Eureka City Council election fiasco; did Council members support illegal campaigning?

Everyone in Eureka has surely heard of the highly suspicious shenanigans when it comes to the candidates who actually ended up running for office in Eureka.

First, in the 2nd Ward, Chet Albin and village idiot Matthew Owen both withdrew from the race at the last second, only to have a surprise candidate-elect show up in the form of local pastor Heidi Messner.

Not to be outdone in the “shady politics” department, would-be challenger Allen McCloskey drops out of the 4th Ward race only to be replaced immediately after by his hospital lackey, Austin Allison.

Humboldt County politics, right? Got to love them.

We’ll be generous and say that could all be coincidence. But a recent post on the esteemed and Honorable John Chiv’s blog (reproduced in full below!) drew attention to a couple of things that had THC really wondering if Allison and several sitting members of the Eureka City Council knew what they were getting in to by helping Allison collect the signatures required to run for office. We won’t beat the dead horse when it comes to Chiv’s concern with Allison’s with fundraising, but a comment on the story piqued our interest.

The story was all over the Lost Coast Outpost, and the Times-Standard. Heck, there was even a picture on the front page of aa Eureka City Council member signing Allison’s papers for him.

Which makes one wonder, first off, why City Council members are involving themselves in getting people into elections.

More than that, however, it makes THC wonder how stupid the Council members are to help someone campaign on City property. That’s like, totally illegal, and grounds for disqualification from a race (or at the least a heavy, heavy fine). So shouldn’t the Council members, who have gone through the rat race of elections themselves, been a little more savvy on this?

Signing papers for a presumptive candidate that you want to run but doing it in a way that can potentially disqualify them right off the bat is just plain stupid. That’s all we can say.

As a side-note, we’ve also heard from a few different corners that the health problems that forced Allen McCloskey out of the race aren’t really problems with mental and/or physical health, and we’re admittedly stumped as to what those problems are. THC’s normally infallible sources are failing, so we put it to our righteous readers (that’s you!) to clue us in on what actually happened there. Let us know if you catch wind of anything!

John Chiv’s original post:

I took Austin Allison’s sister’s offer up to share her facebook post about contributions from out of the area

So Austin Allison needs contributions from out of the area?

Linda Atkins, North Coast People’s alliance and all those “local” backers could not garner enough support locally?

Just like Austin Allison changed his facebook to state living in Eureka, after that was pointed in comments; let’s see how fast this profile gets switched to private. Text included below.

Sally Allison DeLeon, who lives in Colorado, shared this on her facebook:


This is my brother, Austin Allison. He is running for Eureka City Council! He’s been involved in organizing a union at the hospital he’s worked for the past 6 years fighting for fair wages and safer nurse/patient ratios. He is the ideal advocate for the working families of his community, giving a voice to those who normally don’t have one. PLEASE spread the word to anyone you know in the Eureka, CA area to get out and VOTE! βœ…

Austin Allison for Eureka City Council!! πŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

If you don’t live in the area but would still like to support his campaign, you can send all contributions to:
“Austin for City Council”
1602 Hodgson Street
Eureka, CA 95503

And who recruited Austin Allison?

According to this facebook post, Allen McCloskey and the same people backing Allen McCloskey. I don’t see comments on social media complaining about this last minute filing.

Text of that post which was from August 17:

URGENT – Our only progressive candidate for Eureka City Council has to back out due to health concerns. Allen has recruited a replacement candidate, Austin Allison. We need signatures from registered Eureka voters between now and 5:00 TODAY to get him on the ballot – please go to the lobby at city hall if you can sign, and/or help spread the word! – Tamara

By the way, Austin, you have no telephone number to contact you. That business card I gave you for that written statement never got emailed. Do your “supporters” tell you to only talk to select media sources they approve of?


  1. Complete scam of a campaigned by a short term resident. This is the type of progressive who kisses your baby and then steals her lollipop. This is the same type of candidate who stole this Counties logging industry. This is the type of candidate who wants to remove your car from your driveway predominately and Riley on public transportation. The people of this Country don’t need a new regressive party. How much are outsiders paying this person to run??? Interesting if we could find out the truth with complete transparency. Now wouldn’t transparency be refreshing? It will never happen in Humboldt with a progressive candidate. Never!


  2. I thought campaigning on city property was illegal


  3. That is what I thought too Robert.

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17 Responses to Eureka City Council election fiasco; did Council members support illegal campaigning?

