Eureka’s marijuana ordinance: the push to legalize hash lab explosions!

Never fear, fans of pyrotechnics. The good City of Eureka, and the wise masters sitting in the City Council chambers, seems like it will soon set the stage for some truly spectacular explosions.

Eureka’s marijuana ordinance, which covers cultivation, processing, and other aspects of all things pot-slanging, has been pretty thoroughly vetted through the City’s Planning Commission. The Eureka City Council is set to consider it soon, and it seems a foregone conclusion that the proposed amendments to the ordinance will pass.

Which means a few things, for all of you Eurekans. First off, Rob Holmlund has seen fit to ensure that the marijuana stores will not look like marijuana stores. Check out his spiel to the Planning Commission on the topic. Thanks to Holmlund, you all can sleep easy on that note.

However, what will the ordinance actively allow? Why, the use of butane to make hash! Woo-hoo! Nothing could go wrong, right?

One Arrested at Arcata House Containing Heroin, Meth, Butane Honey Oil Lab

Eureka BHO Lab, Out-of-Compliance Marijuana Grow Raided by Sheriffs’ Office

Fire Contained: Sheriff’s Office Investigating Possible Butane Honey Oil Hash Lab on Salmon Creek Road

Hash Lab Suspected in Apartment Explosion on Eureka’s E Street

Citing Danger to Civilians and First Responders, Humboldt Bay Fire Institutes New Policy for Battling Hash Lab Fires

Oh, crap. Guess that when the first legal hash-lab blows up in Eureka, we won’t be able to say that we didn’t see it coming. Sure, there might be a significant difference between people cooking in their apartments and people cooking in commercial buildings. But then again, there might not. (P.s. is cooking the right term for hash? Too much Breaking Bad for THC.)

You see, it’s pretty much going to be the same people doing the manufacturing, and it’s going to involve butane canisters that go from about the size of a football to commercial butane canisters that are about 5 feet tall. That’s a lot of boom in the wrong hands. Let us also note that, generally, those involved in the hash industry aren’t necessarily well versed in regulations and safety protocols. Their expertise tend to result in situations like this one from LoCO:


Can anyone tell THC who this building belongs to? We keep hearing conflicting rumors about whose it is and how it started.

Be sure to thank your City Council for the big explosions coming soon to your neighborhood!

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1 Response to Eureka’s marijuana ordinance: the push to legalize hash lab explosions!

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    The commercial medical marijuana rush = over supply which demand medicine patients will not consume will be sold on black market.


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