Supervisor Lovelace doesn’t care about the safety of children; says it’s “beneath” him

We’ve left the Supervisors alone for a fair while, mostly because it’s exhausting to keep up with all of the idiotic crap they do. But our ol’ buddy Mark Lovelace recently pulled the most callous move we’ve seen from the County since they sold Humboldt out to the growers.

Stupidvisor Sundberg, to his credit, actually tried to do something beneficial for his community instead of just looking out for the Rancheria’s interests. (Surprise!) As described in this lovely article from the Mad River Union, Supervisor Sundberg has been “scratching and clawing” to secure funding to improvements to a stretch of McKinleyville Avenue that is extremely unsafe for the school children who regularly traverse it.

Sundberg pointed to the high probability of a vehicle-vs.-pedestrian fatality along the dangerous stretch of road as a prime reason to divert a mere $70,000 of the $1.5 million Measure Z funds allotted to the Department of Public Works towards fixing problems with roads. Let us remind you, in case Measure Z hasn’t plagued your nightmares like it has ours, that Measure Z funds are to be used specifically to address issues of public safety. Sounds like a perfect match, right?

Supervisor Estelle Fennell, that wily ol’ Scot, agreed, saying that the $70,000 “interim project “fits within the scope” of Measure Z and said waiting until 2020 for a Safe Routes to School grant is “a long time to keep our fingers crossed.” Good call Estelle – why wait until 2020 to fix a dangerous situation when there’s at least a cheap, quick solution that will greatly reduce the potential of a child being killed on the way to school?

Let’s note that Sundberg, in his appeal to the rest of the Board, highlighted an incident in which a kid was struck by the side view mirror of a passing truck on this very stretch of road, leading to a serious injury and hospital visit. Who could possibly justify sitting on their hands and waiting another 4 years to rectify the issue.

Why, 3rd District Supervisor Mark Lovelace, of course! You see, Lovelace decided that protecting kids really isn’t something that Measure Z funds should be applied to. Guess Humbold’t future leaders (at least, you know, they could be leaders) isn’t worthy of Humboldt’s tax dollars.

We hear it's because Lovelace just likes the hit and run game, but that's just a rumor

We hear it’s because Lovelace just likes the hit and run game, but that’s just a rumor

Not only did Lovelace favor letting the situation remain as is, he also felt that the very discussion of it was “beneath the board level.” Which makes THC just say ewwwww! What a gross asshole. With that kind of attitude, THC is glad he’s high-tailing it out of the 3rd District, and we sincerely hope that Mike Wilson will be an improvement.

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13 Responses to Supervisor Lovelace doesn’t care about the safety of children; says it’s “beneath” him

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    404 – Not Found is what pops up when hitting the link.


    HOJ asks the same question, “Why?” Until the facts of debate are understood, there exists little information to go on except for “somewhere along McKinleyville Ave.”

    Google street view shows these facts:

    1) From Hiller North along McKinleyville Avenue, bike lanes, walk paths and sidewalks both sides of street. “Granted at corner of Hiller, county for some reason won’t mow about first 30 of grass, even though at 30+ feet, the next 30 feet are mowed until gravel/sidewalk transition.

    2) To the south of Hiller, multiple development subdivisions on McKinleyville Avenue where one is a dead end, not connected to the previous subdivision phase yet.

    Another ongoing subdivision.

    Lastly, the side of what is currently in the early phases of development application for permit process.

    HOJ seems to think it could be a stretch of MA closest to School Road on the west side in the funky curvy section developed years ago on the east side only. Yet, on the west side, it would be typically the developer who would be responsible to put in sidewalks.

    It appears that increased traffic is due to the three above development areas which ARE INCREASING TRAFFIC LOADS.

    It reads as if an argument can be made that a developer is getting subsidized because previous developments still underway are increasing traffic loads.

    Now, “If, Then statement”:

    “If the subsidy on this stretch of road goes to a developer, and the developer is the same developer now developing along McKinleyville Avenue,

    Then, that is a super duper kickback for an impact created by developments (plurality emphasized) previous by the same developer(s) (emphasized).

