Grand Jury condemns Behavioral Health Board, but Supervisor Bass commends them

Remember that recent Grand Jury Report which basically said that the Behavioral Health Board has a huge, heaping share of the blame in creating a mental health care crisis in our County?

You know, how the failure of the Behavioral Health Board to understand or react to the many serious issues with mental health care have contributed greatly to things like homelessness, crime, and substance abuse in our area?

Well, guess what? Our Supremely Wise 4th District Supervisor, Virginia Bass, thought it would be a good idea to take time away from important matters at yesterday’s Board meeting to recognize a member of the BHB – for excellence and dedication to the community.

Is Virginia Bass completely tone deaf, we wonder? Or just clueless? It’s a toss-up, to be sure.

Of course, the Grand Jury Report on the BHB also lays blame at the feet of the Board of Supervisors for failing to require reports from the Behavioral Health Board (otherwise known as not doing their job – big surprise there). Clearly, judging from Bass’ resolution, the Supervisors haven’t taken the Grand Jury’s suggestions seriously. Which can only spell more trouble for Humboldt.

We’ve written about the failures of the BHB and the Board of Supervisor’s with regards to mental health services in our area at length before. Go ahead and read about it in this post from the past:

Humboldt Grand Jury: Supervisors, Behavioral Health board have gone totally mental


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7 Responses to Grand Jury condemns Behavioral Health Board, but Supervisor Bass commends them

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Habitual historic hypocrisy hallucinates Humboldtians.

    It is protocol for county employees and appointees to be applauded because itd the opposite impression effect.

    When officers do bad, they get promoted.

    When planners do bad, they get promoted or are benefactors of relocation.

    When supes reward and applaud and thank the bad, they turn around and self promote their own soon to be increased wages.

    Local Gubbamint too big, Lone Ranger…..says Tonto.


  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    HOJ wonders what it is like to be ridiculed and lambasted by a grand jury report in one hand, and in the other hand, to be praised for raising the ire of the grand jury.

    Supes laugh at the Grand Jury, yet another ineffective faux democracy, rule by law group of people.

    Why serve as a Grand Jury member if punishment is non existent?

    Answer: so the Grand Jury is stacked with political shoulder rubbers/friends, peers of the accused and hand slapper types who intentionally “go easy” and underrepresent the enormity of the abuse.

    The whole system is rigged, nothing is sanctid in America except individualism. Include other people in your life is to invite abuse.

    Back to landers speak volumes about the distrust with fellow Americans.

    Society, suffice to say, is over as we know it, and currently a new paradigm is forming that is really bad.

    Trump – ya’ll worried about one guy when the whole electorate can’t fix shit be ause the system causes too much shit to be fixed that can’t be fixed without completely blowing up society and starting over again.

    In death is life. AMERICA has expired and a new world order is in effect.

    Don’t vote democrat or republican if you are not a traitor to this country.


  3. Reader says:

    HOJ has infected this blog with his blabbeling nonsense, to the point where I may have to avoid the comments section altogether. Good luck with that THC.


  4. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Debbie Waserman-Schultz is available now to relocate to Humboldt County to be selected as a grand juror. She’ll be qualified to fit right in to carry on the alliance between gubbamint and the Grand Jury, ala Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.


    • Jeff, We’ve been sitting in the basement for some time trying to figure out how we should be responding to you. After the first case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade we loved you; after the second not so much. After much thought (not really) we’ve decided to give you a warning. While we appreciate your occasional insights that make sense and even concede that many more would seem coherent if we weren’t drinking but dude, seriously, think a little harder before pressing send. If you’re unable to make more sense to those less enlightened or medicated we’re going to have to consider some kind of moderating. Usually sneaky moderation is the tool of the Tulawat but in this case we might be convinced to join in the manipulation. Thanks and Cheers!


      • Henchman Of Justice says:


        Non Jeff over at THC, what you need to consider is the articles of the M-R Pact and how eerily the grand jury and government appear to apply similar principles as the articles, but at the local level of non-aggression pacts.

        Wikpedia picturesques it best with two powers handshaking.

        Grand Jury slams county
        County Supe Bass praises what Grand Jury Slams with a thank you, great job.


        HOJ responds,

        “Your Welcome.”


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