Supervisors think it’s a great idea to pilfer County general fund because they ran over budget – again!

Turns out that all of Humboldt County’s supervisors have a really poor sense of timing, and poor self-awareness too. You see it hasn’t been too long since the Supes approved a big ol’ raise for themselves. Remember?

Turns out, giving yourself a nice big raise in a year where you nearly double the size of the projected annual deficit, despite big increases in total county revenue from things like Measure Z, looks a little bit tone-deaf to those of us that way down here below whatever class the Supervisors must think they belong to.

Just as a recap, the Supervisors not only screwed up the budget really, really badly, they also ushered in a new era of green rush exploitation and crafted a marijuana ordinance that not only isn’t working, but serves to make the situation with criminal activity and environmental degradation worse. So, um…do you have any idea, gentle readers, why the Supervisor’s think they were deserving of an even fatter paycheck? THC has always been under the impression that raises were given for doing a good job.

The most frustrating part for us, and as noted in both the Times-Standard and the Independent, is that the frickin’ idiots couldn’t even see the double-sized deficit coming. Seriously?  After who knows how many times the Supervisors and administrators have been told things are tight, they just don’t get it.

The County is even talking about instituting a new tax for road repairs (which THC surprisingly might support!) because they’re so strapped, only two years after passing a different measure that ostensibly could be used for road repairs.

THC highly recommends checking out Will Houston’s piece in the T-S, Daniel Mintz’ in the Independent, and even the frickin’ editorial in the T-S calls out the County for not having a clue. Houston writes in his article:

The board also took initial steps on Tuesday to address the forecast $4.9 million General Fund deficit for the 2016-2017 fiscal year, including dipping into its savings.

The deficit is more than twice the amount forecast by county administrative staff in March with the increase partiality attributed to unforseen costs from the recent public safety staff hires after the passage of the Measure Z sales tax in 2014.”

Frickin’ idiots!

Some other highlights, courtesy of Gene in Hysdesville who at least has the sense to question what the hell the Supervisors and new County Administrative Officer Amy Nilsen are smoking when they go to consider approving the County budget. (Taken from a Letter to the Editor in the Times-Standard.)

I just cannot understand why someone at the level of a County Administrative Officer is unable to wrap pension costs into every single hire that occurs. State of California agencies and most Counties have been whining for years about the impact of pensions, along with groups very critical of government, so it is clearly well known issue. Putting on blinders to those costs at the time of hire or budgeting is not a sign of good management or competency,” and our favorite part, “Something needs to be done to compel the CAO into fully competent budgeting for those current and future costs of hiring personnel.”

Good call, Gene! Unfortunately, sensible budgeting appears to be beyond realm of comprehension for the top administrators of our local governments. Thank goodness that County Planning Staff wussed out and pulled their ridiculous request for an additional supervising planner.

That means we have at least another week or two of hoping our “leaders” pull their heads out of their asses in time to realize approving unnecessary increases in staffing levels lead to situations like the one we are in today – with a deficit nearly double what it was projected to be, despite massive gains in total revenue to the County. Despicable!

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9 Responses to Supervisors think it’s a great idea to pilfer County general fund because they ran over budget – again!

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    To be fair, in 2010, Sundberg’s mom said he was experienced in business finance.

    If Sundberg were CAO, would there have been foresight or same ole.

    Jobs, jobs, jobs would help the budget too, without having to tax, tax, and tax again.

    Johnny Paycheck doesnt like Humboldt County, its politics or the people in control.

    Where are all the local bullshitting, piece of shit mother fuckers who have spewed their political lies for years?

    As far as fleeing the long arm of the law, when an exodus of uppidy tier public employees is on the filibuster “move the hell” out, then ya know shit is looming, get out while ya can……unless your elected, then no one to blame anymore.


  2. Mac Towner says:

    Can anyone spell R-E-C-A-L-L? These people are total idiots.


  3. Anonymous Too says:

    It’s not that hard to balance a budget. Most of us do it on a monthly basis. I have an 11 year old that has totally mastered the concept. One just spends less than what one has. Why our Supervisors can’t grasp this basic concept is beyond comprehension. Make a mistake one month, fine fix it the next. These people simply never get the idea, month after month, year after year they just spend and spend with absolutely no concept of what they are doing. When is it going to be enough?


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      To be fair, most people are not balancing a budget, credit card debts, mortgages, etc….falling behind on debts, not paying bills…….

      Spend, spend, spend is an american society syndrome, soon to be classified as a sexually transmitted infectious disease, for its now a generational plague.

