Hilary Mosher offers to drop Measure V if park owners give her property and free rent; read it in her own words!

THC-readers strike again with the dirt on yet another local figure making waves in the Humboldt political scene who are used to somewhat (The other figure was Allen McCloskey of Measure P, in case you missed it.)

From an anonymous source and THC fan comes this e-mail exchange between Hilary Mosher and a guy named Casey Kelley of Follett USA:

Hilary Mosher’s bribe offer to Follett USA

But let’s summarize the message, too: Hilary Mosher offers to drop advocating for Measure V so long as Follett USA provides her with some very appealing financial incentives.

THC quotes from Ms/ Mosher’s email: “To summarize my request: Follet USA/Inspire Communities moves my double-wide out of the park six blocks away onto a lot…on Perini Ave., McKinleyvlille (which you purchase for $100,000.) then writes me a zero per cent interest 10-yr mortgage for $50,000. In exchange I will cease and desist and and all activities related to mobile home housing/parks.”

Jeez. We don’t know where Hilary learned how to negotiate but we kinda wish she’d start representing the County in their labor union talks. You know – fight extortion with extortion?

"And I want a whole new set of pink yard flamingos too!" -Mosher, probably

“And I want a whole new set of pink yard flamingos too!” -Mosher, probably

Anyhow, Mosher continues in her letter: “…I also realize that if you take advantage of this offer soon enough, you may realize at least 100 times more profit than if I continue to push through an ordinance…each day you wait, however, is another day of activism that I am making progress towards that end, and another day that makes it that much harder to stop the downward motion of the growing snowball…


Shit, we kind of like her writing style! Descriptive, direct, nearly-grammatically correct. Almost makes you forget the coldly calculating nature behind the message.

Now, if you go ahead and use the Google machine on Casey Kelley, you’ll find that he’s the COO/CFO of Follett USA, a major owner of mobile home parks in California and the country as a whole.  Inspire Communities, a subsidiary of Follett, seems to be the owner of Ocean West Senior Village in McKinleyville and the Lazy J Ranch in Arcata – where we understand that Mosher lives. (Mr. Casey’s response to Hilary can be found in the full PDF of the letter we linked above and below – but he mostly agrees to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the deal Mosher offers and asks her to give him a call.)

Yikes. Guess it doesn’t look too good for Measure V when the lead proponent is actively soliciting behind-scenes-deals with the people it is threatening. Especially when Hilary Mosher herself couches the Measure as  direct attack on their profits and their properties.

An attack which can only be averted by awarding Ms. Mosher some pretty ridiculous benefits for herself. We’d almost go as far as to say that such coercion is criminal…but we aren’t very good lawyers. So we won’t say that. (You sure can though!)

THC thinks it’s pretty important to note the hypocrisy in the rhetoric Mosher has used to push Measure V and slander park owners. Painting Follett USA, Inspire Communities, and even some of Humboldt’s local park owners as criminals who seek to take advantage of helpless and vulnerable elderly folks living in mobile homes is harsh even without her bribe offer coming to light. It would seem to us, however, that Mosher’s the one trying to take advantage of the park owners who generously offered to help park residents move elsewhere if they so chose.

Which begs the question – are the park owners really the criminals here? Or should that descriptor be reserved for Hilary Mosher and her Measure V extortion racket?

Here’s a link to Mosher’s letter yet again:

Hilary Mosher’s bribe offer to Follett USA

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40 Responses to Hilary Mosher offers to drop Measure V if park owners give her property and free rent; read it in her own words!

  1. Ronerville ron says:

    HOLY SHIT!!! What a dispicable back biting snake!!! This is unbelievable, but then again it is beleviable


  2. Marc Delany says:

    If all true, she seems a product of this area… Move in, take the land from the owners, kill them when they object. Destroy it all, log, fish, extract 100%… Express astonishment when it’s all gone (was here yesterday???).. anyway, I’m sure everyone has to go out and beat thier neighbors, or visitors up, for camping without a permit.. So good luck Garbageville. I pray I never have to go there again. Town now run by heartless creepy folks with giant burried bags of cash. Just learned how entwined old growers are with current HC government.. Wow, stories I could tell. When I started here outside Willits, in ’76, the old ranchers vs the back to land folk and the new criminal elements, biker gangs… Who knew? So you children of those folk… get your local government in order, take care of the poor and helpless… You will not like the alternative. Beating folks, threatening folk, killing folk, running long term residents out, is NOT an answer. If you want an answer imposed, great, you are on track. There is no lack of wealth here, so people should step up or shut up and sit down.

