(UPDATE) Will Rio Dell City Council take a stand against marijuana ordinance or cave to special interests?

A defining moment for Rio Dell, and it’s Councilmembers, is on the docket for tomorrow’s City Council meeting.

In response to pressure from special interests and one very bitter Councilmember, Debra Garnes, Rio Dell’s leader will revisit their vote on a marijuana ordinance which several Councilmembers – and many Rio Dell residents – have said simply isn’t a fit for the town.

So, it remains to be seen: will the Council flip flop on their decision? Or will they hold fast to their convictions?

One should hope that they stick to their guns. Councilmember Tim Marks described the public’s reaction following the ordinances failure to pass back in June,  saying that he “has been approached, called, and stopped in stores by several dozen residents thanking him for his vote.”

THC thinks Rio Dell will thank them once again for shutting the ordiance down tomorrow – or they’ll thank them for bowing to marijuana interests by reconsidering their position as Councilmembers come November’s vote, when two of the Council seats are up for re-election.

In a week’s time, the Rio Dell City Council has one more chance to revisit their decision on a marijuana cultivation ordinance that would allow all sorts of pot operations in city limits.

Of course, we say one more chance because the City Council already killed the potential for a Rio Dell marijuana ordinance back in June; you can read about that here.

So why is this ordinance back up for discussion? Well, THC gathers it must be due to the efforts of City Council person Debra Garnes – you know, the one who was all butt-hurt that her pet project got shut down by other members of the Council.

After the defeat of her special little ordinance, Garnes went AWOL and penned an angry, sad letter to that was posted on LoCO which detailed just how butt hurt she was over the whole thing. But more than that, THC has to think that there’s so much pressure on her and the rest of the City Council from special interest groups and people with the money to make their voices heard that the whole issue is being brought up again.

THC has written before about how certain individuals have been bullying their way through the process of crafting the ordinance to get their way, just so they can create their own cash cow using some of the vacant industrial property nearby. You can read those two articles below:

Dennis Wendt in cahoots with Rio Dell’s Development Director?

(UPDATE) Dennis Wendt in cahoots with Rio Dell’s Development Director?

So the question that the other members of the City Council need to answer is this: will they cave to the pressures put on them by Garnes, the pro-pot crowd, and the cronyism that led to such an ordinance being pushed so heavily before, or will they stick to their convictions and stand firm against the people who hope to undermine the position they took for the good of the community?

It’ll be interesting to watch what happens – THC will keep you posted.

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2 Responses to (UPDATE) Will Rio Dell City Council take a stand against marijuana ordinance or cave to special interests?

  1. That guy says:

    My friend was paying his water bill the other day and there was someone in there talking to a city planer about turning the eel river saw mill building into a large commercial grow/extraction company.


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