THC Poll: Is using County Measure Z funds to purchase armored vehicle a good idea?

Yesterday, the County of Humboldt approved the use of leftover Measure Z funds to buy a fancy new toy. A toy aimed at reducing the threat to the public as a result of active shooter situations like up in McKinleyville last month. (Yes, using Measure Z funds for threats to public safety may seem like a novel idea in the County – but it’s true!)

Of all places, KMUD has a great piece on the Supervisors’ decision to fund the vehicle at a cost of $175,000. Have a listen: KMUD: Shooting siege prompts funding of armored vehicle.

The KMUD piece notes that none other than Major Douchebag himself, Mark Lovelace, cites concerns over the militarization of the police force. And that good ol’ boy Rex Bohn didn’t like it one bit. Hehe.

The vehicle is none too cheap, but THC thinks most would say that such an expenditure is just what people expected their tax money to provide when they approved Measure Z. Of course, as the paranoid (and Lovelace) will remember, armored vehicles like EPD’s Mine Resistant Armored Personnel Carrier are trigger issues for people afraid of the militarization of police forces.

We personally are looking forward to when the Bearcat goes and cleans out some illegal growers, but that’s just us.


Geez, cannabis farmers sure have changed their look these days, huh?

Of course, marijuana growers won’t like that.

Yes, we know how you feel about us from your many, many messages.

Yes, we know how you feel about us from your many, many messages.

Topically, we thought this memo passed around the City of Eureka, when the City Council considered letting their  MRAP vehicle go, to be particularly interesting:

Memorandum: Return the Mine Resistant Armored Personnel carrier

Excerpted from the memo: “The general consensus of the committee does support the acquisition of an armored vehicle to be used in conjunction with the Humboldt County Joint SWAT Team.”

Turns out that John Dalby and the rest of Chief Andy Mills’ brain trust/Chief’s Advisory Panel thinks the County needs an armored vehicle.

But what about you? Take the poll and we’ll compile the results from round Humboldt for you!


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5 Responses to THC Poll: Is using County Measure Z funds to purchase armored vehicle a good idea?

  1. Shak says:

    Tanks rolling down our newly widened streets & hiways. Here we sit, dazed, wondering how we could be fooled by bike paths.
    With that in mind, maybe they can also purchase a few tanks to slow the invasions. Just a thought.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Except in Arcata, where planters, bike racks, concrete popouts of sidewalk, speed bumps, pot holes, narrowed lanes, etc…. are all obstructions.

      Thuda dump thump from one end of
      Arcata to the other…….that is if and when an actual need to use thia vehicke occurs.

      There was no need for an armored vehicle with macktown shooter to evacuate people.

      Simply, two snipers pinpoint one door and one window of the apartment where Dimented Dave resided. During evacuation, if Dave so much as points the gun out the window or door at the evacuees, snipe his ass.

      Downey just deceived the taxpayers again while colluding with up to 4 supes.

      What is amazing is that Lovelace actually was providing some leadership for once. Too bad the other supes are having a love fuckfest with Downey over funds.


  2. Uri Driscoll says:

    Didn’t Eureka just send one of these back after it sat in storage for years.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Didn’t Bohn just bark a bone out his ass about the county fleet vehicles not being used enough to justify their purchases?

      Seems to be that Bohn’s bark should extract a bigger boom since the armored vehicle use will no doubt be far less than those everyday needs county employees justify…

      Bohn bantered that renting was the way to go, especially since vehicles are a money pit and hold little value for resale.

      Intra/Inter departmental – It is merely subsets of elected officials stroking each other grande.


  3. Ashamed says:

    I’m a big time supporter of law enforcement and contributed to Mike Downeys campaign each time and Gary Philp before him. This is nuts. Humboldt simply doesn’t need a vehicle like this and absolutely can’t afford one. Our Supervisors have lost their minds approving this kind of expense in a time of budget overruns, economic decline, and job loss. It really makes one wonder who elected these people but then I remembered it was me and people like me. I’m embaressed and truly regret my past support for these people. It won’t happen again.


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