    Alas though, until the link “links”, facts are incomplete.


    • John Chiv says:

      Check the link above and you will see, as usual HOJ’s ramblings are in error.

      So HOJ is trying to say Ryan Sundberg is giving Jim Furtado some kind of kickback because  Ryan asked for $70 k to make Mckinleyville Ave safer. HOJ thinks it’s for the South end but it is the opposite end, the north end where Mckinleyville Ave meets Gassaway. Basically between Murray and Gassaway is the section of road and has nothing to do with any developer.

      It is refreshing to see THC give Ryan credit, reluctantly but you did. The fact is Ryan is well liked and respected and cares about the community.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        No Mr. Propaganda, THC does not have all the facts.

        HOJ gave the on the ground facts without any need to name individual developers – fact is, development is observable from the road.

        HOJ gave no yay or nay on Sundberg’s position yet except that if he is going to champion this kind of “public improvement”, then there are many “as or more” important throughout the county; and yes, in the past, typically a developer developing a major subdivision along a stretch of road is responsible for r.o.w. improvements, so HOJ’s inputs are accurate. If any major subdivider creates the increased traffic flows, typically staff conditionally approves the permit with offsite traffic control/routing mitigations. Only the project file reveals the mitigations. Maybe developers in that area already mitigated a reasonable number of conditions. The point is, the THC story mentions nothing and the link did not work, so the facts are inadequate for any reader to thumb up or down the public project funding proposal. What people think of Sundberg is not at issue, just the facts of a decision he is 1/5 part, so attempts to fluff up one’s character as a reason this decision is right or wrong is immaterial to the issue in all points and authorities.

        Hopefully, the facts set the readers straight because John Chiv attempts to misrepresent the information all too often as the local courtroom of lawyers are an addictive influence on propaganda artists.


  2. King Salmon Buzzard says:

    Could be that saying it was “beneath the board level” meant that proposals should follow the process of review for Measure Z, go through committee and public comment, etc?

    I don’t know if the $70K request did that or not.

    And was the Supervisor requesting the amount from what had already been given to Public Works or was this an add-on?


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      70k is a bandaid fix that wastes tax dollars.

      The section of road between the high school and Gassoway (as linked by a local none of your business meme propagandist) is not unsafe ( less no outside white lines), it is just only accessible by pedestrians along the west side cuz the county won’t mow the grass along the edge of the traveled lane on the east side……sure hope a spark don’t cause a grass fire.

      Anyhow, to improve this road section properly to standards would cost over 300k.

      For under 10k, the county can line traveled lanes and mow a 1/4 mile stretch along the east side, so why the added 60k?

      Hopefully no speed bumps or ineffective electronic signs are being proposed.

      The HUGE tract of land along the east side of McKinleyville Avenue is set up as zoned for R-1, so any work now along the stretch is devoid of developer road section mitigations and road fees.

      Additionally, it will be interesting to see how long the huge tract stays a grass field because ya gotta know a big builder is looking for the next major subdivision along mckinleyville avenue between Murray and Gassoway.

      Personally, the stretch of road appears under-improved, but not dangerous to any pedestrian unless the pedestrian is fucking around or a driver is under the influence or negligent. At fault scenario verses emotional politics, because being clipped by a side view mirror warrants that either the driver or kid was at fault, not the road section. Had the road section been at fault, then this discussion would have occured years ago due to “other victims” of being struck by a side view mirror.

      In tough economic times where tax dollars are thin, ya don’t waste funds on bandaid projects, and ya sure as hell don’t punish taxpayers for an injury related collission that may actially be atypical to the historical facts of pedestrian usage along that road section.


  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Was the kid who got hit “fucking around on or near the road with no adult supervisorvision?”

    Ya, figures, facts are few and far between.

    Funny how kids inside a private home not supervisorvised, the county goes after parents for endangerment, and yet, when a child is left unsupervisorvised outside of a privaye home, parents are cut slack.

    Back asswardly thinking in HOJ’s opinion that parents are not responsible for their childten in public places…….like the kid who swam against the posted rules not to swim and became alligator victim (mommy and daddy dumb asses)……or, the kid at the zoo with the Gorilla…….

