Lawsuits: County 0, Everyone Else 103 (with pictures!)

After reading about just the latest legal settlement in which the County proved how incapable it is of not losing arguments and subsequently paying people out big time, THC had to take a step back and check the score.

Turns out, the County is in the midst of a simply historic streak of EPIC proportions (get it?). Check it:

countyscoreboard1Ouch! That has got to hurt.

But it’s no surprise: the County just keeps on doing stupid and illegal stuff, and show no hint of slowing down nor learning from their mistakes.

Just take the latest settlement the County had with the group HUMMAP (we’re not even going to attempt to figure that acronym out), as reported in the Mad River Union.

The settlement includes some changes to the bonkers ordinance the BoS put together, as well as a $35,000 settlement to HUMMAP for legal fees. That may not seem like much, but when you take all the other lawsuits the County has lost over the years into account, it just has to leave the coffers drained and the County legal team feeling like the Bad News Bears. (In a different reality, in which the Bears earn neither moral nor actual victories.)

Our favorite part of the MRU article is this delightful paragraph:

But the chair of the county’s Board of Supervisors believes the settlement does not change anything because its main aspect – a commitment to re-do the ordinance under a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) – was promised before the legal action was taken.

Really, Chairman Lovelace? You don’t seem that bothered that you were just legally beaten by an organization so small and under-funded that they probably couldn’t have funded any real lawsuit against you.

The end sum of the settlement if that the County was wrong about aspects of the ordinance, freely admitted to their errors and paid HUMMAP for pointing them out, and then turned and said there was no point in paying out $35,000 because the changes HUMMAP wanted were already reflected in the lawsuit.

Seems like it’s pretty easy ol’ Lovelace and the gang to throw their money away – oh wait, taxpayers’ money. Shoot, THC wonders if the 5 idiots have ever managed to figure out that distinction…

Anyhoo, THC’s sports news team also dug up the box score from the County’s legal failings, or as we call the sad, sad saga, The County of Humboldt vs. Everyone Else.

scoreboard2Losing so bad that the scoreboard can’t even keep up. Shameful. All those goose eggs must hurt somethin’ fierce.

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4 Responses to Lawsuits: County 0, Everyone Else 103 (with pictures!)

  1. Mac Towner says:

    These people are totally f-ing stupid. They aren’t even competent enough to run a taco truck much less a County of 150,000 people.


  2. Anonymous Too says:

    It’s easy to waste other peoples money. This is pretty depressing for those of us who don’t have a money tree and can’t afford to throw good after bad.


  3. Arcatan says:

    Government getting sued on a regular basis is nothing surprising. Losing virtually every single suit is a sign of poor judgement and even worse legal advice.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Just depends on:

      1) Who are the players.

      2) are you well liked or not

      3) Attorneys play favortism, and individuals are not allowed to play as much like groups. An Individual with a stronger lawsuit than a group is usually railroaded, set up for a fall, submarined.

      4) Groupees tend to be insider shoulder rubbers who dont give a shit about the individual, but do understand grouping up as individuals serves their own collective purposes, not individuals outside of groupee swinger parks and trails and schoolyard playground sets.

      Groups are cults, clans, never to be trusted!


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