The latest collusion between City of Eureka and Mercer Fraser: Where’s the outrage??

You’ll remember a very, um, suggestively worded LoCO post regarding the City of Eureka awarding the Mercer Fraser Company the construction contract for the water front trail. (In case you don’t, you can read it here:

Guess Who’s Going to Win the Contract to Build the Trail Through the Palco Marsh?

 Hank Sims details how those evil people at the City of Eureka got together with those similarly evil folks at Mercer Fraser to create a racket by moving homeless out of the Palco Marsh and then giving the same company who “generously” housed the homeless the contract to build the trail through the Marsh.

Well, it gets worse! The City of Eureka just awarded Mercer Fraser another contract – this time to mess with Eureka’s water supply! Or something. Check it out, from Tuesday’s City Council agenda:

mercersnipOMG! Conspiracy! Collusion! LoCO? Hank? Where are you on this one? Bust out the pitchforks!

While we jest, and couldn’t resist the urge to poke at the honorable Hank Sims, there is a serious underpinning to go along with the LoCO’s somewhat under-handed post: Why did the City of Eureka all of a sudden give two shits about the homeless down in Palco Marsh?

Well, THC will tell ya: it’s because some grant money for a trail magically appeared, and it gave them an excuse to get out from under the rock they were hiding under (hiding from liability lawsuits, that is). That’s it. Throw any compassion for the homeless argument out the window and fahgeddaboutit.

In other City Council news, Eureka just approved an $80,000 payment to a consulting firm to explore switching up the bus routes in the City. From a circle to a straight line, apparently. We don’t know what that effect would really have, as we’ve never ridden the bus through Eureka. (Don’t lie – neither have you!) Guess it’d be a good thing if it increases the amount of people that use the bus – but don’t count on it.

The point is, the City of Eureka never met a consultant they didn’t want to pay for pointless work. Remember the housing first plan they paid Focus Strategies for? Since they haven’t done a damn thing about increasing housing stock or making housing more affordable in any way, shape, or form, well, it’s easy to bet they won’t do a damn thing with the report on the bus line. And since when did changing the bus route become such a priority in Eureka? THC is stumped.

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17 Responses to The latest collusion between City of Eureka and Mercer Fraser: Where’s the outrage??

  1. John Chiv says:

    Good points THC but I am equally stumped by your sudden love for promoting LOCO as a source for reporting serious investigative news. Have they ever unless it involved stumping for one of their leftie favorites like Mike Wilson.

    LOCO is two to three days behind reporting on press releases other media has run with three and half staff members, their comments have dwindled substantially even with regular commenters making multiple comments. Shockingly, their own commenters actually picked Virginia over Lee Ulansey.

    What is interesting is that LOCO, NCJ are mum about looking into rumors of Lee Ulansey running against Virginia. Nothing about this on Tuluwat. Previously, all three have railed against Ulansey. Nothing about Ulansey, anymore or CCVH.

    Good for THC pointing out that Mercer Fraser got this second contract but conflicts of interest can be selective in today’s media sources. The Mercer Fraser contract is not any different than the way business has been done locally for ages. I am not condoning it, just saying it is done and cliques promote the same ole same ole people. So why single them out?

    If we want to throw out wild accusations, here’s one worth considering. With pot revenue drying up, maybe LOCO and NCJ and others maybe looking for other funders who want to use them to discredit the current Board of Supervisors and Eureka City Council since certain wannabe kings aren’t getting their way.

    Would it be different if someone else than Mercer Fraser got the contract? Why doesnt THC do an post on Pacific Seafoods and Greg Dale’s conflicts of interest?

    The only objective news these days is in the two TV stations and smaller media sources.


    • Randy says:

      And you JohnChiv are FAR from objective…


      • John Chiv says:

        Randy, like you should talk and who cares what you think. Can’t even use your own name and whose errand boy are you?


    • Teddy says:

      John Chiv, maybe LoCo will let you intern so you can learn for once how to be a real journalist


      • John Chiv says:

        Teddy, I will pass. I have actually worked as a journalist nationally for newspapers and am an accredited journalist.