    Measure V.. People need affordable housing …(who wants unaffordable housing, raise hand)… Mobile home parks, when stable, when cost don’t rise every year, are one of the last available places affordable. VOTE YES measure V… Anyone investing in a moble park has investigated the cost and decided to proceed. They may be counting on changing the laws to allow rent increases… or to ensure rent increases.

    If you don’t think you pay enough for rent, vote against rent control and measure V, because if you rent, you are next.

    The landed gentry want it all back.


  3. LMOB says:

    You don’t think that this is a little suspicious? An email from a person who is part of the group who is been $135,000 to prevent V from passing? Does entrapment come to mind if this is true. And what if your allegations are not true? What responsibility do you hold for slander so close to an election?


    • Cousin Eddie says:

      ha ha LMOB, entrapment? already making excuses in the event it’s not a fake….you sound like trump: “it’s rigged!!”

      where’s the media, calling mosher up?


      • LMOB says:

        I sound like Trump? Does “crooked Hillary” ring any bells? How about sticking to issues not character – especially not unsubstantiated rumors – just before an election.


      • Cousin Eddiie says:

        So the main proponent of the measure trying get a sweet cash deal from the opposition isn’t a relevant issue? OK. LMOB. Right.


  4. Uri Driscoll says:

    I am going to agree with Jon on this one at least until this gets some more clarification.
    This seems way out of character for Ms Mosher


    • TommyGunn says:

      Well, I can definitely confirm that is moshers email address and can also tell you that this doesn’t seem out of character for mosher at all. I was at pony days with my kids when they were gathering signatures and she went ballistic when i challenged some of her facts on rent control. I hate to use the word nasty after the debate, but that’s exactly what it was.


    • Sam says:

      NO URI, IT DOESN’T. DO SOME RESEARCH ON OTHER ISSUES IN THE COUNTY. IT IS A PERFECT PICTURE OF HILARY MOSER. Handcuffs would work. You, on the other hand need glasses and an open mind to the nastiness of the others in this community that call themselves progressive or activists for the people. Regressive criminals.


      • Uri Driscoll says:

        Anyone can have Hillarys email address. That proves nothing. Is there a signed non-disclosure agreement? If not this is likely to be a pretty bad smear tactic.
        What research are you referring to?

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Ronerville ron says:

    Why hasent Hillary refuted it’s? If it were you and it was false, wouldn’t you immediately be out front stating its false? Makes me wonder. Why is she remaining silent.


  6. Mike Hunt says:

    If past is prologue, take a look at the letter to the editor signed by Ms. Mosher posted online from the Eugene Register (long link pasted below) re: the “Second Chance Renter Rehabilitation Program” which allows folks with Criminal Backgrounds, Past Evictions, or Past Problems with Substance Abuse to move in right next store. Hilary Mosher was one of the main proponents of this program during her time living in Oregon. Is rent control her route to her real goal – moving in criminals next store to you!? And what about the convicted child molester who signed on as an original proponent of Measure V? Talk about devaluing the county’s stock of affordable housing…



  7. LMOB says:

    THC – People are using very creative names to make their point about your villain d’jour. Could you think about removing the comment or are there creative ways around the limited decency you are willing to enforce?


  8. Just Watchin says:

    Richard Cranium has spoken!!!!


  9. LMOB says:

    I look forward to meeting this Mr. Hunt, this rarist of breed of THC reader who used his real name.


  10. Just Watchin says:

    And exactly what kind of “real” name is LMOB ?


  11. Arcatan says:

    Last I checked extortion was a crime. Where is our new DA?


  12. Uri Driscoll says:

    Crime? Extortion?
    With no proof. Come on , Really?
    This is totally a smear campaign. They gotta spend there $165k somehow.


