Supervisors, County: “We’re so excited for November Tax-a-palooza!”

It’s a shame, truly, when your elected officials renege on their promises to cut down on bloated government spending and choose to pass the buck for their ever-growing need for discretionary funding on to the residents of Humboldt County.

But that’s just what is happening here in Humboldt, and not a single one of the four Supervisors who invariably assured their supporters that they’d explore all viable options before increasing taxes is seeming to bat an eye over doing complete about-faces.

How can they tax us? Let us count the ways…

There’s the (admittedly inevitable) cannabis excise tax. Then there’s the 20-year, 1/2 cent “transportation tax” that’s estimated to generate about $10-million annually.

The transportation tax might seem like deja-vu, because it’s essentially the same tax as Measure Z, only this time they aren’t using loaded, scary language to promote a tax for public safety. They’re using loaded, scary language to promote a tax in the name of roads which will more than likely just end up giving Humboldt a shit-ton more trails and bike lanes. We guarantee you, folks who are in desperate need of repairs to the roads you depend on, that you will not see the long-awaited repairs of your dreams. We wrote about that before: County, HCAOG want more bike lanes, are taxing you to do it

Also, like Measure Z, should the transportation tax generate more revenue than anticipated, the County won’t do the honest thing and give the money back or sunset the tax early. Nope, they’ll just pocket it and spend it places it needn’t be – like the ridiculous amount of money they spent trying to redesign a bus-route. Or re-shuffling the County Departments to create even more needless and ludicrously high paying jobs: (UPDATE) County Supervisors seek to create a new Finance Dictator at great cost to the public

That’s no surprise though, as they’ve continually showed us all that they’re both liars and extremely financially challenged a.k.a. f***ing incapable of understanding the concept of not spending beyond the limits of your budget, as seen here: Supervisors think it’s a great idea to pilfer County general fund because they ran over budget – again!

While the entire County is falling victim to our representatives’ collective hard on for taxation, let’s all observe a moment of silence for the ill-fated Friendly City of Fortuna, which is set to vote on the highest number of tax proposals in the State. Seems their pockets must be star-crossed with the taxman, sadly.

Now, the potential to sacrifice even more of our hard-earned money to the County’s fruitless attempts to make any positive changes to Humboldt’s economy or way of life is bad enough; what makes it worse is that the people we counted on to protect us from such greedy practices are throwing us to the wolves. And they are laughing while they do it, guaranteed. (Somebody had to pay for those nice raises they gave themselves this year, after all. Need we remind you that it’s in poor taste for leaders to give themselves raises in a year which has already contributed further to the overall budget deficit?)

At the end of the day, THC fans, it’s clear that our Supervisors have failed to stick to their word regarding finding ways to alleviate the financial burdens being passed on to their already strapped constituents.

The County, and the Supervisors, simply want more. And they are more than happy to take it from you, rather than being responsible and frugal leaders.

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2 Responses to Supervisors, County: “We’re so excited for November Tax-a-palooza!”

  1. Sam says:

    and within each and every measure or grant or program lies a paragraph or two that basically says something to the effect of …” we know the stated purpose of these funds are for roads, infrastructure and public safety, and we reserve the right to spend the money where we want to anyway…”



  2. Mac Towner says:

    Stuff like this makes me wish we had elected Jeff Lytle instead of Sundberg. Jeff may be crazy but even he knows better than to push these ridiculous tax scams. Hopefully the voters won’t be fooled by Sundbergs scams.


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