Mobile home rent control group runs afoul of aggressive soliciting ordinance?

For once, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors have passed an ordinance in a timely manner. The aggressive solicitation ordinance, which was approved at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting, may actually provide some much needed respite to Humboldt locals from predatory solicitors.

Of course, we’re not talking about people begging for change – we’re talking about the group behind the push to institute a rent control ordinance for mobile homes in Humboldt County.

THC received a few emails over the past month from readers concerned about the down right aggressive attacks of Hilary Mosher’s gang of clipboard-wielding geriatrics, the Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition. According to THC’s tipsters, it might be necessary to forget about gun control to tackle the real and present danger to Humboldt’s citizens – petitions! (Relax kiddos – it’s called sarcasm.)

Apparently, at a number of high-profile and highly attended Humboldt events (and also at Pony Days), Mosher’s crew assailed people just having a good time with aggressive and at times nearly combative rhetoric aimed at brow-beating people into submission. Or submitting their signatures to the petition.

Of course, THC is of the mind that this is a common tactic for any grass-roots push for political change worth its salt. What’s the point in trying to push your own very specific (and in this case, small-minded) political agenda if you’re not allowed to get in people’s faces when they disagree with you? Throw in some very vague accusations about the nefarious aims of unnamed corporations, and voila!

One of our readers reports being followed around Oyster Fest and heckled about their views on rent control policy. (We think this is exaggerated, because you spend so much time at Oyster Fest waiting in line that there’s really no need to “follow” someone. Plus, how could the blue-hairs with clipboards have kept up anyway?)

But never fear, Humboldt-ians, the Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition (HMOC from here on out) will probably leave you alone from here on out. Number one, their fear-mongering campaign has garnered the 5,000 signatures required to put an ordinance before the BoS, who can then either approve it or put it on the November ballot.

Number two, the new aggressive solicitation ordinance passed at Tuesday’s BoS meeting contains language that could be used as a paper shield against HMOC’s paper swords, as it were. Here’s the language contained within the newly adopted ordinane – judge for yourself whether HMOC could have violated this statute:

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors finds that, it is necessary to protect the safety and welfare of the general public and improve the quality of life and economic vitality of the COUNTY by imposing reasonable time, place and manner restrictions on aggressive and intrusive solicitation while respecting the constitutional rights of free speech for all citizens;
WHEREAS, aggressive and intrusive solicitation typically includes approaching or following pedestrians, the use of abusive language, unwanted physical contact, or the intentional blocking of pedestrian vehicular traffic;
WHEREAS, there has been an increase in aggressive solicitation through the COUNTY and that such behavior has become disturbing and disruptive to residents and businesses, and has also contributed to the loss of access to and enjoyment of places open to the public and has created an enhanced sense of fear. Intimidation and disorder;
WHEREAS, solicitation from people in places where they are a “captive audience” in which it is impossible or difficult for them to exercise their own right to decline to listen to or to avoid solicitation from others, is problematic and presents a risk to the health, safety and welfare of the public. Such places include public transportation vehicles and their designated locations for stops, as well as gasoline stations;
WHEREAS, solicitation on roadway median strips, at traffic intersections, and in the public roadway is unsafe and hazardous for solicitors, drivers, pedestrians and the general public. Soliciting on roadway median strips, at traffic intersections and in the public roadway increases the risk of drivers becoming distracted from their primary duty to watch traffic which may result in automobile accidents, congestion and blockage of streets, delay and obstruction of the free flow of travel, all of which constitute substantial traffic safety problems;
WHEREAS, the practice of solicitation near driveways accessing shopping centers, retail, and business establishments is unsafe and hazardous for solicitors, drivers, pedestrians and the general public. The location of the solicitor near the driveway compromises the solicitor’s safety, impedes visibility, and impairs a driver’s ability to safely enter and exit. Drivers also become distracted which may result in automobile accidents, congestion and blockage of streets, delay and obstruction of the free flow of travel, all of which constitute substantial traffic safety problems.”



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11 Responses to Mobile home rent control group runs afoul of aggressive soliciting ordinance?

  1. Cousin Eddie says:

    yeah, one of those blue hairs harassed me too about signing their crap. they make a good case…..for raising rents so they’ll move the f*** out of here. selfish a-holes.


  2. Uri Driscoll says:

    One of the things not often addressed on this issue is the fact that when someone buys a home they are committing to all the costs. If the costs are increased for the space rent then the amount they can pay towards the house is less. This means that the owner of the house loses equity that the park owner gains.
    These people have a good case regarding creating an ordinance that does allow for profits to be made by the park owner.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      All this yappidy yappin’ and has anyone seen any figures?

      Folks, space rent in a mobile home park is CHEAP, and even if it goes up a widdle bit, ole bugsy aint gonna need a wig to wear cuz very nary a hair will be lost.

      HOJ reads Mercer Fraser’s housing costs less, so maybe this group should consider transitional housing after selling their mobile home in the parks that are still going to be the inexpensive way to live life, albeit white trash Earl, other than Mercer Fraser or total homelessness.

