Supervisor wants to take everyone’s rights away, too!

Dang, we really thought we were going to be able to lay off Lovelace for a while after we talked about how much he hates school kids the other day.

Turns out, we can’t! You see, he spoke out in opposition to a the new aggressive solicitation ordinance the County is looking at. This ordinance is essentially the same one that has been adopted recently in Eureka and Fortuna, and which has had some pretty wondrous results, in THC’s opinion. We actually occasionally stop in Eureka now, rather than driving through as quickly as we can (while of course obeying all traffic laws).

But Lovelace, of course, had to bitch and moan. And he wasn’t complaining that the ordinance was targeting a specific group of people, as most opponents to aggressive solicitation do – an argument which THC can at least wrap our heads and acknowledge has some merit.

No, Lovelace decided that the ordinance needed to be more expansive to impact even more people. It just wasn’t totalitarian enough for him, apparently!

Specifically, Lovelace wanted the ordinance to apply to businesses that advertise, which is actually a totally superb idea if you’re looking to simultaneously oppress more people and make it harder for businesses to operate in our already struggling economy. Way to go, Mark! It must feel good to lash out against all the people you’ve been holding grudges against right before you vacate office. You’re doing a swell job.

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3 Responses to Supervisor wants to take everyone’s rights away, too!

  1. citizen of the world says:

    Thank heaven someone stands up against the nazis & in favor of the constitution. Thank you Mr. Lovelace


  2. Henchman Of Justice says:


    HOJ can’t confirm yet if “advertizements” means: those types of signs/billboards businesses use on the ground, in the air, from a blimp, etc


    “expansion”: those types of advertizements that are conveyed through harassing telephone calls, emails, texts, etc…and illegally placed business signage within the road section right of ways, illegally parked vehicles that are meant as a business billboard only (negating driver need to park)(Holly Yashi in Arcata), businesses like Round Table in Arcata and elsewhere that send employees off the jobsite to do aggressive advertizing from within the sidewalks many blocks away (twirling signs are a liability and obstruction and no business license for the sidewalk is ever issued because its illegal to do business within a public right of way – check public works, bus. and Professions codes, local business license statuses, etc….).

    Or even Churches and religious groups other organizations which aggressively panhandle their materials, panhandle for donations of various sorts, invade your privacy at home while panhandling you, waste your time at work while panhandling you, etc…..

    Ya, Lovelace could be on the right track if expansion is as HOJ laments. Time to implement and apply laws against the non-poor too!


  3. Sam says:

    Lovelace loveless lovelaxatives….


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