Allen McCloskey, Measure P advocate and former City Council candidate, defrauds Pomo Tribe of $27,000 to buy a taco truck

According to a Times-Standard article, Allen McCloskey recently spoke at the Eureka Elks Lodge in favor of Measure P. At the Elks, McCloskey said “the current system rewarded the wealthy few and was not ideal for a democratic system.

He went on to say that “Council elections can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $90,000. Who has that kind of money? A lot of good working people look at these amounts and just give up on running for City Council.”

True, that, Allen. Many of us only dream of having that kind of cash at our disposal.

McCloskey, however, apparently isn’t very keen on giving up on big money dreams, even if the cash he dreams about ain’t his. Turns out that McCloskey might have had that kind of money – if he hadn’t used the $27,000 dollars he stole from the Scotts Valley Tribe of Pomo Indians to buy himself a taco truck back in 2013.

At least, that’s what a letter the Scotts Valley Tribe of Pomo Indians penned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation alleges. Specifically, on September 20th of 2013,  Pomo Tribe Council Chairman Donald Arnold wrote that:

“On behalf of the Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians (“the Tribe”), I am requesting the immediate assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate an urgent matter. The Tribal council has evidence of the following: While in the position of Tribal Administrator, an individual by the name of Allen McCloskey created a fictitious business to defraud the Tribe of $27,00.00 and potentially other money and resources. Through deceit, concealment, and violation of trust, Mr. McCloskey victimized the Tribe and obtained Tribal assets for his own personal advantage.”


Here’s a link to the full text in it’s original form:

POMO letter to FBI and FBI Response, Original

As a favor to our readers, who may have terrible frickin’ eyesight like we do, and therefore can’t read that low-quality copy, we had a friend of THC transcribe them for us. You can read them here:

POMO letter to FBI: McCloskey Fraud

FBI Response to POMO about McCloskey

So, let’s unpack this a little bit, shall we? We recall that McCloskey blamed health reasons for dropping out of the City Council race, and THC is loathe to dispute that fact – he may well be in poor health. However, it’s curious that a source-who-shall-not-be-named, and whom we consider to be very reliable, happened to forward us the letter from the Pomo and the FBI mere days after McCloskey dropped out.

On the one hand, THC thinks that we should all be very grateful that such an alleged crook isn’t going to be our next Council member. Just imagine what kind of shenanigans he could have pulled from the Council seat. If not embezzling or fraud, Eureka certainly wouldn’t want such an unscrupulous character on the Council.

On the other hand, it’s a real shame that McCloskey has been so intricately involved in pushing Measure P. Quite an ironic twist, really; a man who defrauds the Native Tribe he works for pushing an ordinance that purports to remove corruption and “big money” from local Eureka politics, which is in turn supported and endorsed by the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee. (Who, if you don’t recall, are some pretty serious contenders, and corrupt themselves, when it comes to laundering money for political purposes.)

But let’s get back to the letter for a moment. More specifically, let’s address the fact that everybody loves tacos. But do any of us love them enough to steal from our employer/an impoverished Native Tribe?

Also, Tacos Chavez seems like an uninspired title for the business of a man who demonstrated such creative entrepreneurship when getting the seed money for his company.

We’ve been told that McCloskey is highly involved with Austin Allison’s campaign; a message sent to Allison’s campaign website seeking to confirm that has yet to be returned. However, we do know that Allison and McCloskey’s campaign platforms were much one and the same, and local media outlets seem to draw a pretty clear connection between the two:


(UPDATE: He Qualified) New Candidate Emerges in Eureka’s Fourth Ward, Right Up Against Deadline

austin-and-mccloskey-2Austin Allison Launches Campaign for Eureka City Council

THC of course contacted the Pomo Tribe about their take on the McCloskey’s allegation, and we are awaiting word back from the current Tribal Chair. A representative of the Pomo Tribe did confirm to us that they believe the Allen McCloskey supporting Measure P in Eureka is the same man who defrauded them, and that his whereabouts have been unknown to the Tribe since his abrupt resignation and disappearance.

Similarly, multiple public records searches show that Allen Don McCloskey – the full name of the McCloskey who ran for Council here (thanks Chiv!) – did indeed work for the Pomo Valley Tribe. Here’s a link to a free one. (You can’t have the ones we paid for, sorry.) You’ll note from both the Pomo letter and the record search that one of McCloskey’s former places of residence was Kelseyville, CA, where the Pomo Tribe operates.

We’ll be sure to update you when we hear back from the Pomo Tribe with their take on the McCloskey’s history with them, but before we leave you, consider this: if a man like McCloskey is supporting Measure P, and supported by the HCDCC, what does that say about Measure P and the HCDCC?

