County to begin policing boobs? Breast Feeding Task Force at County Fair

No, kiddos, we did not make the Breast Feeding Task Force up.

Straight from a County of Humboldt Press Release from earlier today:

The Breastfeeding Task Force (BFTF) of Humboldt County is providing a Breastfeeding Rest Stop booth at the Humboldt County Fair, Aug. 18 to 28, in Ferndale.”

We actually think it’s pretty cool that the County is taking it upon themselves to ensure that the curiously taboo practice of breast feeding is being brought out into the open.

Or, at least, it would be pretty cool if there weren’t about a million more pressing things the County should be concerned with than where women are breast-feeding their babies. Admirable cause, but a questionable place to expend time and money when the County’s homeless population is going nowhere, drug abuse is rampant, and mental health is clearly still a big, big problem. (You  might’ve heard of the shootout in McKinleyville yesterday – all indications point to mental health being a contributing factor.) And that’s just on the Health and Human Services front!

This is especially true since, as the County’s press release mentions, “According to the California Civil Code, a mother has the right to breastfeed her child in any location, public or private.” And so the County’s attempt to destigmatize breast feeding is to make a little area to hide all the breast-feeding in? Curiously contrary, if we do say so.

Now, let it be said that THC is decidedly pro-breast feeding. Good for the babies, and good for the mothers too, or so we are told. Whether you want to do so in public is up to you, but we strongly support women’s ability to breast feed wherever. And we stick our tongues out at people who have a problem with that!

Be warned, however, that one should not simply Google “Breast Feeding Task Force” in order to find more information about Humboldt County’s newest bosom patrol (shall we call them the breastapo? Ha!), as you will inevitably arrive at some very NSFW material. THC’s Grover made that mistake, and now he has a lot of explaining to do when mom gets home.

Rather, you should read the press release in full below, or simply follow this link to the County of Humboldt webpage regarding the new laws of lactation: “Breastfeeding Rest Stop opens at the fair

Breastfeeding Rest Stop opens at the fair

The Breastfeeding Task Force (BFTF) of Humboldt County is providing a Breastfeeding Rest Stop booth at the Humboldt County Fair, Aug. 18 to 28, in Ferndale.

The booth will be located in Friendship Square, between Belotti Hall and the Dairy Barn. The Rest Stop will be a quiet place where mothers can relax while breastfeeding their babies. The booth is open to all families.

The Rest Stop was created to increase awareness about breastfeeding, and to decrease community stigmas about breastfeeding in public. According to the California Civil Code, a mother has the right to breastfeed her child in any location, public or private.

The booth will also have information about breastfeeding support. According to the California Department of Public Health, Humboldt County’s breastfeeding rate is 92.6 percent upon leaving the hospital after birth, and the rate decreases rapidly during the first three months.

The BFTF’s goal is to boost the duration of breastfeeding by increasing community awareness and support for breastfeeding mothers. The group encourages parents to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation of “exclusive breastfeeding for about six months, followed by continued breastfeeding as complementary foods are introduced, with continuation of breastfeeding for one year or longer as mutually desired by mother and infant.”

Members of the BFTF include lactation consultants, health care providers, nurses, doulas, peer counselors and mothers. The Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services Maternal Child & Adolescent Health program helps coordinate the BFTF.

For more information about the BFTF and how to get involved, please contact Emily Adams at 707-441-5573 or visit

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PDF Release

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8 Responses to County to begin policing boobs? Breast Feeding Task Force at County Fair

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do I get an admission ticket to that booth at the fair?


  2. Just Watchin says:

    I’m already a member of the BFTF……Big Freakin Tittie Fan !


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Because you squeeze your hairy boobs all the time thinking about the BFTF Monthly Centerfold monkey popout doll.

      No worries, big hairy boobs fan you are, better than no boobs, but you should try a female set of boobs some time, never know, ya might like it hairless.


  3. Sam Squantch says:

    A few observations:

    First, offering a dedicated quiet comfy space for breast-feeding for those women who choose it is not the same as “making a little area to hide all the breast-feeding in.”

    Nothing in the County’s press release suggests that the intent is to force women to only breast feed in the offered space, it’s just a nice courtesy, like baby-changing stations. It seems to me that providing this space is a nice way for the Fair to say to breast-feeding women, c’mon down to the Fair, and by the way, if you’re breast feeding and would like a quiet, comfy spot to do it, we’ve got you covered. Meanwhile, the County is using it as an opportunity to highlight the benefits of breast-feeding, which sounds like a win-win to me.

    Second, I think I’d have to see some details on how much money the County spent on this before I’d get too bent out of shape about the cost. My guess is…not much. Probably mostly just a few hours of existing staff time plus volunteers and the co-operation of the Fair. Again, just a guess, if you know otherwise let me know.

    Third, yeah, the county has big problems, and it’s always easy to say “how can we possibly worry about _____ while we have homelessness, crime, etc.” But community is about more than just focusing on the worst problems, it’s also about looking after the quality of life of the public at large. Including breast-feeding Moms and their babies.


    • Sam says:

      like when the ‘babies’ aren’t babies???? Some mom’s just love the attention and breast feed when their children are over 3. ENOUGH ALREADY.


  4. Tommy Gunn says:

    Did you guys see the that the lactation station is next to the milk bar at the fair? HA!


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