      The owner of the MH park has costs too that increase with time. Why a little old woman who did not do better in life feels she should be subsidized by the land owner is beyond reasonable comprehension, but hey, supes are spineless enough to fall for the eye twinkles and cannibus infused baked confectionaries.


  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Life Within “The American Society” – A PC Manifestation (book title)

    Too many Americans are intelligient to the point of using what politicians use to get what they want no matter if nothing is wrong.

    Take for example “rent controls”. Typically not applied by society unless its an urban metropolis high rent gouging issue.

    Yet, in Humboldt County, very much rural, some little old lady not from Pasadena figured out PC, even though rent controls are not necessary.

    Maybe, this local grass roots activist has enough in her to fight for “across the board rent control” for :

    apartments and homes (many are cabinesque in quality, less amenities than low income housing and mobile homes)…….because mobile home rents are fairly priced already.


  4. caldwellb02 says:

    Here’s my issue. When you call these people “blue hairs,” or “little old ladies,” you are insulting all of the elders of this community and I, as an elder, ask you to stop. It is prejudiced and disrespectful. I am not a member of this group, and would hate it if anyone aggressively solicited me. But the issue is about that person or that group, and not us. Thank you.


    • Cousin Eddie says:

      on the other hand, maybe these people are giving the elder community a bad name? they’re running around in little old lady costumes harassing people.


      • caldwellb02 says:

        Hence my issue. you insult ME, and I am not connected with this group in any way. You insult your grandmothers and your mothers and anyone you love who is an elder when you use those words. Just like when people use the N word and others like it, you put all of the people who look a certain way into one lump and it is so very insulting. The issue is about these people and not about the elders in your community who deserve your respect.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      @ caldwellbo2, “Are you related to Kevin Caldwell?”

      Who is “not us”?

      Artist: The Beach Boys
      Released: 1964
      Lyrics: And everybody’s saying that there’s nobody meaner / Than the little old lady from Pasadena / She drives real fast and she drives real hard / She’s the terror of Colorado Boulevard… Full lyrics on Google Play

      PC Police alert, sirens sounding loud on a political satire blog site.

      Respectfully disagree with basis of argument however. Of course, saying it directly to your face is different than writing about it, but if the facts line up, technically the description or proposal or allegation is accurate. It is like when Jehova’s witnesses show up, HOJ is hospitable, but when they leave, wished they’d never had shown up (ya don’t be mean to em, but ya call em for what they are after they leave…. harassed by a little old lady).

      So ya see, polite people are allowed descriptive analyses based on the facts too, and little old lady is a descriptive analyses, so people should get over it and stop using faux grass roots sociopolitics to push local individuals’ agendas.

      Attempted pressure to stop: One eldery speaks on behalf of all elderly/ little old ladies, yet, doubt one person went around to get all elderly inputs…….typical humboldt county grass roots sociopolitical manipulations for PC.

      Little, old and a lady…….descriptive facts


      Big, aged and a woman……descriptive facts

      Versus middle aged man or woman…

      Ain’t the PC crowd altruisticly abridged.


      • caldwellb02 says:

        Hi. I have no idea about Kevin Caldwell. Could be.

        Thoughtful response, and thank you. Are you a female elder?

        Who is the “PC crowd?”

        I wasn’t an elder until I was. I had no idea I would feel this way but I do. It’s not about being PC.
        Some elder women use the term “little old lady” to describe themselves, just like some blacks use the N word. I get that. Except am an elder and have directly experienced being discriminated against, dismissed, and disrespected more times than I care to share. the issue is now up.

        I am an educated woman who was once quite active in this community. I never remember experiencing discrimination as a female here. I do experience it as an elder female. There is nothing inherently wrong with using terms such as little old lady or blue hairs (ugh). But because the disrespect happens, I am asking that people start thinking about those terms.

        And why not? Words have power. My request stands.

        BTW – love the beach boys! You put that song into my head and I can’t get rid of it! In the context of the song, that little old lady was cool, and I would be cool with the term if that’s how people used it today – to describe humans who were female, elder, and cool. However, it’s not how the term is usually used, is it?


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      How do you stand on GMOB @ caldwellbo2?

      Not all elderly deserve respect, some elderly were bad, mean, evil in their younger years, so to infer that all elderly deserve respect is personal opinion, no different than all criminals deserve respect, all politicians deserve respect, etc….

      No need to respect that which is in itself disrespectful, so the pendulum swings back and forth now on terminological applications of the english language when no other argument suffices to prevail for the person levying the PC complaint.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Hi back caldwellbo2, appreciate the response.

      HOJ proposes that PC is “political correctness”.

      HOJ understands your thoughts on the matter, but disagrees only in that “in your face descriptions is different than on a political satire site”, especially when the description is not historically known to cause this much concern for a kumbaya transformation.

      Change can be just silly at times too.

      Communication helps to change, believe it or not, in a craneal way, suffice to say, have a great day!


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