Similarly, if young Austin Allison’s campaign vision, platform, and decision to run are as greatly influenced by McCloskey as seems to be the case, do we really want him on the City Council. THC thinks not; what do you think?

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19 Responses to Allen McCloskey, Measure P advocate and former City Council candidate, defrauds Pomo Tribe of $27,000 to buy a taco truck

  1. John Chiv says:

    THC great post.


    • Shirpa says:

      Grab her by the xxxxx


      • Seriously? The comment was bad enough when it came from a presidential candidate. Don’t you think you could be more original than Trump?


      • John Chiv says:

        Actually THC, the comment is a good example of the so called tolerant left.

        Not only are they vulgar when confronted with facts but this is how the “feminist, lgbtq, progressive” attack those they cannot intimidate.

        Anonymously, always.

        To the commenter above, you must not be getting any since you felt the need to make the same comment on my blog.

        THC would an original crass comment be better. Maybe the commenter could consult with the local kings of crass Richard Salzman or Lee Ulansey?


  2. Azalea Mom says:

    Oh my! I’m sure glad I don’t live in Eureka.


  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    “However, it’s curious that a source-who-shall-not-be-named, and whom we consider to be very reliable, happened to forward us the letter from the Pomo and the FBI mere days after McCloskey dropped out.” ~ THC

    Response : it’s curious that a source-who-shall-be-named (THC), and whom we consider to be very fly-on-the-wall, happened to NOT forward “to the community” the letter from the Pomo and the FBI mere days after the mere days McCloskey dropped out…..cuz its been weeks now since McCloskey dropped out……but a well crafted story takes time to draft. 😆

    As an aside “subplot”, how many “Standing Rock” protest supporters locally will “stand up” against any person proven to have stolen from any various local or regional indigenous tribes………can’t…..find….Kim…..Bergel…..need…..a…….long range….🔭….but using 🔬,Kim…..Bergel……in…….photo…….op……..with……(leave for THC to highlite again in this story)


  4. Anonymous says:

    Allison has no experience in government or Eureka. He hasn’t lived here long enough to have any concept of what Eureka needs. I appreciate his willingness to step up but he should try to gain a little knowledge and experience before representing me. Maybe in a few years.


    • TMOB says:

      My sentiments too. If you’re under 30 AND haven’t been here at least for 10 years already, then no, you don’t get the right to direct what my city gets to do.


  5. EPD Supporter says:

    I’d like to hear Allison’s response to these allegations before making a decision about him. I have heard that it was Allen McKloskey who talked him into running. McKloskey sure isn’t someone who I would want anywhere near Eureka much less making public policy. Eureka needs fewer crooks not more.


  6. Ronerville ron says:

    Wow! Run Austin Allison run, away from eureka, how bout it Linda Atkins is this the big money u purport to get out of eureka politics? I hear that none other than progresive money machine bill Pierson of Pierson building center fame gave $5000 to yes on P. So much for thier “get big money out of politics” mantra. God dam, can u get any more hypocritical


  7. “If a man like McCloskey is supporting Measure P, and supported by the HCDCC, what does that say about Measure P and the HCDCC?”

    Well? What does it say? Don’t forget you’ve already spent 2 or three posts using incredibly tangential information to demonize the HCDCC and then connect them to P via Pam Service. Now you are on a mission to take down Allen McCloskey for what reason? To associate him with Austin Allison and P?

    Austin Allison can defend himself, as can Allen – both bright lights in our local politics – but of course I would say that given my politics.

    But what about P? You started of your now frequent tangential arguments against P saying this…
    “Earlier this morning, we were on the fence about the whole thing. THC’s brain trust argued back and forth, saying things like “Who gives a shit? The liberals already have a majority, what’s this going to accomplish?” and (predictably) “it’s pointless and costs money!”
    … and you’ve documented your reasoning along the way.

    But your sudden and oddly strident argument against P has nothing about a true ward system itself. Something that I see is a conservative notion to simplify and clean up politics to the point where one vote means something. Currently our system does a really good job of representing those with the 5 votes, why would a conservative want 5 votes, at least based on their rhetoric? Let me answer it for you, they want your 5 votes because they want 5 times the influence and power.

    So when you are done unfairly using people and organizations and sweet happy children (not to mention dog-whistle racial politics) for your own political arguments, maybe you could focus on why you are so adamantly against P outside of reasons that you think Democrats or liberals are prone to be corrupt?

