Humboldt Area Foundation joins City of Eureka in protesting ND oil pipeline

We’ve been taking it easy on our old pals over at HAF for a while now, mostly because they stuck their heads in the sand. And, you know, mostly were sticking to what their charter says about “not getting involved in politics.”

But, predictably, they just couldn’t keep their grubby little hands out of our area’s political scene. And just like the City of Eureka, they couldn’t keep their hands out of other areas’ political scenes either.

We reported Tuesday on how the Eureka City Council took some feel-good, stroke-their-own-ego action by writing a letter about the North Dakota oil pipeline dispute (read about it here, or below).

That was a bad idea, too, but at least the City Council is an expressly political organization. Unlike our friends at HAF, who really like to stir shit up in our communities while operating under the guise of an organization that benefits the entire community instead of just the part of the community that agrees with their social-engineering views.

Take the protest organized by True North Organizing Network in Klamath, the political troupe that’s not-so-loosely affiliated with and funded by HAF. (Not to mention that True North is housed in the same building as HAF – remember?) Sounds like there was a big brouhaha – you can check their facebook page to see what types of new, politically motivated events they’ll be hosting next.

They’ve even got a new out-of-area transplant running the organizing show and getting people to protest, a woman with the last name of Helton from Pennsylvania. No word on our old pal Renee Saucedo – looks like she bailed long ago, right about when they hired Terry Supahan to the True North Head Honcho.

Now, THC thinks it’s damn encouraging, in fact, that tribal youth here are getting riled up and taking a stand. Lord knows We like it, in general, when people get riled up for a cause. But not when the people doing the rile-ing are agents of HAF.

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4 Responses to Humboldt Area Foundation joins City of Eureka in protesting ND oil pipeline

  1. Stormy says:

    LOL How many of these people DRIVE? They support the oil-based economy! Typical lefty HIPPYCRITES. My fave thing is to see Bernie stickers on SUV’s or other fuel-guzzlers. These people definitely live on a different planet.


  2. sounded good at the time says:

    Well no wonder why HAF has cut way back on helping low income families with special needs kids pay for trips to specialists and treatments that don’t exist here….they’re spending it on people to lobby for wholly unrelated political causes. No on a pipeline you say? How about at least a 2nd letter to a few local kids with cancer, each with $5k checks so their parents can keep the bills paid while Johnny is in treatment they can’t afford? Can we just call HAF a PAC now, instead of a charitable organization? It seems that’s the direction their board wants to go.


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