Urgent Call to Action: Help Eureka put an end to North Dakota oil pipeline!

Quick! Get your asses down to the Eureka City Council chambers and help your local leaders – paragons of justice, equality, and the never-ending fight against oppression – single-handedly put a stop to the construction of an oil pipeline in North Dakota.

Yes, that’s right. The currently sitting Eureka City Council will take a courageous stand against the tyranny of evil men by….writing a letter!

No, seriously! Get down to the City Council Chambers and let them know how pleased you are that – in the midst of all the bullshit going on in Eureka which they are supposed to be working on – they’re taking up valuable time to write a letter about an issue that has zero bearing on our City. (Here’s a hint – they’re not doing it for the City, nor for beleaguered folks in North Dakota.)

This isn’t about how you or we feel about the construction of the pipeline and the battle against it. (You’d likely be surprised at THC’s thoughts on that issue.)

What this is about, however, is that the City Council apparently lacks any sense of self-awareness when it comes to protecting human rights and social justice, because their record is laughably bad. Remember when they kicked all those poor homeless people out of the marsh and put them into large garbage bins, just so they could build a trail? And then threw a damn party on the ashes of the former settlement?

At the end of the day, this just seems like some extreme politically correct social justice warrior bullshit. Maybe they should start a Facebook petition, too? Then they can go back to doing nothing while feeling even better about how socially progressive and groovy they are.

You know, maybe we are just being pricks. (Actually that’s almost a certainty.) But it strikes us as not only extremely tone-deaf for the Council to be wasting public-paid time on a freaking letter rather than doing what they can to address issues here, but pretty darn self-serving too. They’re not helping anyone in North Dakota – and they’re not helping anyone here, either.

And just in case you really don’t think they’re wasting time…look at this snippet from today’s agenda (which can be found in full here):

pipelineThat’s right – this is literally the only “action item” for the day. Good job, Eureka City Council. You really stepped out on a limb on this one.


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3 Responses to Urgent Call to Action: Help Eureka put an end to North Dakota oil pipeline!

  1. Sam says:

    what a bunch of idiots. when are we going to be independent for our energy supplies? NEVER if the Greens etc. have their way…. Anything can be done from engineering perspective, and as far as environmental stuff? SO MAY regulations that if a fly lands upside down in Boston someone in Alaska would be blamed. ENOUGH ALREADY. Mitigate for the people. Take care of the people — after all even the commies had a mom and dad.


  2. Shak says:

    You nailed it THC. The just us warriors strikes again while tossing their own to the wolves.


  3. LMOB says:

    I think this linkis an appropriate reason for a short hiatus in my continuing protest of you site by not commenting. (Yes I know you and your readers are the real winners in this protest).


    I don’t think you are that troll that Fred Clark (aka slactivist – a liberal evangelical) describes in this post, but you do know these guys exist right?

    In a related story, I was shocked this past labor day to walk out my door and see a Confederate flag waving with the American flag on one of my new neighbors in Eureka. I understand, he is probably from the south and is very proud of his region’s heritage. Good on him.

    But when do we start to connect the dots? I still don’t understand the anger and vitriol you and your readers have against True North it’s former director, Renee Saucedo and their protests. (And I’ve read every word, you are welcome.) What is hard for me to escape the fact most of the protests involve people or causes that support actions that involve people that look a little different than 90% of Humboldt.

    You have made clear that these posts have nothing to do with a personal avarice you might have against those of different heritage or culture, and I believe you. But you have to know that if we have two categories of people, which we do, those that would use SJW and those who wouldn’t. You also have to be aware that will be many in the former category that do like to think about the differences between different peoples and what some peoples might do better than others.

    Does that bother you at all? Even if you are not the troll that Mr. Clark describes in the link above, aren’t you a little pained that your epithet of choice is the one used by people who will be clearly racist?

    Mr. Consequential also know that by using that concept you are one of many who are following in the well-worn paranoid agendas of good people like Glenn Beck. Google “social justice glenn beck” to find a 2 part video when he was in the midst of a campaign against churches that mention “social justice”. It’s really not worth watching, but I providing it for reference. It’s from 2011.

    “SJW” isn’t simply three letters. It is a term laden with a very specific political agenda. If you didn’t already know about this, I thought you should.

    Like you THC I believe this, “We like it, in general, when people get riled up for a cause.” I just want to be sure you and your readers are clear about the language you chose and the causes, or political agendas, behind them.

    (sorry if this posted twice, the intertubes are failing me)


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