Supervisors need to stop cannabis applications, pull back red carpet for criminal element they’ve welcomed to our County

There are a lot of reasons that the County of Humboldt, and more specifically our sack of shit Supervisors, need to put a stop to new cannabis applications coming in to the Planning and Building department.

It’s quite a laundry list, really. First off, the ordinance they passed this year is a mess rife with inconsistencies, loopholes, and policies crafted into the ordinance that allow for way to much cannabis on far too large of a scale.

Then you have the fact that the ordinance is bound to face multiple legal challenges, both from those who hate the idea of cannabis in Humboldt and from those who feel like the Supervisors didn’t just roll over and give them everything they wanted. (Though, from THC’s perspective, it sure seems like it’d be tough for growers – excuse us, farmers – to ask for a whole heck of a lot more.)

The potential for environmental catastrophe has not been reined in by this ordinance. No, it’s just opened the way for even more of it. (Big thanks to our area’s environmental groups for bowing down to their marijuana masters and keeping mum on the adverse effects Humboldt’s environment. More on how they encouraged and protect the green rush here, here, and here.)

Perhaps most troubling of all is the fact that the Supervisor’s essentially rolled out the red carpet for big growers – and particularly those of the criminal element – to come in to Humboldt and blow up the countryside with enormous grows that are only dubiously legal yet still recognized by the County as being in good standing because they’ve begun the process of applying for permits. The big-time players that regularly degrade the environment and destroy the social fabric of our communities are only going bigger now, rather than responding to the “punitive” measures the County put in place to restrict such over-zealous growers, and more like them are arriving every day.

Visit any unincorporated area of the county with a little bit of tree cover, and you’ll hear from any and every local resident that things have gone from bad to worse. Whether it’s rumors of Mexican cartels, Bulgarian crime syndicates, or the Lillyputians, there’s no denying that crime associated cannabis is on the rise.

And the Supervisor’s just don’t seem to give a shit. It’s one thing to try and capitalize on a valuable revenue source from an untapped industry that isn’t going anywhere. (Until even more criminal/corporate interests out-compete them in the Central Valley, of course.) But it’s another thing entirely to welcome violent criminals and criminal organizations to take root in our backyards, threatening the safety of our communities all the while.

An easy, and boy do we mean easy, step to alleviate some of this would be to place a firm moratorium on accepting new cannabis applications and permitting new grows beyond the 2,300 or so people who have already put in their papers.

The newly created Cannabis Division in the County is just another dysfunctional extension of the bureaucratic mess that is our County’s Planning and Building department, and there’s absolutely no indication that the Division’s creation has alleviated any of the problems the Planning department whined about a few months back. (See the video of today’s Supervisor’s meeting if you want to hear about how the marijuana back-log is jamming up the County’s legitimate business and further screwing growers and non-growers alike.)

No new grows would allow the County to at least attempt to take stock of the mess they’ve placed us all in, and allow some . Now, we are absolutely not fans of the term enforcement or some of the terrible injustices that have been carried out in its name against many of Humboldt’s well-meaning citizens, but until our County, State, and Federal officials responsible for enforcement show that our ordinance has some teeth, then the crime that comes with cannabis won’t slow down.

If the Supervisors don’t take such an action, well, just take it as an indication that they don’t care about Humboldt’s safety, or the communities that have to deal with the fallout of marijuana gone wild. They just want the money from pot, and to hell with everything else.

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4 Responses to Supervisors need to stop cannabis applications, pull back red carpet for criminal element they’ve welcomed to our County

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:


    At today’s meeting, just as Bohn slithered out, the fireworks (including sack of shit public comment references people in the public are levying against Sundberg and Fennel) began regarding how the permitting scam is bringing increased violence into our communities from abroad……(hold the “told ya so” comments, too many of ’em, THC would get jealous)

    Marijuana commercial production permits – to protect the brand name of Humboldt against copywrite type infringements, to prove weed was grown in humboldt……..


    All permits must require and provide a statement on the permits that only weed grown in humboldt can be labeled as humboldt, or hmbldt, or any name that infers or implies weed is from humboldt and the permit holder is responsible to “pass along the permit information”.

    Point is consumer fraud, lost royalties on name, patent infringements (patented agriculture is not a protection afforded by track and trace).

