Eureka finally kicks out homeless, invites you to BBQ celebration in the ashes of former encampment!

Man, the City of Eureka just can’t seem to get a clue.

Less than two weeks after expelling many of the area’s homeless population from the Palco Marsh (just so they can build themselves a pretty little trail), the City decided it would be an excellent idea to throw a party on the ashes of the homeless’ former homes. Here’s a flyer for the event:

trailsnipHere’s a link, too.

Too soon? We think so. Talk about tone-deaf. Eureka wasn’t satisfied with dispersing an at-risk population out into the greater community – which,  in turn, puts the community at greater risk. No! Eureka has to throw a frickin’ party on the ashes of the homeless settlement to prove their point: they don’t give a shit about people,  they just want their trail money!

This is oddly reminiscent of a certain U.S. president proclaiming victory over a heinous enemy:

missionaccomplishedYay, Eureka! You did it! Just don’t forget to call the cops on any of the Marsh’ prior residents, if they return. Wouldn’t that just ruin the party.

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13 Responses to Eureka finally kicks out homeless, invites you to BBQ celebration in the ashes of former encampment!

  1. Azalea Mom says:

    Throwing a party a week after displacing 200 people does seem a little insensitive.

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    • Humboldt Observer says:

      Total occupants that EPD encountered in the marsh on the 2nd were less than 100; most had already been contacted by local DHHS and shelters and already in housing or shelters. Of the ones still in the marsh on the eviction day, another 71 found space available in local shelters. The rest, under 25 total, had made other arrangements for shelter or accepted bus tickets to areas with confirmed family members.
      Please, if you really want to advocate for the homeless, at least be honest, tell the truth, and go volunteer at the local shelters! Spreading lies from your computer, having never picked up a single finger to help, just reeks of hypocrisy.
      Get your facts right and help, or shut up!


      • janelle says:

        Humboldt Observer, please if you want to throw around numbers, back them up with sources. And how about a bit of perspective? How many people were the Marsh last fall before EPD started telling people to go there? Then how many were there after each ‘consolidation’ to ‘shrink the footprint’ under the Open Space Maintenance Plan? And lastly, how many were there the morning of March 18 as the Council met in special closed meeting on ‘anticipated litigation’ and voted to evict them?


  2. Mac Towner says:

    Seriously? A party at the marsh? Don’t step on any needles.


  3. Marcus Ziehm says:

    First of all, I’m not sure if you have driven through eureka lately but since they kicked out those people eureka is a better place. That encampment served as nothing but a safe haven for addicts, thieves , and the like. This is a positive effort to build a better community. Much more positive then what was there before!!


    • John Chiv says:

      I agree. Same thing with the panhandlers. People still loiter but it is refreshing to walk in town without being accosted at every corner and every block by able bodied panhandlers and being doused in smoke, both cigarettes and weed.


  4. Marc Delany says:

    no doubt a legal analysis was conducted based on a population that has been “housed” there for 20 years in some cases, officially. I suspect the CA forgot to mention this in the funding applications… DF]Relocation Assistance for Residential Relocation (English … – Caltrans…/residential_english.pdf
    California Department of Transportation
    Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property. Acquisition … 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 24 implements the “Uniform Act” in accordance with the …
    CA Codes (gov:7260-7277)…file...
    (2) Relocation assistance policies must provide for fair, uniform, and … A major disaster as defined in Section 102(2) of the federal Disaster Relief Act of 1974.

    [PDF]Right-of-Way Manual, Chapter 10 – Caltrans – State of California…/ch10.pdf
    California Department of Transportation
    Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Properties Acquisition Policies Act of ….. et seq., and California Code of Regulations 6000 et seq., serve as the basis for …


  5. John Fullerton says:

    Clueless you are today Humboldt Consequential !!!!!!

    The BBQ you speak of was for the 40-45 volunteers (of which I was one) who spent three hours or more today cleaning up the trail & the marshes. Perhaps if you had volunteered to help you could have received one of the BBQ hot dogs !

    I suggest you check your facts out better before hurling accusations.

    BTW, Recology reports we cleaned up almost three thousand pounds of garbage.

    Your’re welcomed.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:


      Disagree, the flyer says, “Free Community BBQ”, not ” Free Volunteer BBQ”.

      A community bbq is a gathering of people (plural). It is an event and is a type of “party” as implied by the “social functions” that occur as a part of (plural).

      Often times at “community gatherings”, it is an open invitation to show up, hang out, do stuff, etc.. Aka, “a party”, “a gathering of people.

      Volunteers who cleaned up, hats off to you. Yet, it does seem insensitive that so quickly, anything more than cleanup or immediate development would be construed as “fuel on the fire”. (Since the eviction evacuation was based on the premise of development and cleanup)

      If the BBQ was not advertised, but was still provided for the volunteer workers only, then it comes off differently, more like a clean up day with water and food provided to the volunteers.

      The ” flyer” tone of a community BBQ onsite in such short notice seems to be THC’s issue and the perception that can occur.

      Panhandling, loitering, etc… still exist.

      Maybe in a year, enough data or reality will have evolved that Eureka won’t look like it does now (tweekers galore). Nothing has changed since the marsh was evacuated, except it is cleaner due to volunteers such as yourself AND maybe a few folks are getting help. The rest of the Lot are migrating elsewhere within the city limits and county areas.

      Thank You John for volunteering.


  6. not sitting behind a screen like a douche says:

    I had a great time with the other volunteers “partying” today, if by partying you mean cleaning up gigantic piles of shit, tampons and toilet paper that were squated over the traintracks and flowing through the channel built to the bay. I also was “partying” while picking up uncapped needles while concurrently pulling piles of fabric out from a delicate wetland. My “party foul” was when my glove tore and I stuck my finger in another humans shit bag, which was a poorly tied plastic grocery sack. Then I really showed my lack of partying skills for GIVING A FUCK ABOUT BABY DUCKS WHO ARE NO DOUBTS EATING POLYSTYRENE FOAM BALLS.

    Speaking of sacks, do you realize you give reasonable progressives, like the people who ACTUALLY SHOW UP to pick up trash, a bad name?


    • Dude, Be mellow. We’ve got no problem with cleaning up trash. Hey, we even pick up all the empty Mike’s Hard Cider bottles on the basement floor and take them in for the refund at least once a month. What bums (no pun intended) us out is a celebration and party based on the suffering of others. Whether you like the idea of the public camping on public property or not, lots of decent and lots of not so decent people made the marsh home for many years and while we agree that the time for this had run out people still lost their homes and we don’t think thats a reason for a party. A reason for a community clean-up, emphatically yes but a celebration, decidedly no.


      • John Chiv says:

        THC, it does not say party, it says community BBQ.

        People who wanted to change, their circumstances, get even a temporary respite chose to get help offered. Others “suddenly” found places they could live. Some of the sue happy refused options because that doesn’t make for good TV or print articles or their agenda.

        Others chose drugs and alcohol over a roof. Their choice. people who camp on public land pay some sort of fee. If it’s free, they don’t trash the environment.

        You are a blog that focuses on county government. They are not the sole problem for lack of housing. Greedy growers, greedy old boys who stand in the way of development and certain two faced business owners and realtors that could make housing affordable in Eureka instead of expecting people to deal with crap for the rents they charge are.

        None of the above stepped up to clean or assist anyone in the Marsh.

        Would you have the same problem with county government if different Supervisors were in place? Say those who know tow to certain pissy property right owners or growers who want a monopoly?


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Showing up to collect trash can be lots of things, but equating reasonable progressives to bags of shit is an interesting analogy you opine. Hopefully, hand wipes were provided.


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