Worthless County Employment Training Division fails to help laid-off workers

Yes, we know, the County’s inability to help the economy is totally old news.

But in a recent twist, we learned that the County is not just unable to help create jobs, they also can’t help people find work either.

Read this piece from the Times-Standard, which details how the County really, really sucks at doing anything other than growing even more bloated and ineffectual. It’s sort of funny that various County Department’s are even pretending to help out in one way or another, except that it’s not funny in the slightest because they continue to fail the hardworking people that live here.

The latest round of mass layoffs in Humboldt led to the our area losing over 125 jobs, not to mention the ripple effect of yet another mill closure which hurts the bottom lines of businesses that worked in concert with Sierra Pacific.

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4 Responses to Worthless County Employment Training Division fails to help laid-off workers

  1. Ivan the Terrible says:

    That’s what the Headwaters Fund was set up to do in part, provide training to out of work timber peeps… right?


    • And we’d say it’s been pretty ineffectual. We sure hope that things can be turned around in that regard, but since there isn’t really any mills around any more, well…don’t hold your breath for big gains.


  2. Bushytails says:

    How, exactly, did you manage to twist that article into the county being ineffectual? The available services were clearly announced to everyone, both by the county and by mill management. Every worker who has chosen to take advantage of those services is being cared for, and given any help that need. For example, one person I know is being retrained, complete with help purchasing tools, with a surprisingly minimal amount of bureaucracy. I’d rate them as exceptionally effective, and doing a whole lot better than most other county departments. (like our permit department, that complains about having to actually do work, and not just collect fees…)

    The number of people they’re helping is low because SPI helped relocate their employees to other mills, keeping them out of the county system. Note that the article only mentions 19 moving out-of-state… it doesn’t mention the dozens that moved to SPI’s in-state mills, like Redding, Anderson, etc. When previous mills closed, they weren’t part of large organizations with multiple other mills employees could relocate to, resulting in more people seeking retraining. Many others were immediately offered jobs at other local businesses, and not just the remaining mills. Reliable, drug-free workers are currently in demand, as the area has a surplus of worthless people that no one should hire, and the sudden availability of capable workers was immediately jumped on.

    So, again, how exactly did you come to the conclusion that a worthless agency is failing to help people who ask for help? Did you, in fact, read the entire article you linked to? I’d love to see your logic. I haven’t had a good laugh yet today.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      What the article points out:

      1) Fewer sawmill people seeking the service. (Maybe because past laid off workers proced the service is not really a service, but words on paper giving the county the authority to spend up to $10,000.00 per person.)

      2) 123 x $10,000.00 = $1.23 million liability potential.

      3) Service not desired by enough people suggests service is not necessary.


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