    Because right now we have a broken system. And it’s clear from this campaign why. No one who supports P can come up with a better argument to return a more representative form of democracy without admitting that this is about them holding on to their “votes”. (Yes, plural!)

    So here is your question again: “If a man like McCloskey is supporting Measure P, and supported by the HCDCC, what does that say about Measure P and the HCDCC?”

    What slime do you have on reporter Ryan Burns because here is a very well written argument why the current system is ridiculous?

    “She’s right on both counts. But the best reason to change Eureka’s electoral process to a true ward system is even simpler: It’s a better method of representative democracy.”

    Or Hank Sims

    “There have been attempts at reform in the past — even in the not-so-distant past — but they have all flamed out hard, mostly due to resistance from the city’s codgerly conservative faction. But hey — isn’t it now the codgerly conservative faction whose candidates have to go through the trouble of carpetbagging around town in order to land on an empty seat? Might they reconsider?”

    What tangential and out-of-context supposed dirt do you have on these media-types? I can here your readers screaming at the screen that they are part of the problem too. Darn Liberal Media!

    OK, then what about this? Take a look at the official Anti-P blurb on Eureka’s website. This is signed by Rex Bohn, Mike Newman, Marian Brady, and Melinda Ciarabellini. And these are the standard bearers for a system that “ain’t broke”? They say that a “ward system of voting in a city the size of Eureka is as far from a representative democracy as possible.” Really? What about the fact that three of the four of these current representatives did not have opponents in at least one of their elections. I didn’t hear any complaint about representative democracy during their non-elections.

    The true ward system IS about representative democracy and I hope that some of your casual readers understand that one of the political agendas in Eureka is and has been to keep those with economic power in charge of whatever parts of government (outside of law enforcement) they can’t diminish or destroy.

    Try focusing on the issues THC instead of playing judge and jury on topics that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. It won’t help some or most of your causes but it is the right thing to do.


    • TMOB says:

      Try doing something different. There’s 28k people in Eureka, not 300k. There’s no need for 5 or 9 people that live less than a mile from each other to have a vote like we don’t all know who lives here already. Our lives are intertwined to the extent that you can move 6 times in a year and I still know where you’re at. There’s a term for that: gerrymandering. It also has a wicked step child called: sandbagging. I think we’d get better representation by those that actually can get things done rather than who you think has this or that “influence” or another. If you really would like to have a candidate with no political influence at all, I will have my dog register to vote. He likes everybody.


      • TMOB says:

        edit: “influence” to mean that any given district, not person. Influential people help. Moving around so you have influence to get your way, not so much.


    • Cousin Eddie says:

      So each of the wards get their own councilperson so they can fight the other councilpeople for the limited resources of the city. How does that work out, for the city at large?


      • LMOB says:

        How is it working out at the County level? Did Supervisor Bass try to stop the Federal Courthouse from being build in McKinleyville? The new DHHS out-station? In my opinion this is a faux-argument that is solved by voting in a representative who isn’t a crony crook for his or her ward.

        Do you have any evidence of these resource-conflicts happening locally? We have the County as an example and for those older readers who have examples from Eureka’s past please let us know. BTW it’s been since the 1930’s since we made the change to the at-large system in large part due to the progressive era of reforms. Back then the progressives we were large and in charge (and racist) and didn’t realize the corrupting influence money would have 50 or 100 years down the line.

        Regarding true districts at the County level. Lookit, of course I often (or is it always) disagree with Supervisor Fennell. She is representing those that have influence in her rural district. Is this a bad system? It seems to me it’s a very democratic system with fair and clear rules. I don’t always agree with the results, actually, to be precise, I agree with the results 1 of 5 times every 5 years, but it works.

        Having the close contact of one representative for 1,800 would give Eureka an incredible democratic privilege. We are a small town, we should be able to reward ourselves with some of the advantages of this size. Having unprecedented access to your local representative should be one of these advantages.


  8. Just Watchin says:

    I read somewhere that this Allison kid was against Measure R because he said it was bad for Eureka’s economy. How does he square that with his fellow libturds?


  9. Ronerville ron says:

    Filing deadline 5 pm: 1:20 pm milo sky gets phone call telling him about letter, ,1:25 pm phones start ringing, holy shiny what to do now, call to Allison, Pam service, Berger, arroyo etc sign Alison’s papers( at least the council persons illegally using city property as in lobby of city hall) 4:59 pm Allison turns in papers. Mcclossy at allisons side in many photo ops. Gee, is there a connection to Mcclossy


  10. Disillusioned says:

    All of a sudden the McCluskey scandal becomes news again as the rumors are he is going to run for Eureka Mayor in 2018. What jutzpah !


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