    Luke Bruhner(?) and others avoided discussing the aspects that track and trace does not protect branding and no legal language thus far associated with 11 ( ELEVEN) PERMITS ISSUED AS OF TODAY discusses such branding breaches!!!!! Who are the Lucky ‘Leven??? Women and children card pulled again too by several speakers, pfft……whine, whine, whine about addresses being public information now foe permit holders only……shoulda stayed black market then if ya gonna whine about safety and addresses….pfft….

    Only greedy gubbamint would want a permit process.

    Only greedy growers would associate themselves with a flawed permit process…..This is one of those times in life HOJ THANKS THE POLITICAL GODS that staff is so discombobulated and unorganized, a lawsuit by Hummap, etc….to at no less than not allow the cart to runaway from a standing humpback horse .🐪

    As Chuck “da man” Cianco(?) Said,

    Expect that this permit fiasco will be nothing but “a changing set of rules where in the field inspectors will lack on the ground trade experience and create an atmosphere of unequal applications of the rules and varying shady inspections” …….HOJ concurs and says it is like BLM and police policies being so rag tag flawed……people get murdered by those in control……with marijuana, murder ia gonna be physical, as well as financial, legal prosecution by feds, state or locals, either way, legal or not.

    Who really believes any proponents for legalization when a true ganga believer grows it for personal use only, avoiding all this bullshit? All the medical connections to permitting a plant for commercial production is greed and corruption and fraud and all that bad stuff at all levels…….This is just crazy times we all live in, crazy times…….

    Again, “no policy” is the only policy.

    Enforce the existing environmental laws on the books, paid for by the guilty violators of land use and local, state codes.

    As part of “no policy”, Increase the assessed land valuations for illegal commercial mj operations for extra property taxes as commercial operations can be taxed as land improvements.

    County may complain that state would take most property tax increases…..but yet, that is what the state will do with permits anyway (no such reality of local only regulations).

    So, again, no policy is the safest for the community because, either way, the state takes its cut on permits or increased assessed values, BUT, the difference is people still do what they do and environmental laws get enforced and paid for by violators (not the innocent) and weed is still illegal by feds(in all scenarios) and county can use fed legal status as a dangling carrot to not cause environmental damage or else county calls in feds…..what is to hide?

    Hide because: County leadership is 1) covering for high up locals who are part of the marijuana money and are currently avoiding potential prosecutions AND 2) that a majority of land use violations is by illegal immigrants, suggesting a permit process is not the answer, but securing the national, state and county borders are.

    Pot Permit process is partly conspiratorial over a “national, state political immigration Political Correctness” battle versus “local political control takings by misrepresentations, cover ups and non enforcements of environmental laws”………

    ………afterall, how ya get back money from an illegal immigrant causing environmental damage cleanup costs……

    …….Go after the innocent through a permit process…….hold the community at ransom of fear and violence under the guise of faux protections once permitted to commercialize pot…..

    Clusterfuck – Word!


  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    A moratorium based on number of permits does not go far enough.

    Long Term Historical Residency should be a tenet of permit requirements and application process so that scamster outsiders cant get a permit, ever…….

    How about other credentials of a law abiding resident being used as qualifiers for permit approval…..

    This is what local permitting does, it limits local control……think about the cause and effects and that in America, legal challenges occur over arbitrary selection processes.

    The ultimate permit question – who deserves or should be permitted? Everyone? Locals only? What is “considered as being a local?” Is an illegal immigrant a local? How about city minority types, are they local? And, how about even a local, whose daddio was a politician, whereas son was a mj criminal and proven rapist???? Ya, that pesky US Constitution of intentional white supremecy flaws……so much of life comes back to greed.

    Permit process and policy…..checkmate!


  3. ken d says:

    Good points all Henchman. It is obvious this is nothing but a money grab for the “estimated” but nebulous $4.2 million a year in tax revenue and worse, it sounds like the Supes have it already spent. Talk about getting the cart before the horse.

    A few pertinent questions for the Supervisors;
    1. What if the initiative doesn’t pass in November?
    2. Assuming it does, how does the County plan to count/control, then tax every plant, pound, ounce of dope?
    3. How many new employees will the Tax Assessor, let alone other departments, have to hire to do same?
    4. Are you so naive as to believe that the still heavy majority of non permitted growers are suddenly going to acquiesce to the “legal” permitted grower and quit?

    Seems to me that it would be much easier and way more logical for the Supervisors to do their damn job, get out their red pencils (assuming they even have one) and find $4.2 million of waste, duplication and bloat in the outlandish $200 million plus current budget.


  4. The supervisors will never look for waste in the county because they are part of the waste.hedd


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