McKinleyville is pissed at Ryan Sundberg for leaving them out of the public process

Turns out that THC isn’t the only one a little concerned with the new DHHS center going in to McKinleyville.

In fact, it turns out that the Social Services hub in McKinleyville went through with little to no input from the surrounding community. The post linked below, which will take you to McKinleyville Community Watch’s Facebook page, delves into some of the many serious concerns that the community has regarding the proposed facility:

McKinleyville Community Watch

Looks like the McKinleyville Community is in an uproar over the fact that, until about a week ago, they had no frickin’ clue this was coming.

Here’s one of our favorite quotes from the Facebook post:

“The key players in this project seemed to dance around the real concerns and try to play them down as if they were not a REAL possibility.”

Say what?? Humboldt County’s elected officials and staff aren’t paying attention to the concerns – and are in fact actively avoiding addressing those concerns? THC is shocked. Shocked, we tell you.

Here are some more highlights:

“The project committee had no REAL answers or facts to support their “belief” that the project wouldn’t bring more problems to the community. The tried very hard to paint a bright, optimistic, and happy picture. One of the people in attendance called them out and made it clear that they have not addressed the POTENTIAL problems associated with these services. There were discussions about Koster Street in Eureka and the container housing. There were discussions about the attempt that Arcata made to provide assistance, which failed. The Committee downplayed all of these discussions.”


“Many people in the group asked repeatedly about the Committees openness about this project. The Committee claimed to have involved the “McKinleyville Community” but the people that were involved all appeared to be those who support this type of service. There have not been any open “Community Meetings” where the average, non-government citizen or business owner can express their concerns or ask questions. Many people in the room had just recently (a week ago) heard about this project. Have YOU heard about this project?”


If you’re a Facebook-er, you’ll be especially interested in how our petulant 5th District Supervisor goes on the offensive against the community for not being involved in the public process – while THC takes the stance that it is an elected Supervisor’s job to ensure that his constituents are informed of critical decisions and developments that will affect them. Rather than, you know, brow-beating them and calling them ignorant for not knowing the ins-and-outs of a pretty complicated proposal.

Here’s more from THC on the Social Services hub:

County to pay king’s ransom for DHHS hub in McKinleyville

The DHHS Monster is coming to McKinleyville

DHHS Director Connie Beck on the proposed one-stop facility in McKinleyville

Note that the flyer posted in the McKinleyville Community Watch thread finally addresses THC’s question about the reimbursing employees for travel to and from McKinleyville – it only took nine months!

On that note, McKinleyville residents can take solace in the knowledge that their government takes the responsibility of responding to the community seriously – it’s just that the answers won’t come until next year, long after the decisions have been made.

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15 Responses to McKinleyville is pissed at Ryan Sundberg for leaving them out of the public process

  1. Mac Towner says:

    Incredible! Sundberg thinks himself so superior that he can ran through whatever he wants on McKinleyville. There aren’t enough bums in Eureka so Sundberg wants to lure them to our neighborhood. Ryan will probably use this for another excuse to raise taxes. After all he hasn’t put another tax measure on the table for at least a month, he’s behind schedule. What a total loser!


    • Helpless says:

      Actually Sundberg’s not the loser since he’s got a $90,000 a year job with retirement and health. WE AND OUR CHILDREN ARE THE LOSERS IN SUNDBERG’S SCHEME! Tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend. Isn’t it long past time for a RECALL!!!!!!


    • Sam says:

      Yeah, he is the one in the chair underscoring the old adage: McKinley-he-l-_, Oklahoma by the sea, etc. etc. etc.

      He is intelligent only to a certain degree — then it’s deer caught in headlights. PDT.


  2. Azalea Mom says:

    My kids walk in that area. Shouldn’t this kind of facility be somewhere away from kids and families? I totally agree on the point about taxes. The county keeps raising taxes and I still can barely afford the rent. Don’t the Supervisors have any idea of how these taxes affect working families? I’m a little ashamed to admit it but we got a county mailer to sign up for CalFresh. My husband and I both have good jobs but with all these taxes we will probably be eligible to sign up.


    • Mac Towner says:

      Might as well get used to it Mom. With these idiots in charge there is nothing in your future but taxes and more homeless. Send your kids away as soon as you can.


    • Shelly says:

      Please don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s nothing wrong with needing a hand every now and then. Especially with kids at home. It takes a village after all to raise a child with values and a conscience for fellow humans. We all need to pay our share and those of us with jobs shouldn’t be afraid to help others less fortunate.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Try Some Common Sense says:

        Shelly you are a condescending twit. This woman simply wants to be able to raise her kids on what her normal two income family is paid. To suggest that it’s okay for her family to rely on welfare is disgusting. Welfare is supposed to be for those temporarily in tough times not for all the time. You’ve completely missed the point that her family was fine until our supervisors started passing new taxes every year. Humboldt already has some of the highest taxes and lowest employment. We just can’t afford more. Maybe our officials should be more focused on reducing regulation and encouraging jobs then forcing more taxes on an already over burdened population.


    • Azalea Mom says:

      Thanks for the “Common Sense”. If only our Supervisors understood as well.


    • evofearth says:

      This center is for families and kids. The proposed hub is not a general relief center or a homeless shelter. It will be a center to consolidate existing and mandated services in the county so you don’t have to travel to Eureka for an appointment! The services include: social services for families and the family resource center. I understand new projects often make people afraid but research shows these services do not increase the numbers of criminals. Supporting families reduces the causes of homelessness and makes our community better.


  3. A Little Bird says:

    Somebody should pay attention to Sundbergs bank account. From what I hear there are lots of cash deposits. Wonder it this has anything to do with his Willow Creek friends in Weed Inc? Lots of lip service to Willow Creek residents while his hand is full of cash behind his back.

    Follow the money……………


  4. Shep says:

    Sundberg was also one of the voices to keep any new upcoming taxes on pot growers the LOWEST in the state in an effort to keep criminals in our nieghborhoods. He said he wanted as many as possible to keep those upstanding citizens here. Meanwhile his development goes on with or without our consent. Contracts probably going to friends and cronies as he sets himself up for when he is out of office. For someone who ran a family values campaign it’s pretty disgusting. We’ve got brand new curbs in the middle of central Ave. and my street hasn’t been paved in 35 years. Thanks Sundberg. I think we see clearly now where your priorities lie.


  5. SoHummer says:

    I’d really like to know more about Bass’s appointee winning this very lucrative contract a month after buying the property. Seems like some kind of payoff by Virginia Bass.


  6. Shak says:

    This sounds very similar to what’s been happening elsewhere. If McKinleyville signed a “block grant” by HUD–AFFH, Mck is screwed.


    • Sam says:

      You are right Shak — except expand the thought boundary a bit to be accurate: The entire county is being screwed. Virgina will _ anyone for anything, and keeps on keepin on..


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