(UPDATE) Humboldt laughs as County Planning staff whines about having to work: Greatest hits!

We thought it’d be hilarious to follow up on our last post about the whiny planning department with some LoCO comments (we filtered out the grammar nazis, raging social justice warriors, and generally offensive content associated with LoCO comments to the best of our abilities.)

staffsnipstaffsnip2staffsnip3staffsnip4staffsnip5staffsnip6staffsnip7As an added bonus, we also included salary information for a number of people in the Planning Department just so you can judge how over-worked and underpaid they are! (Our apologies for the size – just click on ’em!)


Here’s a link to the last article, wherein we discuss the sad, sad story told by Rob Wall and the indentured servants over at Planning:

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15 Responses to (UPDATE) Humboldt laughs as County Planning staff whines about having to work: Greatest hits!

  1. I can see that all of the salaried positions receive no overtime pay but what is the “Other pay” that one person gets $12,378 and another $49,888?
    The BIG question for me is on what pay is their retirement calculated? If it includes the “Other pay” then the County is really getting ripped off, not just now, but until these people stop collecting retirement pay…anyone read about how underfunded CalSTRS* is and how underfunded most self-funded municipal retirement funds are? Those of you with children–do they know the debt burden they’re going to be given because the magic word for bureaucracies is “Manana” but we all know tomorrow never comes.
    *https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CalSTRS (a billion +)
    Times like these being older and not having children makes it easier to sleep at night knowing I won’t have to pay off that debt or leave my children to face it.


  2. LMOB says:

    Editorial cartoon in words:


    THC in front of his truth machine with feeding an article into it with the bold headline “Weed Fueling Land Rush”. On the other end the machine the article reads “10 Reasons why Government Workers Are Lame”.

    This isn’t about government workers or the planning department. This is about a political movement paid for and mobilized by people like THC’s Mom who is a great person, but also want’s to do what she wants with her land. She also wants her land to be worth more to help pay for THC’s law school funds.

    And good on her. Sincerely.

    The problem is that there is truth out there and it’s happening to us because of right-wing populism talking points. The government worker with their salaries are low hanging fruit, especially if they deign to complain about being over-worked from a job that does compensate for expertise and education.

    But, nah. Anonymous commenters are the best source of information as Supervisor Bass ran on turning the Planning Department to a Service Department and Rex Bohn and Estelle Fennell protect natural resources, open space and agriculture by removing the mandate to protect and replacing it with incentivizing.

    The result? Here.


    Yes, it is the opposite of planning. No the Planning Department and it’s staff cannot do it’s job and that is not a bug, it is a feature.

    You know what THC, you make a good point bringing in the numbers. I too am going to do so. *Searches Google*. Just a minute THC I’ll be right back. *Re-searches Google* OK, apparently the stats of how much property we own and how much it’s worth isn’t available information. Oops, neither is the holdings of the contributors to political campaigns. Darn it! Neither are the members of local property rights organizations. Wait, what? Neither is the identity nor the property holdings of those Thunderdome contributors. Wait, hold on…*Searches Google*… THC, we don’t even know who you are.

    Ugh. Seems like this story writes itself, with the simple fact of what information is available.

    But that is exactly the point. If you knew all of our vested interests, other people might get mad and might do stuff like vote. Or get involved politically. Or get information from other sources than LoCO’s Thunderdome.

    One can dream.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      How about this:

      Before the weed rush, was a weed (that was illegal with no process legal for permitting) where what would become eventually the future generation took their predecessors weed rush and increased profits like a car company or oil company. Along with it came case by case environmental damages.

      Ok, now lets consider any code or other legal violations of land use NOT ASSOCIATED WITH WEED PRIOR TO WEED RUSH.

      Planning still would not do its job across the board, but does constantly cherry pick through code enforcement only those people who appear as squalor or in part squalor, and the property is being lost by the owner or it is developable or has recently been subdivided and developed with lots of documents and reports. Certainly, the writing is on the wall that a politically correct social environment exists where government prejudices in favor of allowing face pulling cleaner cut etiquette looking folks to go unpunished for clear violations of local, state and federal laws. It is easier for “ettiquette con artists” to avoid prosecution and blame when planners and code enforcement turn an intentional blind eye corruptively.

      Afterall, who is an aider and abetter to the economy, paying taxes, consuming through wealth creation, etc….? Not Squalor. So, the appearace is that people who are this and not that shall be protected at all cost so the economy wont go under……..the horror to have more criminals wearing nice clothes, working well paying jobs, etc…. because they broke laws in the local jurisdiction of land use not by accident, but intent.

      Now, the twist:

      Civic activists not in step with gubbamint practices and abdication of duty are the least likely to get code enforcement and planning assistance that punishes those who violate Streamside Management Areas.

      SMA’s are not a weed rush.

      There is always opportunity for a comeback response when personal experience is involved.


    • Just Watchin says:

      …..”Ten Reasons Why Government Workers are Lame”. As if there are only ten…


  3. North Coast Observer says:

    If memory serves, County workers ounly “work” a 37.5 hour work week, 93.75% of a normal 40-hour work week in the real world. So, the Chief official’s base salary of $96,000 is the equivalent of $102,000 in the real world ($96,000 / .9375 = $102,400). County employees are on the gravy train. I find it laughable that these people believe that they’re over worked and under paid.