  13. Doug Johnson says:

    The email is authentic. Hilary Mosher has been forced to resign. Measure V is a corrupt campaign. Vote NO on Measure V.


  14. John Chiv says:

    Times Standard ran apress release.
    In typical bias fashion, Dahlberg forgot to send it to any media she does not approve of.

    THC your settings wont allow me to provide link.


    • Thanks John. If we knew how to let you link we would. Now back for another Mikes!


      • John Chiv says:

        THC you guys came out of the basement and did a quick update on a weekend, so it’s all good.

        Doug, good luck getting Dahlberg to apologize. See the TS article. Now if Dahlberg would resign and leave Humboldt County with her bias and getting involved in causes after her ailed attempt at NCJ, I will buy THC a case of Mike’s.

        Rent control is not neccessarily something I disagree with, especially in Humboldt County. The bigger story is who used seniors in this effort?


      • Doug Johnson says:

        John, please read the Arcata Draft Mobilehome Affordability Strategy Study. It independently backs up our claims that rent control isn’t the answer to the affordable housing crisis in Humboldt County. It suggests that alternatives to rent control like long-term lease agreements and rental assistance programs are more viable. Mobilehome parkowners support these and other affordable housing solutions.


  15. Doug Johnson says:

    Also in the MRU.


  16. Doug Johnson says:

    THC’s reporting was right all along! We call on Hilary Mosher to agree to dissolve the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) immediately. We also call on Hilary’s top two former campaign lieutenants — Patti Rose and Carrie Peyton Dahlberg — to publicly condemn Hilary’s actions.


  17. Ronerville ron says:

    Oh Uri, where art thou ? Dam, I suported you against mike the weasel Wilson but your judgment on this and your comming to the extortionist defense so quick makes me wonder about your judgment. Should have let it ferment a little befor jumping on the “smear campaign ” band wagon. As for any action by the DA, don’t hold your breath, as we have seen the new pattern from our new DA, which is “man guilty until proven innocent, woman always victim until proven otherwise”, so my bet Hillary walks !! Oh ya, I almost forgot, VOTE NO on V, if an ordinance is really needed it need to be untainted from the likes of Moser and her henchmen, ah women. Go back to Eugene Hillary, dam Oregonians are taking over California


  18. Ms. Mosher started Measure V, not for affordable housing, but out of spite to hurt the company that bought her park. She was quoted “I was determined to derail the sale.” She then filed many unsubstantiated complaints against the park. She had put home up for sale in 2014, but on Dec 6, 2014 took it off the market in preparation of her next move. She went to the MMAC claiming huge rent increase spikes. They investigated and found her exaggerating. There were increases, but not what she had been claiming. MMAC voted 6-0 against rent control finding nothing to substantiate the need. They preferred other means that had been done in the past if there really ever is a problem.

    Ms. Mosher bought her home for about $33k on March 6, 2012. She tried to flip it in on Oct 22, 2014 for $55k. That’s not someone who believes in affordable housing. She is trying to line her pockets. Measure V will only help her as it will keep her space rents low so the home can go up in value as it is a desirable home in what is probably the most beautiful park in the county.

    Ms Mosher called for Means Testing for subsidized housing back when she lived in Eugene. But now that she has her expensive Montessori day care school, she wouldn’t qualify under means testing so she made sure that Measure V doesn’t have means testing. BTW, did you know she raised the monthly fee at her school from $500/month to $600/month in one year? She really screwed it to those hard working parents. No CPI increase for her!

    Now we get the truth about her via this extortion attempt. She has resigned because she knows it is real. In hindsight now, we can see that Measure V is the culmination of her attempt to screw Ocean West and other park owners who have been good members of the community.

    Get the truth about Measure V. Visit http://www.nomeasurev.com and Vote No.


  19. Doug Johnson says:

    I posted all THC links to the growing Hilary Mosher rent control scandal to their campaign’s FB page. They quickly took the links down and then blocked me. The YES folks — especially Patti Rose & Carrie Peyton Dahlberg — are terrified that the voting public will become aware that Hilary Mosher resigned because THC revealed that she solicited $150,000 to stop all rent control activities. Patti and Carrie thanked and defended Hilary. How deep does the corruption go in their campaign? Vote NO on Measure V.


