THC has been thinking quite a bit about all the taxes the Supervisors want us to start ponying up when the November ballots come around.

It seems like not so long ago that each of the Supervisors (save for Lovelace) were promising Humboldt’s voters to create jobs, reduce taxes and government spending, and be good stewards of the environment. Unfortunately, they have failed on all three of those fronts.

The environment? Too bad for Mother Earth, the pot ordinances put in place are doing very, very little to stem the tide of illegal and environmentally damaging cannabis grows. All the Supervisor’s cared about was the prospect of new tax revenue, so they gave the green rush a green light and are licking their greedy lips until the money rolls in.

Create jobs? Well, not only is there zero evidence of an increase in decent, living wage-jobs in the area, the population hasn’t changed over the past five years – not to mention that development of all kinds has come to a standstill. No jobs, no growth, no positive change.

As for cutting back on taxes and getting the size of the local bureaucracy under control, well… It’s plain to see that these idiots are content to squeeze every last tax-able penny out of Humboldt that they can before even considering any alternative ways of dealing with the County’s out of control budget. (We probably needn’t remind you, but giving themselves raises in while levying big tax measures in two consecutive election cycles really isn’t a good look.)

We’ve also talked about how the Supervisors seem to forget that their own livelihoods, as well as the continued operation of the the racket they’re in charge of – the County of Humboldt – is dependent upon the success and well-being of the private sector.

We even gave them a good suggestion on how to recognize those folks, too:

A resolution for the Supervisors to consider: honor the people who make your jobs possible

It seems that contrary to THC’s best efforts, and the candidates own “convictions” when they were running for office, that the County is intent to continue asking the public to keep tightening our belts – all while government spending and the size of the bureaucratic behemoth continue to swell. But what can explain such clearly contradictory and ill-advised decision-making?

We believe that the picture below, a screenshot from a recent B.o.S. meeting, can shed some light on this mystery:

chambersupes1It’s actually quite easy to see which Supervisor is which based on the personalities of each lovable little monkey. Extra points if you want to tell us who you think each Monkey Supervisor is. For example, the shortest ape enjoying a frothy stream of it’s own piss is seated in the center, where the Board Chairperson customarily sits. (It’s sterile, and he likes the taste.)

ORG XMIT: *S0408805348* (l to r) Rip Torn, Stephen Root, Vince Vaughn, Alan Tudyk, Joel moore, Chris Williams and Justin Long are a aband of social misfits who compete in the ultimate dodgeball competition to save their gym, in DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY. 06212004xquick 07092006xGUIDELIVE 08172007xQUICK

Just like Patches O’Houlihan!

Actually, scratch all that. We’re giving the Supervisors, aka homo ignoramuses, way too much credit by suggesting they have individual identifying traits in the above screen capture of the Supes’ Chambers.

It’s obvious that they’ve morphed into some kind of hive-minded, football fornicating, tax-loving economy-hating organism that has reached levels of stupidity and ineffectiveness heretofore unseen in the Animal Kingdom. This is probably a more accurate reflection of how the Fab Five have come together to run the County:

chambersupes2There we go! We feel better about our analogy now. Unfortunately, that football is representative of the County of Humboldt, which we can all see isn’t faring quite as well from the anal-ogy the Supervisor’s are giving it.

Despite the recent campaign promises we heard from a couple of them, as well as the campaign promises the others made in the past, THC suggests you not get your hopes up that the Supervisors can pull their heads out anytime soon, gentle reader. They clearly don’t care about following through on what they said mattered most to them back when they wanted our money to help elect them; they clearly don’t care about taking even more of our money and spending it on the cash cow of local government they’ve perpetuated, either.

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  1. Sam says:

    You know something? Over the years, there has been the adage is that there is “something in the chairs” of the Supervisors; before elected the folks seem like well intended people who know how to think independently and to think things through. AFTER the elections however, they lose it.

    We agree. The only one up there that has been consistent as far as we can see is Rex.

    We had high hopes for Ryan; and now he is just another John Woolley — ignoring the law and saying he does not care what the law says before voting – thereby the Supervisor that has voted to defend against lawsuits that could have and SHOULD have been settled- Costing us all MILLIONS.

    Virginia? Miss Apologetic Victim puppet of the liberal winds that spews and thinks anyone cares what her lack of foresight and logic is? OUTTA THERE.

    Estelle? She really has struck out as far as her stated watch out for her peeps and the environment; more depredation of County resources under her watch than ever before. And the growers are LAUGHING their ASSES off while they hide their money.

    Way to go — can you spell disappointment?


    • Arcatan says:

      I have to agree with Sam. The crowd that was elected on a platform of change has turned out to be just more of the same. At least Bonnie and John actually understood what they were doing. The current batch doesn’t even have any comprehension of the impacts of their decisions. Bonnie and John took us in the wrong direction but it was by conscious choice. Ryan, Virginia, and Estelle are heading into the same darkness but are leading us there with blinders on.

      Woe are we.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Bonnie Boondoggle and Johnny Herdsman, a time of liberal progressive political cherry picking and stifling of private sector opportunities for exchange traded grants and stuff. No different an argument than that of Barack Obama supporters blaming Bush.

        BTW, HOJ condolences to John and family as cancer took another human being’s life.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Or, people are naive and easily believe liars, homegrown liars pulling faces.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone see the Loco article, all these electeds are tied in to the pot industry and making money. Look at the quote from planning commissioner Shepperd. Sounds like he made a bunch of money.


    • BenDover says:

      Shepperd is a pompous idiot who gets a hard on from listening to his own voice. If it’s not about him he’s just not interested. McKinleyville has been dealing with this blowhard for decades. My daughter was in his class and came home crying daily from his mistreatment. It’s really embaresing having him supposedly represent our district while all he’s really doing is padding his own pockets with money from weed.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        He is just excited to sell his land before the whole shithouse fails. Land that grows pot increases in value. Ben is smart to sell now as Ryan Sundberg is on his last hoorah politically.

        Ben will be really smiling after the bank deposit.


      • Sam says:

        Thank you for this posting…I agree wholeheartedly. He really hates smart women that do not agree with him and is willing to change his opinion to get attention negative or positive.
        Wanna be Ben.


      • Jeez, THC fans…guess we should do a little write up on Benny’s activities, huh? Stay tuned!


      • Mac Towner says:

        BenDover. Now that’s really funny and far more appropriate than you might imagine. Shepard is a total douche.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Problem is, who is who in pot.

      Surely, there exists the “white trash grower” who happens to work for legit uppidy businesses in town.

      Then, of course, there is the back to lander grower. Hardly any supes are back to landers, but are a cast of misfits ala Trump and Clinton, who will cater to the elites while behind the scenes, white trash convictions.


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