CALPERS is bad, and so are the people who run it!

THC has harped on the issue of pension liabilities in California ad nauseam, and we were reminded just how rotten the CALPERS system is – from the people who created it, to the people who run it, and to the people who take advantage of the system to thieve public monies for their own benefits – by this article from San Jose’s The Mercury News.

The article details how the investments that fund the CALPERS system were played by one of their executives and one of their board members, involving big bribes and illicitly made cash. What’s more, is that the executive in question, Federico Buenrostro, is probably being given a break on his potential prison sentence. (Boo! Hiss!) Even after racking up a charge of violating probation resulting from a domestic violence dispute. (Boo! Hiss! x2)

Sure is a shame. To make you feel better, you can read more of THC’s stuff on CALPERS and the crisis of pension liability (made only the worse by the increasingly selfish demands of those whiny public sector workers!) below.

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5 Responses to CALPERS is bad, and so are the people who run it!

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    The guy in the 1980’s who created the 401k mess because he was a religious financier private sector broker working with the IRS to help people delay taxes in return for retirement savings …..

    Was recently intervied saying he created a monster.

    Typical history folks, typical make up the bill shot nefariously to come back like a white collared lawyer acting all 3 piece suit and etiquette.

    Clothes are a camouflage for criminals of the etiquette clans.


  2. Cousin Eddie says:

    interested in LMOB’s take on this. he is usually sticking up for government workers, but should this a-hole be getting pension checks while he’s in the clink?


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      The reason why this fraud has not been stripped 100% of all benefits is because he was elected to commit fraud and corruption.

      Government Code protects the frauds because they are transforming America into new age systemic slavery under the guise of economics and political correctness.

      Maybe big bubba gets a hold of this guy first. Maybe a plant can begin a child rapist rumor to some mentally deranged gang banger whose daughter was raped.

      HOJ says death penalty to elected treasonous officials who use office for personal ill gotten gains.

      Face it folks, if society collapses, violence reigns. No gubbamint will stop the train wreck. Women will be thrown back centuries, children will suffer dearly, men will die greatly……..and mother nature, along with many other species, shall begin to heal.

      Mankind is messing up what once was a good thing, a better thing.

      Get back to your………ROOTS.

      FYI – see all those mexican flags waving in San Jose while the white gringo american flags were burning? Yep, it is Mexifornia for ya!


  3. LMOB says:


    My thoughts on this have to start with the obvious, the frame. THC and his readers love this b/c it addresses so many of their boogie men – public pensions, public workers and thus public unions. So lets be clear, this is cherry-picking news.

    But of course this is indefensible. May he be punished for his crimes. I’ll leave it to those who live and breath law and order to judge if the punishment fits the crime. Regarding his own pension? Again, whatever the judges and regulations figure out – I could really care less. This guy is a criminal and should do his time and have his property and pensions confiscated as appropriate. One example would be, for sure confiscate where where he padded his own retirement benefits.

    But you all get what THC is doing right? Linking a “bad” apple to a pension system he would like to drown in a bathtub, not to mention all those that get slimed on the way. (government, it’s workers and public unions).

    Here is a question if THC wants to be fair, which, of course, is an absurd thought. How are retirement systems to work? What does retirement look like for the what, 60% of us that did not begin investing in a 401K at 21?

    THC is the latest in a long and proud line of right wing politicians and pundits who have worked to destroy unions and that for which unions fight. The last bastion of this fight lies with public unions. The right has been successful in destroying the private sector unions through a multi-layered attack on public opinion, international trade deals, tax policies, I’m sure the list goes on and on an on.


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