Mobile home group wags their finger at Supervisors, embarks on guilt trip

Apparently, Hilary Mosher and the Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition have a bone to pick with the Board of Supervisors.

We think it has something to with the fact that the Supervisors denied their support to a misguided, unnecessary and frankly stupid push to institute rent control for mobile homes in Humboldt County.

Of course, it could also be because the Supervisors recently passed an ordinance that will make it tough for groups like Mosher’s HMOC to harass innocent people in public for not agreeing with their opinions. We’d call it sour grapes, since HMOC already gathered the required number of signatures, but old folks sure know how to hold a grudge.

In any case, since the Supervisor’s didn’t support adopting the ordinance and will send it to voters, Mosher had this to say in a recent Times-Standard article:

We intend to make the Board of Supervisors feel as guilty as possible if they don’t pass it.

And they’ll be sent to bed early without any of granny’s signature cookies, too!

The Times-Standard goes on to say:

Mosher said if the ordinance gets voted down by the board, as she expects, she will have the support of various groups who feel near and dear to the issue, such as the Save Our Seniors group.

“Everyone in the county might be able to vote on it. We’re going to gather lots of support,” Mosher said.

You can read more about HMOC’s aggressive soliciting techniques, and their beef with the County over the issue, in this post from the past:

Mobile home rent control group runs afoul of aggressive soliciting ordinance?

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4 Responses to Mobile home group wags their finger at Supervisors, embarks on guilt trip

  1. Sass Quatsch says:

    Why is rent control “Unnecessary and frankly stupid” exactly?

    This “article” (rant) is long on invective and innuendo and quite short on fact.

    Do you feel the same way about Prop 13? Do you feel that granting tax subsidies to the Landed Gentry of California while making anyone not fortunate enough to have had the foresight to have been born into the Landed Gentry foot the tax bill for public services while allowing freeloaders of the Landed Gentry to get by paying 1950s tax rates on properties that are using 21st century municipal and public services?

    This member of the peasantry would be interested to know this “paper’s” opinion on Prop 13, now that we know what contempt you hold for renters and “old people.”

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    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Prop 13 eliminated a tax assessment over reaching regulation. The pre prop 13 tax regulation allowed gubbamint to overtax non renters that caused many a homeowner to become a renter.

      Taxation that causes loss of home ownership is not the kind of taxation that helps even the mobile home renter.

      If Prop 13 did not exist, this group would never even had the opportunity to live on the cheap right now, probably be living in a street gutter with nothing to politicize because history would be different with more people living on the streets.


  2. fredtyg says:

    Not sure what the beef is with Prop 13, but most might be interested to know state revenues have increased since Prop 13 took effect.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:


      Post prop 13 regulation occurs every year that raises the sales prices of residential, commercial and industrial property.

      A raised sales peice xreates more tax revenue.

      In essence, Prop 13 arguments by those in opposition become inconsequential when gubbamint pulls a fast one like Cal Fire illegal tax schemes on the housing market or fire sprinkler systems, or increased engineering requirements, etc…

      Live in a fucking teepee and tell your neighbors to fuck off.


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