      Point is, unless the supes are all CAO’s, county counsel, department heads, etc…. then the gapp of financial negligience (pun intended but not) becomes a taxing reoccurence in which no amount of clarity in communication qmongst amyone will be a cure all.

      Maybe a start could be to stop……stop hiring, stop growing local gubbamint bigger, stop trying to be a county dependent upon social services, get back to using the renewable resources for job creation or point blank, just come out and tell us we are only gonna focus on promoting Humboldt as a squalor and retirement county.

      Not even the Prez Obama’s “executive orders” gives him power to increase wages.

      Maybe, supe wage increases should be put on a ballot, just like those local sales taxes; or, the Grand Jury could play a role, etc…. or, or, or, but anything is better than giving the key to a burglar to decide how much in the safe is there for the taking. Definate conflict of interest


  4. LMOB says:

    I agree with you on one thing. It frustrates me to no end that they gave themselves a raise.
    Something else? Remember, right after removing the “me too” clause from the AFSCME contract all those public employees that are loved by the current BOS got a raise greater than that negotiated for the black sheep of employees. (BTW, I’m not arguing for a greater raise for myself as an EW. – what I was interested in was maintaining the “me too” clause that was a way of minimizing cronyism in government.)

    We also agree in principle in their politically stealth actions on the green rush. (Did we hear any Supervisor go to their conservative voters and explain what we are doing by lowering regulations BELOW those which the state would eventually regulate, in effect guaranteeing Humboldt would be more friendly to Weed than the rest of the state?)

    So why wasn’t this an issue to you during the latest election? The shift in the BOS toward a more conservative bent happened during the tea-party fueled 2012 election that brought us Supervisors Bohn and Estelle?

    Bottom line is this is the actual result of the populist conservationism that you are selling THC. They too want to be Santa Claus – they just want the benefits of policy to go to those who already have reaped the benefits of our economic system. Yes it’s a problem.

    So the problem isn’t “pilfering” of general funds because that is a symptom of a bigger problem of which, friend THC, this post is an example.

    The bigger problem is conservative populists either cannot be honest with themselves or with us. The bigger problem is government is needed and we the people do want crazy stuff like roads, infrastructure like sewers and water, policing, not to mention we tend to like this government – you known the one, the one our founders began and has brought us so much over the years.

    But during election time and when we are speaking as pundits, the story always is we have to quit spending. That isn’t the problem. We do need to create policies and budgets. The next step is to make sure they are paid for fairly. Regressive taxes like sales taxes are the absolute worst, we will all agree on that right?

    Thing is conservatives actually don’t. To them, they love the regressive sales tax and would replace more targeted taxes that their donors have to pay like development fees all the time.

    That is what this is about THC whether you realize it or not. Let’s please be honest about budgets, public spending and how the government will best generate revenue (ie taxes).


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Agree on supe raises being not justified and that a conflict of interest exists when supes are dictators dictating what their pay shall be. Not even Obama has that kinda power, sheesh.

      Disagree on pyblic employee wage levels, classes and categories set by government codes, labor laws and massaged by unions.

      No Workers are equal, period!

      God damnify the proggies, liberals and old school repubes for touting that Peter’s public employment output is equal to Patti’s or Paul’s or even a trans-conditioned paraplegic….

      Pay should be an individual, negotiated arrangement.

      John, it is schemes like wages and benefits that create higher societal costs for the rest of us who are not allowed the same monied arrangements.

      There is a reason why public employees work for gubbamint, and its all about “me, me, me too”…….more reason to stop hiring and force gubbamint employees to compete in the private sector.

      No worries though, gubbamint will create new hiring positions because it needs leverage against the private sector for faux societal needs manifested only by people with evil desires of power and control, and what better way to maintain and sustain than to hire……drum rollah……


      Imagine being civicly involved as a coach of a child of a gubbamint employee named Sharon. Then, Sharon’s evil overseers screw over the coach, and Sharon can only lie cuz its her job versus what a good coach did to support Sharon’s private livlihood……and this is why public employees deserve so much shit!

      Lack of ethics, lack of morals, lack of honor, lack of integrity = BETRAYAL.


  5. Just Watchin says:

    They are probably patting each other on the back for ONLY doubling the deficit. Reminds me of the woman who told her husband: “we can’t be broke. I still have checks!”


  6. bigblok442 says:

    OF COURSE these people spend spend spend, it isn’t THEIR money. I don’t know how much all the supervisors make, but I believe they should all get paid only $10,000 a year period, no per Diem or other perks. If they don’t like it, do not become a supervisor.


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