County to pay king’s ransom for DHHS hub in McKinleyville

As reported in the Mad River Union, Humboldt’s DHHS is set to open a social/health services hub in McKinleyville to better serve the folks up North County way.

Of course, the hub itself is old news. THC reported on it nearly six months ago, and even had a nice email exchange with then-new DHHS Director Connie Beck about the facility forwarded to us by a THC fan.

The DHHS Monster is coming to McKinleyville

DHHS Director Connie Beck on the proposed one-stop facility in McKinleyville

But the recent article in the MRU uncovered another ridiculous part of the plan to open the shop, and one that THC has harped on before: the amount of rent the County will be paying for the space.

According to the MRU, the County will pay $2.16/square foot in rent every month! For a $13,400 square foot building, or $28,944 a month or $347,328 per year. And they even have the potential to go higher via increases that correspond to the CPI.

Let THC say here and now that those payments are astronomical not only in Humboldt, nor only for the already high rents the County is accustomed to paying, but for all across the state. You can find commercial space for lease at less than what the County is paying in L.A., San Francisco, and Silicon Valley, too.

Just what are these people thinking? What a waste of money! And before you go saying that lots of DHHS’ money comes from non-county sources, let us remind you that state and federal monies for DHHS come out of your pocket, too. And just think…the County wants us to pay more taxes when

Here’s a refresher on just what the County is paying in rent for commercial spaces, who they are paying it to, and for how much space:

Are you surprised that (nearly) DHHS Director Kristin Brinks bailed?


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1 Response to County to pay king’s ransom for DHHS hub in McKinleyville

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Why were restrooms not included in the bid?

    Who owns the land now? Opie?

    The other bidder would cause a $5+ per square foot charge, but claim any profits will be reinvested into programs…..(“any profits” means after paper hiding the profits into reimbursed expenses, usually higher salaries/pay for insiders)

    Set = the MCKMAC has yet to review or comment, so apparantly on this issue, the supes don’t want local input……cherrypicking the issues to not review locally, got it……headline not premature.

    Does the county expect to shut down the hub in 10 years, cuz the lease terms provided cause one to consider owning outright the building by absorbing up front costs to avoid any costs past year 7. As it stands, the building would be a cash cofer for McKenny…..a political subsidy kickback…..

    How much is McKenny profiting from mark ups?

    Online contest:

    HOJ says McKenny gonna pocket a cool million after costs over a ten year lease period……and gonna pocket over $500,000.00 on the short term period construction after all costs paid… is all in the hidden mark ups transferred over as line item costs…..

    Somebody gonna have to build it, but why only two proposals is an eye opener, not to mention the differences in the bid estimates and the sore loser approach and statement here,

    “We were indeed disappointed by the county’s late changes to alter the scores on our nonprofit’s proposal. Bureaucratic rules and legal technicalities scored a victory over delivering the best possible product for our community,” stated Hillarie Beyer, executive director of the McKinleyville Family Resource Center. “However, appealing that decision would lead to more delays and our community needs this project now. We cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good. As the lead partner in programming, I will continue to work with all agencies involved to create an amazing, innovative project ..”

    Now, the irony in this statement is this portion culled here,

    “We cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

    Kinda funny too cuz someone over on Kym Kemp’s blog used a mean likeness of perfect and good to whine about prop 64 being good……kinda validates the whole groupee type subculture in politics who parse many issues from a groupee tactical standpoint.


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