Fee break for developers: Why won’t Humboldt follow suit?

The HSU Economics Department just released their most recent edition of the Humboldt Economic Index, and lucky readers like you can read it here.

Although we might have dreamed of it, and really can’t yet believe it, the report indicates some very slight gains in manufacturing orders and building permits issued. Wow! Good for us, it’s like we’re in the middle of a particularly good day in between chemo treatments. (Also, let’s note that all that “extra” work that the Planning and Building Departments have been faced with hasn’t put a halt to their regular work – they just issued more permits this past month then they did at any point over the last year.)

Of course, while we hip-hip-hooray-ed ourselves into believing the good hype about the economy for a very short while, we soon turned to looking at ways to maybe maintain a steady upward trend in important economic indicators.

And we didn’t have to look far! The City of Anderson, over in Shasta County, is moving forward with a program that would waive up to $25,000 in impact fees for developers who would significantly add jobs and sales tax revenue to the Anderson coffers.

Here’s a link to the Shasta Builder’s Exchange page that talks about the proposed fee reductions. Of note is that the revenue from impact fees won’t be lost – just realized in different ways.

From the article linked above, Anderson City Manager Jeff Kiser says:

“In order to qualify for a cut, the developer must:
• Either own the property or sign a long-term lease.
• Bring in jobs “that are a good match for the available workforce in the city of Anderson,” or increase sales tax revenue by $20,000 annually.
• Select an area that has sufficient infrastructure to support it or is close to that infrastructure.
• Pick a site that is properly zoned.
• Improve the property’s value, and thus property tax receipts.

Water and sewer fees would not be affected and there would be a $25,000 cap, however.”

Groovy, right? The article mentions elsewhere that the City “is also eyeing a type of “fast-track” for certain developments.” Imagine that? Making it easier for people who provide jobs and valuable revenue to our governments.

Of course, we don’t know that a fast-track for development would really work in Humboldt, even though we think it’s a fantastic idea and would be of huge help to the entire region. You see, even when developer’s go through all the required motions, you still will get some people with their heads so far up their asses they can’t wrap their heads around laws or due process.

THC thinks that if Anderson can do it, then we sure as hell can! Alternatively, THC also thinks that if a town like Anderson is making our entire county look like it’s out of innovative ideas and way behind the times, then the pots of gold at the end of the Humboldt Economic Index are going to be really disappointing.

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10 Responses to Fee break for developers: Why won’t Humboldt follow suit?

  1. Mac Towner says:

    Wow, what a novel approach. Reduce fees and more people will build needed housing and job creating industry. Who saw that coming, sure not our stupidvisors who never saw a fee or new tax they didn’t like. My Stupidvisor Sundberg now wants to shove yet another new tax down our throats. I’m sure that will encourage more jobs. Idiots!


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Counties reduce fees,

      Whoa Joey,

      this does not counter balance the building code requirements that the state keeps adding toward which raises the sales cost of a living unit……like fricking sprinker systems in a home, aka, fire suppression systems……it is like eating desert and shitting diarrhea simultaneusly from food poisoning, and ya’ll know which feels worse.


  2. Robash says:

    The Shasta County program looks like a handshake deal for their good ol’ boys network


  3. John Chiv says:

    I would be all for this if a local developer hired new people for any project they received this “subsidized” tax break.

    Some local developers invest into the local community, create jobs, donate to the community, without “favors” expected.

    Others want breaks, criticize the same Supervisors they wanted elected because
    they don’t always get their way.

    That applies to both the local left and right.


  4. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Kinda goes to show that fees are “trumped up”. If up to 25,000.00 is credited back, then obviously the fees are not really that necessary, and face it folks, developers are not going to do anything different, buthey, if Shasta County thinks its illusory plan isn’t gonna fool anyone, think again…….as if developers money aint going to labor and materials…….sheesh.

    As far as HSU, don’t put too much faith in their economics division, especially if Estupido HOJ completely handed the department its walking papers when HOJ seered the housing crises/bubble and minor economic collapse while HSU wzs touting a bull run…….pfffft, Rocky Balboa’s grandma hits the books harder than HSU, both economics and boxing.


  5. notta says:

    Just one point on the economic index, it doesn’t look at job posting on craiglist, but uses the newspaper. You can compare the number of job postings (some fake) on craiglist versus the paper. Just an example of the data being used.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      The local job market ads sponsored by Lost Coast Communications are deceptive. The ads mention a shot loaf of jobs, better than people may have thought previously.

      After research and plenty of discussion, the jobs are not what the ad lures the listener with.

      The jobs are not long term, the pay ain’t great, the jobs don’t cater to what many people want to do in life, but do cater to the slave labor pool locally.

      Entrepenuership, not piss farm Industry that does not consider or practice with renewable resources.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Apparantly, a state grant is coming to Humboldt to help promote jobs.

        Guess the local job ads are not very successful, go figure.

        Ya can’t push jobs in a region that the majority of people don’t give a flying pig fuck parklet about.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      News papers are also old school.

      Laws on the books need changes, like fictitious statement notices being in newspaper print ……..


  6. Henchman Of Justice says:

    With a budget being maneuvered, a balanced budget policy being reneged, one only knew it would not be long for another sales tax increase………a road tax

    Estelle and the rest of the board are massaging the word “safety” into near everything. Apparantly, safety is the politicians scapegoat to heal themselves, for all five know they are playing games with words to pass off their taxation plans.

    Before a November vote, the county needs to provide a top 100 list of roads to be “repaired” because the roads get worse the farther away from the coast a driver gets.

    Plus, a list of all the recent “local created sales tax increases” and how much money the gubbamint cofers are raking in.

    Once again, proggy, liber, conservative, etc…. does it really make a cotton pickin difference, they are all the same, white slave masters.


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