        It amuses me that you Chiv haters stalk every blog insulting when you cant deal with the truth.

        You could be LOCO staff or one of their friends. LOCO would not pass for real journalism anywhere except for the Dome and idiots like you who cant make a living in a real job. Why dont you come have this discussion face to face instead of clogging up THC on an important topic?

        Thanks for the laugh.


      • Esther says:

        It now makes sense why Chiv has been bashing HumCPR, it’s because Ulansey is rumored to be running against Virginia. Matt Owen must have his ear.

        And I’m guessing this LoCo bent is because they no longer list every single blog post on their Elsewhere guest blog roll. Probably cut his traffic by a third.


    • Chivster says:

      Chiv is Humboldt’s own Caitlyn Jenner minus the athletic ability, celebrity status, height… wait… oh well


  2. Cousin Eddie says:

    “Good for THC pointing out that Mercer Fraser got this second contract ”

    its called low bidder you dumb asses. you can win too! all you have to do is get a license, insurance, bond, and you can bid against all these crooked contractors. oh yeah, you actually have to build the shit you bid on, it’s not a f’ing grant.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:


      And some outfit (somebody) has to do the public infrastructure work too, hopefully not ABC from outta the area.

      The trail contract/homeless relocation/angry neighbors conspiracy theory has nothing to do with other bid/contracts, unless kickbacks can be proven.


    • Fogbound says:

      Mercer Fraser has a local advantage being situated here and they often underbid others on purpose knowing that local government contracts/spec packages are poorly put together. This means they make their profits through “change orders”, meaning they can charge a premium price for work that was not clearly laid out in the contract, and this can turn into massive profits depending on the additional work needed. The “contingency funds” noted in the piece are meant to cover these additional work items but depending on the project they often do not. This is a game all construction contractors play, some just are better at it than others. So expect the final bill for both contracts to be much higher than expected.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Change Orders are as much contrived by insiders as kickbacks, usually done when the time expiration clause deadline is near.

        Case In Point….DANCO (County Animal Shelter)…..the progressive grant panhandler contractor


      • Esther says:

        It’s all about the change orders for Mercer Fraser


  3. Randy says:

    John Chiv

    Ah, I get the HumCPR/Ulansey bashing on your blog now, your butt buddy Matt Owen is worried Virginia will lose her nice fat Supervisor salary

    It’s all starting to make sense now


  4. John Chiv says:

    Esther, you have a vivid imagination. Are you Lee Ulansey’s paid shill on THC?

    I am familiar with Lee, he supported the current BOS candidates remember? I am You call it bashing HUMCPR, I call it enlightening the public.

    There is no comparison between Lee Ulansey and Virginia. Lee is an arrogant narcissist who plays both sides, and only thinks of himself. Virginia is genuine and cares for this community.

    As for my traffic, LOCO has not affected it in the least. Mine has increased, theirs seems to have gone down. Are you a LOCO shill too? Even though they singled me out.

    You protest too much.

    I am upfront about what I write. You are a false name, what are you hiding Esther?

    Just because you may be getting told what to do, dont project that on me.

    Keep attackimg me though, it keeps showing voters who you really are.

    If I was not pointing out the truth, you would not need to attack me would you?


    • Randy says:

      “Keep attackimg me though, it keeps showing voters who you really are.”

      Who’s running for office?


      • John Chiv says:

        Randy, I know your pea brain cannot comprehend the simplest fact and your response is just an effort to bait. I will play along, once more. You are starting to bd a bore.

        Voters are citizens who can actually make a difference.

        Others like you are just couch potatoes.

        So who ever you are shilling for, people can see that Esther and your obsession to derail from the post topic shows your desperation and your obsession and whoever pays you to monitor blog activity.

        Hopefully, you are being paid, otherwise you are just a pathetic loser.

        Since you have so much to say to me, why not say it to my face, in person. Let’s see who you really are. Easier to comment on THC where you can hide your identity.


      • Randy says:

        Are you running for office John? Your comment makes no sense.


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