their entire campaign has been built around lies. After Ms. Mosher resigned, she later admitted to the Eureka Times Standard that she did in fact write the email to FollettUSA, contradicting her earlier statements to the Mad River Union.”

    Measure V is a complicated and costly rent control scheme for mobilehome park residents in unincorporated Humboldt County that is subsidized by taxpayers countywide. In early October 2016 the City of Arcata released its $35,000 “Arcata Mobilehome Affordability Strategies Study” prepared by PlanWest Partners, which found that rent control is the least effective strategy in providing assistance to those facing the greatest financial hardships. It also presents the greatest financial risk to taxpayers given the costs it takes to administer rent control ordinances and to defend them in court. In September 2016, a federal judge augmented a unanimous jury verdict in a rent control case that will cost the city’s taxpayers $7.5 million and even more if they appeal the ruling.

    A majority of mobilehome parks in the unincorporated parts of Humboldt County are small, privately-owned businesses. These owners reinvest heavily into the community through job creation and property taxes. They hire locally owned businesses to help maintain and service the parks. “Yet, Hilary Mosher, in her campaign of greed and self-interest, has tried to vilify these people for almost two years now,” continued Mr. Sexton, “when, in fact, she was the villain all along.” Hilary Mosher’s current rent is $488 and her 2016-2017 rent increase was $14.50 per month. Ms. Mosher is not retired and does not live on a fixed income. She owns and operates a private, elite Montessori school in Arcata, where she increased per pupil tuition from $500 to $600 in one year.


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