    Funny things is, child welfare services could not give a shit about child negligence when the parents leave kids unattended for work related reasons……like when kids walk to or from school, mommy and daddy usually are working, off to work, etc….

    Why does Sundberg only use a child in his proposal?

    Answer: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump type of politician, where fabrications, tactics and shock value are championed to gain leverages…..why not use an elderly disabled person in a wheel chair as kids are more mobile and wiley? Answer: an elderly person in a wheel chair views children as obstacles in their safe routes since children tend to “fuck around in public” and wheel chair users tend to “play it safe”, not rambunctious.

    Did the kid who got hit by a side view mirror get hit “within the traveled lane lines” or “outside of the lines”?

    If outside the lines, then that is driver fault. If inside the lines, then kid was in traveled lane. If kid was walking in an undeveloped portion of right of way, then kid was trespassing on private property and the county is not legally liable to “develop the road further”.

    It would be cherrypicking to use Sundberg’s reasoning and not immediately fully develop every ROW in the county so never again can “additional road improvements be used as a follow up solution each time a kid gets hit.”


  4. Bushytails says:

    I walked and biked to school. No sidewalks. Stay the hell out of the traffic lanes, walk towards traffic, look both ways before crossing, and stop pretending it’s the government’s job to take care of you.

    And amazingly, it’s not the board’s job to approve or debate every minor local expenditure. If they did that, they wouldn’t have time for anything else. I knew this article was going to be crap as soon as I read the headline, and sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed.


  5. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Here is a scenario based upon this one question: “How much do the “several hundred homes of neighbors care about the injured kid?”

    1) County could implement a mello-roos tax charge of say $1,000 or more per home/R-1 classification, etc…

    2) 300+ homes = $300k +

    3) Seems that if neighbors and injured kids family all use McKinleyville Avenue, they would all pay for it.

    4) Wait though, how many neighbors will complain, not want to subsidize $1,000 or more in added property taxes to be spent on a road where a kid was clipped by a vehicle regardless of at fault blame?

    Betcha that would be an interesting tally of support/no support from neighbors/neighborhoods served by this particular stretch of road.


  6. Sam says:

    Wilson an improvement? Not likely.


  7. John Chiv says:

    HOJ, the only misrepresentation is by you. You can call me all the names you like but you are the rambling idiot on every blog arguing with every commenter on every thread.

    How many blogs and online sources no longer print your gibberish?

    The fact that THC’s comment section has been taken over by you does not bode well for their readership or credibility.

    Your ramblings are about as effective as your pathetic run for Supervisor. People can watch the video if they want real information.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Hey John Chiv (namecalling),

      HOJ follows your rambling lead, everyday reading,

      “John Chiv’s Big Day”, then HOJ laughs.


  8. John Chiv says:

    HOJ, you are an idiot. That change was made by LOCO staff, not me, including their decision to only link me once a day. They don’t monitor how often anyone else posts but clearly linking me once a day, makes them “break news” at their schedule. Now they think they have fooled people that with three and half paid staff, they actually scoop or report.

    All they have is national ads and a whole bunch of links to other media, a lot national and irrelevant. Just like you.

    If you followed my lead, you would be a productive member of society. Instead, all you are HOJ is a loser living on 15 minutes of fame off others. When people have a rough day, they cheer up remembering they are not you and laugh at the joke you are.

    What have you ever suceeded at HOJ?


  9. Henchman Of Justice says:

    So, will Fennel now support and/or ask as an elected peer official for money along Eel River Drive in Fortuna?

    Ya, two girls fucking around on their skateboards in the southbound traveled lane got hit and died.

    Mommy and daddy, where were you?

    Ya, child endangerment exists outside of the home too.

    Thanks to Ryan Sundberg for shedding a bright light on emotional politics. Since a death occured, Eel River Drive southbound traveled lane is more important than McKinleyville Avenue.

    Just sayin, if ya can do it over there, ya can also do it over there, and there, and oh ya, right there too.


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