Jacqueline Debets fails at her new job just like she failed Humboldt’s economy! (pt. 2)

Do you, good citizens of Humboldt and faithful readers of THC, remember the old wicked witch of Economic Development Jacqueline Debets? If so, it’s almost certain that it’s not because of any ground-breaking economic policy she came up with in her tenure as the Economic Development Coordinator. (Hint: that’s because she didn’t come up with any.)

We did a post about her leaving the County for the “greener” pastures of Placer County last year: you can read that here.

In some hopeful news for the denizens of Placer County, we were informed this weekend that Debets had been served her walking papers. THC has since confirmed that with the County of Placer, although we were unable to learn of the real reason behind her dismissal. (We have put our feelers out to a Placer County mole  – we’ll let you know if anything comes of that.)

According to THC-friend Rocky, Debets had to be escorted out by security, and:

It was said that she was not a particularly pleasant person and had an apparent chip left on her shoulder from previous employment. The descriptor I got from my source was that she constantly had this look on her face like the Queen would when being told she’d have to take her royal crap in a public restroom.

The takeaway from Ms. Debet’s firing is this: the County of Humboldt let a person who couldn’t even get past the probationary period of her employment with another County, and was so bad that she had to be escorted out by security, run Humboldt’s Economic Development division for over a decade. Ouch.

According to a post on LoCO when Debets left last year, this was the legacy she left behind after 15 years working to develop the County’s economy:

locodebetssnio“High-concept,” eh? Sounds like LoCO/County Government speak for really expensive brain-storm sessions in which nothing was actually accomplished. Oh well!

Unfortunately, while we’re sure that Humboldt was very good to Debets’ wallet, we can’t say the same for her service here.

Oh crap! What if she is planning on coming back to Humboldt? Placer can keep her, in THC’s opinion – she’s probably more at home with the rest of the snakes living out there.

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One Response to Jacqueline Debets fails at her new job just like she failed Humboldt’s economy! (pt. 2)

  1. Jose Quezada says:

    Apparently Debets, my boss for five years (I left in 2009 thankfully) has cost the County of Humboldt $185,000 for her role in hiring a friend with 11 months experience over a qualified (male) with 22 years experience. She’s bright, but mean.
    I wasn’t intending on piling on Jacqueline, but this one incident is only one of very many. She was not truthful on the stand a few weeks ago, and it made me so angry. I retired 7 years ago, have done pretty well with my music and photography, but her dishonesty and downright despicable actions against folks being resurrected was just too much. Don’t feel good about this post as much as sad.


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