Perspective on the threat of illegal drug industries to Humboldt County

THC actually picked up and read some print media the other day. The rag of choice was the Mad River Union, and we thought the article linked below, written by Paul Mann, was an interesting read. If a thoroughly depressing one, unfortunately.

To give you a gist of the piece, here’s some highlights:

“The drug trade distorts business and the economy, overburdens hospitals and mental health services, drags down family life and single parents, depresses child welfare, jeopardizes food security, threatens residential neighborhoods with indoor grows, consumes massive amounts of energy and inflicts severe damage on the natural environment.”

“Officials and academic specialists warn that the fusion of Humboldt’s epidemic drug trafficking with its sprawling marijuana industrial complex (8,400 grows or more) has created a society immured in a way of life that is illegal, invasive and pernicious in equal parts.”

Yikes. Anyway, hope you enjoy the full story!

Drug peril besieges Humboldt

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1 Response to Perspective on the threat of illegal drug industries to Humboldt County

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Moral of the linked read: turn a blind eye to opiates, alcohol, cyanesins, prescription drugs, etc….. AND lets not mention “personal responsibilities” or “valid mental disorders” caused by “society’s oppressivenesses” that seem to be more intentional than random these days in America.

    If people are safer today than ever before regarding “drugs”, then how did we evolve this long without “drugs undoing evolution?” Maybe the national debt lends insights into the drug debate, single parents, etc…, afterall, economics and personal opportunities go hand in hand.

    Drugs are awesome because drugs “cull out” those who evolutionarily are not “up to the challenges of life”.

    Should society let people overdose on drugs if it means life or death? At some point, addicts must be held accountable for their continued self abuses and lack of self respect. Ya can’t force behavioral changes with addiction. Only self respect cures drug and alcohol addiction.

    Lastly, the illegal drug trade is also fostered by illegal immigration policies that are flawed, which causes state and federal forrest lands to be clear cut and drained of water by mexican nationals, bulgarians, etc….people who don’t even belong here in Humboldt County if it were not such an asylum sanctuary county where blind eye politics is championed by the local cracker jack elected club.


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