Humboldt Bay Fire finally listens to what we told them 5 months ago

HA! We feel like geniuses today, THC fans. Gosh darn geniuses! Know why?

Because about 5 months, THC called up Bill Gillespie (the Humboldt Bay Fire Department Chief) and talked to him about the “brown-out” of Fire Station 4 in Eureka.

You can read all about our conversation with him, and our general thoughts on the situation, by visiting this post of ours from way back in February:

THC talks about re-opening Fire Station 4 with Fire Chief Bill Gillespie

Wanna know what we told ol’ Bill when we were chit-chatting? That an easy way to cut down on expenses is to focus on salary savings. Guess how they managed to all of a sudden “find” the funds available to re-open Fire Station 4?

We won’t be total assholes and point out to the idiots in charge that the savings were always there for the taking. We also won’t point out that the reason those savings weren’t taken advantage of is because the powers that be wanted to sell us all on a new, ludicrously lucrative tax measure (which this makes them frickin’ liars!). That would be unfair, and besides, we’ve said that before about a bajillion times.

It’s hard being right all the time,  folks, but we think we handle the responsibility with grace, humility, and aplomb. We are sure you agree.

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3 Responses to Humboldt Bay Fire finally listens to what we told them 5 months ago

  1. ken d says:

    I’m a bit confused. Why is THC referring their readers to “re-open Fire Station 4a “lostcoast outpost” link for clarification of all your bragadacio for the changes Humboldt Fire is making to keep their station open at Myrtle and West?


    • ken d says:

      Sorry, hit send without checking spell check and grammar


    • Henchman Of Justice says:


      THC is a political satire site, and its comical when you think about how accurate the content is with such intentional snarkish delivery, not to mention the gloating over LOCO being late to the party or relying on other media reporters to “create news of substance.”

      As far as UNIONS, ya, “she went kickin’ and screamin’ while being dragged to the alter”. (Get rid of HIGH $$$$$$ job positions, LOWER PAY for NEXT IN LINE HIGH $$$$$$ job positions, frozen or unhired job positions, etc…. means a loss of union power)(the only way to get rid of gubbamint workers is to eliminate the position, then bring it back calling it something else with changes of duties)


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