    • Sam says:

      Great comment!


    • Excellent point! There’s a bunch of THC Swag heading your way for your insightful thought. We wonder exactly where the concept that government workers were so superior to the rest of us that they only had to work a fraction of our hours to be considered worthy came from? In other words, who exactly decided that government employees are more valuable than the rest of us?


  4. LMOB says:

    Fabulous (almost) information!
    It’s so good, it’s actionable. As many of you know, I’m a government worker myself and I’ve been working 40 hrs a week like an idiot.
    Well that will change, to be sure. I’m going to print out NCO’s comment as a reference and if my boss asks why I’ve begun showing up for 6.25% fewer hours a week I’ll slap this on his or her desk and exclaim “read it and weep”.
    Thank you NCO, who says you can’t learn anything on right wing blogs?

    And THC, you too are making me a better person. You’ve inspired me to do more research already on this thread and now you’ve given me an opportunity to do more. I had no idea government work was different from any other type of work nor did I know I was any different from anyone else or from my former self when I was an inferior private sector worker. This …
    “who exactly decided that government employees are more valuable than the rest of us?”, I have to quietly admit candidly and extremely self-servingly is pretty good news for myself, a government worker.

    So, I’ll be right back. *Searches Google*. I FOUND IT


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      It reads LMOB is ecstatic that he upgraded from his inferior private sector job for a gubbamint job. That was some good and funny sarcasm.


  5. LMOB says:

    (Stoopid “enter” key)

    And I have the answer to your question “Who exactly decided that government employees are more valuable than the rest of us? Turns out it was you when you THC when you asked that exact question. OMG, right? Congratulations your influence!


  6. LMOB says:

    ” I find it laughable that these people believe that they’re over worked and under paid.”

    I find it so sad yet so instructive that in this original story on this subject that you can find in the TS or the NCJ, a populist voice of the right wing chooses to take another standard shot at their old nemesis who not only does not allow Mom to subdivide her property nor build the home she wants so THC can move out of the basement but then has the gall to make her pay for the workers that try to make sure she does follow the rules that prevent her from adding value to her property.

    Fine points. Sincerely. But you or your Mom should be able to state that is the goal instead of attempting to destroy a public sector which we all do depend on, whether you like it or not. Thing is, if you did make that your gripe, you could not win elections and not get the board you now have.

    THC, you just linked to my own work calling out the left’s role in letting down our guard as we tacitly accept money from the green rush. And thank you for finding that post, it was one of my personal favorites.

    Can the right do the same? How can you miss this* article explaining why the government workers you, and all those who worked with and supported the candidacies of 4 of the 5 of the BOS from Public Participation Working Group members like Dan Taranto to Realtors like Tina Christensen despise so much are overworked? It’s theme was implicitly obvious in the original TS articles which you have spun to make about whiny government workers.

    * http://www.sfchronicle.com/science/article/Allure-of-legal-weed-is-fueling-land-rush-in-7948587.php

    What about the permit rush that has lead to the complaints which you are belittling because they fit into a favorite meme of yours? Is it not a warning of the coming land rush, or is that really something you might see at best as not our concern because it is just the markets being the markets?

    Is it a good thing that there is such a high influx of permits that the quality of work by OUR Planning Department will necessarily be reduced? Or is that really the point of all this anyway. After all, when Supervisor Bass ran for office, her campaign launch in 2014 included a call to continue to make the Planning Department more of a Service Department. Implicit in this call is reducing the thresholds and costs for permitting and building.

    Let’s face it, most of your readers could care less if a government worker works 37.5 or 40 hours a week. (We work 40 btw.) What this is really about, at least locally, is reduced regulations and public planning and increased allowances for what private property owners want to do with their own land.

    Fine. But at some point you all too have to own up to your own role in the green rush.

    I think that role, and your role THC because we do live in a bifurcated political landscape, can be quantified at exactly 80%, or 4 out of 5. But again, that won’t be discussed on these virtual pages, especially during election season.


    • Just Watchin says:

      “….(we work 40 btw.)” Correction: you get PAID for 40. It probably takes a month to actually WORK 40….


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Now, now , now


        Even when you’ve worked a 40 ounce bottle of Olde English “800”, does not mean ya can’t lay around all day crackin’ the bull whip.


  7. LMOB says:

    I’m going to try Cousin Eddie’s much simpler, much kinder (and probably more effective) approach.

    I’m interested in THC’s take on the article below and if he thinks this may be affecting the Planning Department’s workload.



    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Jen Kalt of Humboldt Baykeeper just outed Humboldt County Planning Department for not following the rules they are supposed to and allowed McKinleyville Ace to fill in wetlands illegally.

      So, the county set up for a fall the landowner because Humboldt Baykeeper won’t sue its progressive and liberal buddies in gubbamint.

      Landowners don’t deserve this harassment when it should be projected onto county government who complain about being over worked.

      Humboldt Baykeeper may not be as bad as attorney Jason Singleton at avoiding going after gubbamint violators, but sheesh, even new permit processes get bungled when the landowner does what he is told he can do……..

      Another example of Titlow Hill planning department negligence or flat out fraud.


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