Over-taxed Fortuna reeling from 500% tax hike, and the County wants them to pay even more

Just about a year ago, the Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department pushed through an anything-but-voluntary 500% increase in property tax for fire protection.

By all accounts, the people of Fortuna were more than satisfied with their level of service before the massive tax increase. Also keep in mind that the entire process of submitting ballots for the increase was morally and legally questionable, not to mention downright wonky. Read about how the FVD bullied old ladies and coerced people into voting in front of the whole town to tip the scales in their favor here:

Fortuna Fire District completely torches the democratic process, cooks the book on tax vote

THC isn’t just imagining that people aren’t pleased with the increase. We’ve heard it from multiple Fortuna residents. For example, take this post in the wild west that is Craigslist’s Rants and Raves section, in which a Fortuna-n laments his bill rising from $17.00 to $72.00 (Be forewarned – rants and raves is a sometimes terrifying place.)

Fortuna’s property tax FIRE TAX (Fortuna) hide this posting

Today I got my Humboldt County property tax assessment. Lo and behold the 2015’s passed Fire District tax increase (for 20 years too) is glaring out at me. It was $17.00 the last years and now its $72.00. WTF.
For those of you lazy complacent sorry ass excuses for a citizen who voted this thru last year-go to HELL! There’s no excuse for not having voted against this unless you thought the fire department wouldn’t save your house because they saved your no vote and address. Whatever the excuse, you are sheeple and should be ashamed of being spineless to say NO to Winburn’s Holy Grail vision.
Ask him-how’s membership? DOWN and no retention! Training? DOWN and no attendance! How’s that new fire hall in Campton Heights? Never going to happen because there’s no land to build it! And the new trucks and equipment for Campton Heights? NOT!
The public is now being cashed out for 20 years with promises not met. Complain to him-its your God given right to speak as you feel. Oh, I forgot-you have no spine! Sorry

We sure feel his pain – and the rest of Fortuna surely will too. In case you’ve forgotten, Fortuna is set to consider as many new tax assessments on the November ballot than anywhere else in the state of California. Read about that here:

Supervisors, County: “We’re so excited for November Tax-a-palooza!”

Unfortunately, it seems this upset citizen’s only recourse was to rant and rave about the tax increase online, But you, Humboldt citizens, have a fantastic opportunity to avoid the same fate.

This coming November 8th, you can shoot down the County’s attempts to levy higher taxes on you. We’ve said it before – think very, very carefully about how much tax you’re willing to pay and what you’re willing to pay it for. Don’t end up like the poor saps in Fortuna who got swindled by the people who are supposed to be looking out for their best interests instead of cash-grabbing to give themselves raises and fancy new trucks.

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1 Response to Over-taxed Fortuna reeling from 500% tax hike, and the County wants them to pay even more

  1. well it wasn't me so says:

    FVD is down a guy this week. Is that tax money going to pay for the funeral?


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