  20. Doug Johnson says:

    A press release from No on Measure V:

    MCKINLEYVILLE, CA – According to Travis Sexton, Campaign Manager for Citizens Against Rent Control – NO on Measure V, the sudden resignation by Hilary Mosher, the author and main proponent of Measure V, following news that she demanded from FollettUSA $150,000 or threatened to move forward with a rent control ordinance, raises serious questions around the entire Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition and its campaign. “The revelation that Ms. Mosher sought a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with FollettUSA and then demanded money is both unethical and borders on illegal. We strongly encourage the offices of the California Secretary of State and the Humboldt County District Attorney to investigate further into this matter. We also strongly encourage Ms. Mosher to terminate the NDA with FollettUSA to allow the voters of Humboldt County to know the full truth.”

    On Thursday, October 20 the local blog site “The Humboldt Consequential” posted a story and copy of a January 2016 email titled “Re: NDA as per your Request” from Ms. Mosher to Casey Kelly of FollettUSA, then new owners of Ocean West Senior Village in McKinleyville where Ms. Mosher lives. On Friday, Ms. Mosher denied writing the email to local media sources including the Mad River Union by stating: “I will not dignify this scurrilous libel with a response.” By Saturday, she stepped down from the Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition. “Actions speak louder than words,” continued Mr. Sexton, “and in the case of Hilary Mosher, her resignation validates that Measure V was never about preserving affordable housing in Humboldt County, it was always about the greed and financial self-interest of Ms. Mosher.” That fact should be of real concern to anyone uncertain about Measure V.” Mosher’s two top remaining lieutenants — Patti Rose and Carrie Peyton Dahlberg — did not condemn their boss and the author of Measure V, but instead, thanked and praised her. “It makes you wonder how deep the corruption runs in their rent control campaign,” said Mr. Sexton. “Their entire campaign has been built around lies. After Ms. Mosher resigned, she later admitted to the Eureka Times Standard that she did in fact write the email to FollettUSA, contradicting her earlier statements to the Mad River Union.”

    Measure V is a complicated and costly rent control scheme for mobilehome park residents in unincorporated Humboldt County that is subsidized by taxpayers countywide. In early October 2016 the City of Arcata released its $35,000 “Arcata Mobilehome Affordability Strategies Study” prepared by PlanWest Partners, which found that rent control is the least effective strategy in providing assistance to those facing the greatest financial hardships. It also presents the greatest financial risk to taxpayers given the costs it takes to administer rent control ordinances and to defend them in court. In September 2016, a federal judge augmented a unanimous jury verdict in a rent control case that will cost the city’s taxpayers $7.5 million and even more if they appeal the ruling.

    A majority of mobilehome parks in the unincorporated parts of Humboldt County are small, privately-owned businesses. These owners reinvest heavily into the community through job creation and property taxes. They hire locally owned businesses to help maintain and service the parks. “Yet, Hilary Mosher, in her campaign of greed and self-interest, has tried to vilify these people for almost two years now,” continued Mr. Sexton, “when, in fact, she was the villain all along.” Hilary Mosher’s current rent is $488 and her 2016-2017 rent increase was $14.50 per month. Ms. Mosher is not retired and does not live on a fixed income. She owns and operates a private, elite Montessori school in Arcata, where she increased per pupil tuition from $500 to $600 in one year.


    • Marc Delany says:

      V is not about Mosher… It’s about should rents escalate when people are trapped and cannot move… Seems some limits would be reasonable. Mostly the facts are not argued… some persona is argued about, that has nothing to do with the issue. Who would be for V??? The half dozen park owners?.. No brainer… YES on V, limit what owners can increase the rents… If they are new owners, why would they expect the deal to change?.. The NO vote is backed by serious money, and politics… The people affected are generally on fixed incomes, retired and such and expected that there would be little or no lot rental increases, as there have been no improvements requested or provided.

      YES on V will limit increases to a reasonable level… prob. still too much for many to afford.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Doug Johnson says:


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