  1. John Ford says:

    Define “campaigning”. Was he there actually asking people who walk by to sign his petition or was he meeting people he knew there to save time?


    • John Chiv says:

      They recruited people via facebook, and looked like they were calling people specifically to show up to sign his petition at the last minute. Allen withdrew at 3 and people were showing up at City Hall from 3:30 and they barely made the 5 p.m. deadline.

      These were not random people visiting City Hall. Other people actually go out and talk to people to get signatures.Otherwise, why not just set up tables for everyone to sign ?

      Let’s see what the powers to be that deal with election codes say about this being campaigning on public property or not.

      There were three City Councilmembers there, one of them Linda Atkins who threw a fit when Mike and Chet were wearing their name tags at Arts Alive.


      • John Ford says:

        I see your point. If it was set up as a meeting place, then I don’t think “campaigning” is the proper term. I could be wrong. But he should have also been tasked with having to walk the area like Fullerton. Hell, if it’s that easy to get signatures, then maybe I should do it. Keep in mind, I am a Fullerton supporter.


      • John Ford says:

        I see your point. If it was set up as a meeting place, then I don’t think “campaigning” is the proper term. I could be wrong. But he should have also been tasked with having to walk the area like Fullerton. Hell, if it’s that easy to get signatures, then maybe I should do it. Keep in mind, I am a Fullerton supporter. We shall see how it plays out.


      • Thanks for the insight. Lets break this down. A group of people were specifically invited to a particular place for political purposes relating to a single persons race for office. Somehow that’s not a partisan campaign event?

        We’re off to BevMo for another case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. We’ll need at least a case while watching the Linda Atkins sitcom where Linda spins this into a conservative scheme to save billboards.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Why must a citizen get permission from others to be allowed to participate?

        (Yet another example of the shams disguised by worthless words on paper called the US Constitution that supposedly protects our freedoms, liberties, pursuits of who the hell knows anymore……..)

        No need for tables, this ain’t military recruitment.


      • Nibla says:

        Hey John, did throw throw a drug induced fit, one that would
        Make Chet Albin proud?


  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Is it really campaigning PRIOR TOO BECOMING A VALIDATED CANDIDATE? Active elected officials are not exempt from signing a signature form so that the minimum number of eligible signers can help any person participate in an election.

    Personally, it is bullshit that any citizen should have to get permission by a few handfulls of eligible citizens to run for any office, so focus the bitching on that bullshit arrangement (getting permission to get involved)

    Eureka is whacked, will always be whacked with the voters at the helm.

    A direct phone call…….oh the horror. So, door to door directness is?????…….what then if it is not the same?


  3. John Chiv says:

    HOJ, the only one whacked is you ranting off on every blog with nothing to contribute except some off hand comment on topics you have no knowledge of or about. After your failed candidacy, you are the last one to comment on anything politically.

    Let people who live in the real world talk about real life matters while you go play in HOJ’s fantasyland.

    Unfortunately, at least two blogs, which includes THC, still need to moderate/ban you. You are the kiss of death for any blog you start commenting on a regular basis.


  4. Just Watchin says:

    Did this kid Allison have to get a permission slip from his homeroom teacher to run?


  5. Just me says:

    What about the other elephant in the room – and this is a biggie – can anyone say BROWN ACT VIOLATION? If Natalie, Kim and Linda were all orchestrating the signature drive, this is a violation of the Brown Act. Three Council members cannot be acting in concert in this manner outside of a publicly noticed city council meeting.

    Linda was always screaming about Brown Act violations when things didn’t go her way (remember her histronics on KSLG when Garr Neilsen got canned?? She was shrieking on and on about Brown Act violations with no evidence of anything of the sort. Now she is acting with two other Council Members to get another person signed up for a Council election?

    Chiv is right, if this were Fullerton and his supporters doing this, the lefties would be going nuts.


    • We agree that this whole things smells of more than one violation of laws and election rules. We are of a mind that someone should file suit against the city to have Allison’s paperwork thrown out due to illegally obtained signatures.

      This might even be a bigger conflict that Shepard making a million off his Planning Commission votes.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Key word…”if”.

      Signing a petition such as they were is not gubbamint business as agendized, as an action item, as a consent item, etc…..

      Much ado about doo doo politics, what’s new……..


  6. John Chiv says:

    THC, I have tried twice to link four posts I did on McCloskey, three the day hr dropped out that might give insight into why he dropped out. Can’t seem to get the comment to post. They are in the post where I link to this post on my blog, if anyone is interested.


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