US Census: Only growth in Humboldt over past 5 years is due to homeless population

The numbers don’t lie, kiddos. Take a gander at some of the most recent growth statistics for Humboldt County, according to the U.S. Census:

census captureThat’s right – estimates are that Humboldt’s has grown less than one percent over the past 5 years. Which is cool, THC supposes, as long as you like stagnation and failing economies.

Not so cool is the fact that that amount of growth can easily be chalked up to the upward trends in the area’s homeless population. Most estimates peg the homeless population at more than 1,300 – and that’s just based on the folks who lined up to get counted in exchange for new pairs of socks.

It really is a shame that Humboldt is stuck in the dumps when it comes to growth and progress – that old enemy of “progressives” – but there’s really no indication that it’s going to change anytime soon.

Of course, the problem will only worsen when the new GPU is approved (if it ever happens!), since that document is essentially 5,000 pages of regulations aimed at curtailing the out-of-control growth and development our County is sure to go through. Get used to it, folks.

In the meantime, THC is accepting applications from interested investors for the future of Humboldt County development:

Containers in the port of Laem Chabang in Thailand.

Just mail us a check!

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