Supervisors, County kill any chance making marijuana industry legitimate

We just had to highlight one of the most recent idiotic decisions by the Supervisors: instituting a tax that makes it relatively impossible for legitimate pot growing in Humboldt to stand a fighting chance against competition elsewhere in the State.

Yes, we know: the purpose of legalization was taxation. Make no bones about it, the only reason that the County hopped on board the pot legalization train was to squeeze some sweet, green bucks out of that stinky green industry.

The LoCO notes that Supervisor Estelle Fennell says that it was important to “not overdo it” with the proposed tax measure, and she was right. Problem is, that’s exactly what this proposed measure does. It likely prices people out of the market completely when compared to other areas in California that haven’t jumped on the same train. So much for using pot money to benefit the County and the environment – there’s not going to be any money. Especially considering that, what, 44 people have submitted applications since the ordinance took effect? What a shame. Or sham, depending on who you ask.

THC is starting to believe all the rumors about Rex, Estelle and Ryan crafting the cannabis ordinance, and now this tax measure, with the purpose of keeping pot underground for the benefit/profit of some of their close friends and primary contributors.

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5 Responses to Supervisors, County kill any chance making marijuana industry legitimate

  1. Uri Driscoll says:

    There were certainly a lot of people warning of just this. To complex of a permitting process for people whose only previous paper work involved counting $100 bills. Now the tax structure that eliminates much of the profit from a crop that once had no taxes at all.
    I am not going to cry a river for all the growers that have been skating Scott free but we are losing the chance to take a product and using it as a revenue source. A product that had at one time a good brand and turned sunlight and water into a very high price per pound product.
    Life has a lot of missed opportunities this is another. I think you are reaching however, to assume that the Supes did all this just to help some friends. There is plenty of blame to go around.


  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    The process to make commercial weed legal basically was a cover up for past leaders and present who quit enforcing the laws to allow as many grows as possible to create a scenario – when Lovelace campaigned 8 YEARS AGO, he promised environmental law enforcement…..then somebody said in the back room said, “noooo, we gotta get em with permits, fees, and more before we start enforcing new laws that are made up specifically as an alibi toward being viewed as bad by those busted or sympathetic to the bustees.”

    Choppers are surveying weed ops now to compare to commercial permitees.

    Think about it, anything more than 6 plants and no permit is a bust.

    Permitees are basically not going to be protected by taxpayers legal counsel.


  3. Shak says:

    That’s one perspective. Some have another.
    The state ruined it. Jim Woods’s greedy bills that create more regulatory agencies, regulations, fines, fees, enforcement are what ruined it. The county is the one who should be receiving gains, to bolster the citizens of the county. The county could make enough revenue to support its own balanced rules for engagement. This would be easily accomplished once it is decriminalized.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Well, since the pot profiteers use highways, Cal Trans gets their cut too, says Wood….

      Money before decriminalization……the recreational state vote should pass, then lets see how the “laws”change and the feds get fed up or not. Next thing ya figure, the Feds charge a fee too.


  4. Missing the point says:

    You guys r missing the biggest piece of this … The new laws require u get a local permit before a state license. You think ANY OTHER local agency is not going to tax this shit, especially if growers have to go thru them first?? Beginning in 2018, dispensaries aren’t going to b able to buy from anyone who’s not licensed. To get licensed, you’re going to have to pay local taxes. Humboldt is just the first county to do it. Next year, dozens of others will go forward.


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