Public records reveal Humboldt County steals jobs from private companies – and uses your tax money to do it!

Sure, the general incompetence that the County of Humboldt shows when it comes to creating jobs for the folks around here is par for the course. No one is surprised when total employment numbers, and the number of jobs with decent pay, don’t go up in a significant manner.

But the County has also developed a disturbing trend for taking jobs that could easily, and at less cost to the taxpayer, go to private employers.

And Measure U is a prime example of the County taking away the potential for private employers to make a significant difference in the county.

You can listen to the Supervisors and their staff lackeys talk about the specifics of Measure U in the video of their September 13th meeting – or you can take a look at this email between Tom Mattson, Director of Public Works, and Supervisor Ryan Sundberg, which your friends at THC obtained for you via Public Records request. Check it!

Measure U Expenditure Plan

If you watch the video, Mattson describes that  a significant amount of the County’s cost in fixing the roads with Measure U funds will be transporting work crews to and from job sites. So why not hire jobs out to companies who don’t have that problem? We could fix our roads for cheaper,

Of course, what he fails to mention explicitly is the added cost of having County employees on the payroll. As we all know, it’s almost impossible to get rid of County employees once you’ve got ’em. So, unfreezing the 23 road worker positions comes with the added cost of keeping them on beyond the expiration of Measure U – as if they’ll ever let that funding go once they get their greedy hands on it! (cough*Measure Z*cough). And it’s not just the salaries and benefits – it’s the pensions the County’s tax payers will be saddled with, like, forever. Remember how bad our pension situation already is?

Well, go ahead and thank your Supervisors for making things even worse with every hire!

Of course, that could all be avoided if the County expressly stated their intention to use any Measure U funds to contract out the road work. But, alas, Mattson and the crony crew are dead-set on hiring new County workers. We’re not certain if this is out of pure ignorance or willfully trying to f*ck residents of Humboldt out of their money, but at this point it’s starting to look like a pretty malicious and on-going trend at the County level.

According to the document we linked above (and did again right here), $1.5 million of the County’s Measure U takings will go towards bringing on an additional 23 staff. In case you’re wondering, that comes out to $65,217.39 per new worker. (Yes, we are talking about road maintenance workers.) That also doesn’t take into account the money that goes into their pensions, nor does it take into account the satellite costs of managing those new workers.

Also worth noting is the money that will go towards trail – we love to say we told you so!

Of course, all of this assumes that Measure U will pass. THC would say there’s no likelihood of people getting hoodwinked into paying for another tax, but then again Measure Z got passed, so who knows? THC will say this: think very, very carefully about how much tax you’re actually willing to pay, and then think about how the County intends to spend those taxes.

If you think it’s a great idea for the County to make a negligible impact on the state of our roads, while at the same time worsening the overall budget and pension liabilities and taking more jobs from the private sector…well, by all means, go ahead and vote for Measure U.

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14 Responses to Public records reveal Humboldt County steals jobs from private companies – and uses your tax money to do it!

  1. eswong999 says:

    I was part of the 2000 & 2010 Census the median income was near 44,000 each time. Almost all the jobs over that were Government related jobs. ie. Federal, State, County, City, other governmental agencies. Since the mills closed there are no large corporate entities that pays above median wages. .


  2. Embarrassed in Fieldbrook says:

    My Stupidvisor Ryan Sundberg has never seen a tax he didn’t like. Growth in government his apparently the only type of growth he understands. Now he is actually taking jobs away from the private sector and adding them to his empire. What an embarrassment! Anybody notice that whenever Bass climbs out from under Sundbergs desk she votes for the same economy killing crap he does. More government is not the solution to Humboldt’s problems. We are not going to me able to tax ourselves into a real economy. These idiots are simply incapable of understanding this simple concept.


  3. LMOB says:

    Again, this is disgusting. It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s simply hateful and wrong.

    “Anybody notice that whenever Bass climbs out from under Sundbergs desk”

    This is exactly why I no longer will comment here with one exception since June 18th, the last time I noticed something along these lines.

    This is misogynist THC, you have to realize this and it goes directly to that sub-culture Fred Clark wrote about. That sub-culture of misogynist, racist people who hide behind hurling epithets like SJW.

    We’ve been here before and you gave this some thought and said basically, some women are prone to some affliction that Dr. THC has figured out. Oh yeah, and you have evidence to support the specific diagnosis of Supervisor Bass. Seriously, you wrote that.

    Outside of that diagnosis of a public figure, I wonder if you’ve thought about if a male Supervisor would have to be subjected to similar taunts?

    There is a clear double standard. I know our politics are such that you will probably not be able to either see or discuss this double standard. But this type of dialog is not OK and it should be censored if we are going to be speaking about public policy as adults should. This is a dialog Humboldt deserves.

    But that kind of respectful dialog will only hurt your political agenda THC, so I don’t see that censorship coming anytime soon.

    Let me know when you decide to clean this up. In the mean time you’ll be pleased that you won’t get this regressive’s opinions about police and politics outside of addressing you and your reader’s hateful rhetoric.

    And yes, THC, it is hateful because it diminishes or objectifies women based on their gender. That may be how you and your readers roll at a bar but that conversation does not belong conversations about how we should govern ourselves.


    • Nasty Ned says:

      I can’t stand liberal xxxx on a bike Jon. What a waste of oxygen. xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx.


    • Jon, Thanks as always for stopping by. Yes we agree that the comment you referred to was a little distasteful and possibly showed some misogynistic tendencies. We regret that it doesn’t meet your PC standard but it’s just not crazy over the top. If you would like an example of that please see Ned’s comment earlier this morning which we did clean up. It’s not like we have no standards at all, it’s that we just value freedom of speech a little more than your version of correctness allows for. Besides we think that the real point that author was making was to say that Ms. Bass is a total incompetent nincompoop and buffoon who is incapable of thinking for herself. A thesis with which anyone a brain would agree and one that has been well established and proven each and every Tuesday for six years.

      As far as your concerns about a male supervisors being subject to similar comments we simply aren’t worried at all because we just don’t think it’s possible for Bohn to fit under Sundberg’s desk.


      • Arcatan says:

        I totally agree. There is no possible way Bohn fits under that desk.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Yes we agree that the comment you referred to was a little distasteful and possibly showed some misogynistic tendencies. ~ THC

        Or misandryst tendencies……, gotta balance the bastard/bitch applications, unless of course THC already clued us the sexual identifying characteristics of Fieldbrook Felix….man, woman or a tweener?


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Good to know there ain’t no “love” in lovelace, guess being on the other side of the isle has its benefits.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:


      HOJ understands you and agrees that Bass and Sundberg are not cheating spouses acting out Bill and Monica…

      But in America with free speech and expression and being public figures as the two acclaimed are (voters put em in power), words to metaphorically describe “stroking each other” applied to politics in the subcontext of a sexual nature is satire……

      Don’t be so overly sensitive, if Mrs. Bass and Mr. Sundberg were worried, they’d respond and so too surely would their spouses……

      Enough already on the word patrol creepin’.


  4. Just Watchin says:

    jonboy was able to get under chris kerrigan’s desk. But then again, he is just a little fella…..


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