County, HCAOG want more bike lanes, are taxing you to do it

Let’ all agree on one thing here: Humboldt County’s roads suck. They really, really suck.

Know what else really sucks? When your County Supervisors and the Humboldt County Association of Governments put together a half-cent sales tax under the guise of fixing those roads, but also sneak a whole bunch of unnecessary projects in under the same measure.

Check out the the Ballot Measure Expenditure plan on HCAOG’s website, which details the proposed allocation of funds to different cities and also outlines the intended uses for the predicted funds.

mesure snipTHC won’t go into how f***ed up it is to include “retention of commercial air service” in the tax measure, because in order to retain commercial air service you actually need to have commercial air service in the first place.

Now, let’s dive into “Maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of existing transportation including trails and transit.” This is the beginning a totally legit statement about using tax funds to fix our roads until you get past the first 7 words.

You’ll notice a loud beeping noise in your ears when you get to “…including trails and transit” – don’t be alarmed, that’s just your internal bullshit detector doing it’s job. This is how the Supervisors and HCAOG think they’ll get away with trying to tax the Humboldt residents for a projected $200 million dollars under the guise of fixing our crumbling roads and instead turn around and use that money to make more bike lanes, and revamp the public transit system that nobody uses anyway.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice this is very similar to how the County sold the Measure Z tax as the only way Humboldt could retain adequate levels of police and fire service and then turned around and used it for completely unrelated bullshit. They’ll turn around and say, “Oh hey guys, it says trails and shit right in the tax measure so we weren’t really lying…”

And that’s all a bunch of bullshit. But the second bullet point on the Ballot Measure Expenditure Plan, which reads “Local match leveraging of state and federal funds for road, trails and transit infrastructure,” is just as infuriating.

That means that these tax monies could ostensibly be used to build new trails, new roads, new bike lines, more buses for no one to ride, etc. We’ll first point out that there are already a shit ton of trails in Humboldt County, and that money is much, much better spent fixing roads than trails. If you want to argue with that, go ahead, you just have to learn how to walk on two feet first.

But more than anything, these friggin’ idiots are talking about the potential of using the projected $200 million dollars – which is not even sufficient to cover our current levels of deferred maintenance, much less the maintenance that will be required over the next 20 years – to build new shit. They want to build new shit when they can’t even keep their old shit from breaking down. Wtf?

headexplodesnipWe’ll come back to this soon, but we need to go pick up the pieces of our brain that just went flying while attempting to follow the course of reasoning the asshats in the Supervisors’ chambers used while coming up with this tax.

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14 Responses to County, HCAOG want more bike lanes, are taxing you to do it

  1. jtimmons88 says:

    Even though I personally don’t ride bikes or use trails, I have no objection to paying for those improvements . Like the Library, they enhance quality of life for all.

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  2. BusRider says:

    When you need the bus here – it’s a lifesaver. Many people ride them all the time. That you personally do not doesn’t make them unnecessary. Think outside your own box for a change.


  3. fixing crowded busses is also a good thing. says:

    It’s probably best to work on the bike lanes and roads at the same time: they do use the same streets, ya know. Plus, we need to have raised the matching funds to go with the “must match funds” grants that have been applied for, and granted, so we can actually use that money.
    Though I’m with you about the stupidness of the “retention of commercial air-service” part. Plus you are probably right on that much is going to b*llsh*t, much like how one of the first things that the Federal Road Improvement of a few years back did. The first thing I saw them do: replacing a normal crosswalk, and putting in a handicapped crosswalk that led to a set of trail stairs. So, yeah.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Bikelanes – as if a white strip and symbols are BASIC anymore.

      Now, it is:

      Lighted and blinking signs, colored asphalt, a white stripe, the symbols, and oh, a pavement full of pebbles and leaves, branches and needles, garbage, etc….and oh, hardly anyone uses the bike lanes because bikers are few and far between……..and heck, there are waaaaaaaaay more transit users than bicyclists.

      It is mostly these fluff projects that get funded regardless if the use in the future is minimal.

      It is eye candy over need.


  4. BS Meter Gone Wild says:

    This is all total bullshit. Any idiot knows it makes more sense to maintain what you have before you build something else you can’t afford.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      True, except that in the past, grant funded projects were spun off as providing funding for maintenance for the project, but after passages and approval, and after years of real life proof, the supervisors back in the day also lied and deceived about maintenance cuz even today, the same political games are played to let roads crumble on purpose (but hey, the fucking rain is a great con artist excuse)

      Humboldt County Public Works / cities have played the funding game: let the infrastructure go bad, then get the grant funding…….if ya maintain, then nothing goes bad and grant funding is not needed to cover up fluff, but unless the county uses grant funding, the fluffy eye candy projects get no subsidies because the fluff aint packaged with an actual need.

      The county plays paper games like a fucking mortgage lending attorney at law!


  5. Mac Towner says:

    And these people are supposedly the conservatives! I can’t imagine anything worse. Never seen a tax they didn’t love. It’s time for a real change!


  6. Mac Towner says:

    Time to bring Bonnie back. What a mistake Eureka made. Of course we were just a foolish.


  7. Shak says:

    That’s the plan Doc. They’re forcing rural people into stack & pack apts in cities. Cities will be car free, only mass transit, bikes & walking.
    The unelected govts like Sandbag, Scag, Cog, are UN reps. They are implementing the agenda 21/30/50 agenda.
    Google “county tears up pavement because they cant afford to fix” and read one after another after another. If you dig deeper, you will find their connections with their own COG’s, HOA’s, SCAG’s, just different names.
    Don’t forget how the EPA fines you for dusty air, as you welcome the gravel roads & dusty bike trails.


  8. Azalea Mom says:

    Didn’t the Supes just increase taxes last year? I don’t see how we can afford a new tax and bond measure every year. When you add local taxes we are already one of the most highly taxed states and regions in the entire country. I don’t understand how our officials cNt understand his?


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      It is all about principles and pressures.

      Unfortunately, lack of principles and pressure to conceal total societal annhilation due to high costs causes a person with power to take as much as possible from more taxpayers, thinking in the end it will fix what is currently wrong.

      Fails every time, so take this moment to understand your supervisors are telling us all in their decision making ways to sell everything you got and jump ahead of the annhilation which is about to progress, just like police being ambushed.


  9. Henchman Of Justice says:

    The AIRPORT,

    And TRAILS,


    VOTE NO!


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