Supervisor’s Quote of the Week: “There’s no reason for people to support the government”

Tuesday’s Supervisor meeting was chock full of the recurring and infuriating governmental actions that have come to typify the way the County does business – or fails to, at least. (Governmental “actions” can be a misleading term, since nothing gets done.)

Whether it’s County planning staff derailing a project and hijacking the timeline for the GPU, or the maddening amounts of pointless bullshit they waste time discussing, or Supervisors bowing down to the marijuana gods, you can always be sure of one thing – the local government isn’t earning the money they keep begging us for via continually increasing taxes.

And guess what? County Supervisor Rex Bohn completely agrees with us! (We know – tough to imagine.)

Don’t take it just from THC, though. Take it from the video of this week’s meeting, in which Bohn-head uttered a very insightful sentence: “…there’s no reason for people to support the government.”

To be fair, Bohn’s comments in that vein started at 2:00:45 in the video we linked above, and the entire comment went like this: “We’re asking people to spend more money for government every time we turn around, and if government doesn’t do it efficiently, then there’s no reason for people to support the government.”

Oh, actually that makes even more sense. Cool, Rex. THC – and the rest of the county – were wondering just what in the hell the County was doing to justify the ridiculous series of taxes it wants to levy against us, and we thank you for providing us the answer: they simply aren’t doing anything to justify us forking over more money.

You see, Rex’s comments come at the tail end of County planning staff describing how the GPU process has fallen way behind schedule due to, in general, the Planning department abandoning their normal duties to focus solely on cannabis and, well, not being able to work effectively. Much of the fault lies with our Supervisors, of course, for allowing cannabis to take over all functions of the department. To top that off, the EIR process for the GPU and the EIR process for the cannabis ordinance are both going to open the County up to legal challenges – which, as history has shown, they will lose.

In fact, Rex actually wins two Top Quote awards this week, though the second is more dubious. THC hereby also awards Rex the “Completely Delusional and Out-of-Touch” Quote of the Week award, for when he said, regarding County policies and processes, “Marijuana isn’t driving the bus.” Bless his heart, but clearly marijuana is driving the local government bus.

That’s why the Planning department was allowed to abandon their normal work in order to focus solely on the cannabis ordinance. Even then, the idiots and whiners in place couldn’t even get a handle on that. And get this – they gave the EIR work for the GPU to an outside agency, and they still found a way to screw it all up. The County did not provide necessary materials to the out-of-county consultants to begin work on the EIR until well into August, per Interim Director Rob Wall earlier in the meeting. So it actually shouldn’t be a surprise that the consultants were unable to get it done in less than a month. And so, as Supervisor Sundberg so petulantly pointed out, it might have been a good idea for County staff to actually tell their bosses how far they were behind schedule.

But that’s County government for you – the employees aren’t held accountable for doing a bad job, and the Supervisors just nod their heads and take it.

Now the GPU is pushed back at least 6 months according to the official timeline (the same official timeline that once pegged the GPU’s passage in 2004), and Supervisor Lovelace said he’d be very surprised to see the completion of the EIR review before August of next year.

That’s because the Board’s budget considerations come in June and July, and it’s just completely unreasonable to expect the Board to completely f*** up two big issues at the same time. No, they need to consider how to ruin the budget and then the GPU at different times. The whole “there’s too much work” refrain is kind of catchy when the Supervisors and County staff are singing the same tune, don’t you think?

So this brings us back to Bohn’s comments about the people supporting the government. Just what exactly are we paying for, again? Ill-informed policy decisions that are rife with inconsistencies and in all probability legally unsound? Staff and Supervisors who can’t see a project through to completion to save their damn lives?

Remember that when it comes time to vote in November. Probably better to keep your money then fritter it away on a government that continually fails to meet the needs and demands of its constituents.


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2 Responses to Supervisor’s Quote of the Week: “There’s no reason for people to support the government”

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    “We’re asking people to spend more money for government every time we turn around, and if government doesn’t do it efficiently, then there’s no reason for people to support the government.”

    😨 Umm, “Given the dog a Bohn” is basically saying if gubbamint does do it (whatever that is) efficiently, then there is reason for people to support spending more money for gubbamint.

    Growing gubbamint bigger is not what people want, and certainly porkchop spending is “outta da ‘quest”.

    “Define efficient”….is it time based project completions, politically effective results or long term maintenance deferals.

    It sure ain’t quality, never will be.

    Central Avenue, McKinleyville California………

    Road section crumbling, county seals instead of new pavement…. seal coat looks great, like masquera and morning make up, but the bumpidy bumps still exist and once water breaches the stitches, zits and pimples and blackheads, the crumbling layer below surely will bubble up, crack open, exfoliate old asphalted skin, and viola……back from whence they came…..

    Island Obstructions installed for pedestrians are eyesores and already are being driven over by cars, pick up trucks and semi tractor trailors…..wth?

    The McKMAC is partly to blame too for endorsing the wasting of funds on pedestrian islands……as if a person is gonna walk to an island mid block when they already cut across at eighth blocks, quarter blocks…..sheesh, just stealing tax dollars to pad local pockets on porkchop projects……at a prevailing wage too for the labor.


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