A look at Eureka’s non-existent plan for business development

They say that even the best laid plans fall apart at the start of battle. The City of Eureka clearly took that adage to heart: rather than trying to come up with any plan to battle the worsening economy, they just said screw it and settled on having no plan at all.

Don’t believe us? Take an internet stroll over to the City of Eureka’s web page: http://www.ci.eureka.ca.gov/

Now, go ahead and find the “Guide for” section on the right-hand side of the page.

eurekabusinessguidesnipGo ahead, click on “businesses.” What do you get? That’s right – a big fat nothing.

Before you ask, yes, we did make sure our internet connection was working.

Before you ask, yes, we did make sure our internet connection was working.

Oh dear. This is embarrassing, City of Eureka – your whole ineffectiveness is showing! Yikes.

Good thing they at least tried to jump-start the affordable housing sector by having the County, Betty Chinn, and a malicious property rights organization build a homeless village right in the heart of our most prosperous business district.

Jeez, you’d think that the City of Eureka’s Economic Development Commission would have stepped in and advised the City of what a wacko idea that is. And THC is sure that they would have…if they didn’t suffer from the same issue of relative non-existence as does Eureka’s “guide for businesses.”

You probably know where we’re going with this, but for the sake of the horse who had to die in order to make this point, check out the City of Eureka’s link to the Economic Development Commission.

eurekacommsionsnipAnd “click”…

eurekaeconcommisssnipWhoops! Chalk that up to unfortunate coincidence. Anyway, let’s just head over to the City’s economic development webpage it’s not like they could possibly have screwed up all three of these that would be…

eurekadevelopmentsnipWell shit! Turns out that the City’s webpage is almost as bad as their plan for resuscitating the economy. Somebody should tell them. (Don’t worry, we did – but you can too!) Of course, that assumes the feedback feature for the City’s website actually works – and that there’s someone at the City that’s capable of reading.

Dear City, Please pull your shit together!

Dear City of Eureka, please pull your shit together! Even Fortuna is making you look bad!

This really shouldn’t be a surprise to us, but we can’t help but be disappointed. Thank goodness that Eureka’s City Council is doing such an astounding job.

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3 Responses to A look at Eureka’s non-existent plan for business development

  1. ken d says:

    “Economic Development” by any government agency is the existential oxymoron, so we can only hope it no longer exists at City Hall. No such luck I’m sure. For instance, how have they done so far on the waterfront parcels that they own/control, going back 20-25 years to the Redevelopment Agency days? Specifically, the Halvorsen property East of the Adorni? Or the empty lot across first street from the Waterfront Cafe? Or the old Rineike metal plating building? And how many other parcels no doubt, all of which remain off the property tax rolls, I presume. It would be interesting to see current and past annual budgets for Eureka Economic Development compared to actual tax revenue produced from the projects they have controlled over the last 20 years. I’m sure there would be lots of red ink.
    For the most part, local government should stick to providing police, fire, water, sewer and fixing the pot holes and leave “economic development” to the private sector.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      “Oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two opposite ideas are joined to create an effect. The common oxymoron phrase is a combination of an adjective proceeded by a noun with contrasting meanings, e.g. “cruel kindness” or “living death”.” ~ c & p’ed

      Response: what are the 2 ideas you propose?

      Try this below:

      In order to help provide economic opportunity to the community, the city has the idea (1/2 of the opposite) that it would be good to create a department of an agency (vice versa) to “promote, aide, assist, etc.” economic development/opportunity AND then the other idea (1/2 opposite) to “control property” through the same public jurisdiction that was created? Then, when bringing these two opposite ideas together (assistance versus controlling), the effect is dysfunction and that the private sector is better served to “provide economic development” (provided over regulation is nipped in the bud), especially since this dysfunction has been for so long now (35+ years), it is as if the dysfunction is a basic tenet of Humboldt County/Eureka human life standards.

      HOJ agrees,


      As far as the article, would say the plan is to clean up the homeless camps, but alas, many “mini camps” will pop up all around (like under hwy bridge abutments) by those who,

      “refuse to get involved with a litigated homeless camp that has all dose dab nabit wules and wegulations and people peepin in on duz cuz we likes dihdoo dwugs wids needlz and shootz up before weez gitr on duh bikes to whip offs duh cahs and twux and homez and wamones and gets money to gets duh booze at da store.”

      Logical Eureka politics apparently is to not deal with something to where the effect is that during the day, Eureka looks like a squalor billboard at every Street corner along vehicular routes. At night, most go to hide away at a campsite while some go steal and rip stiff off.

      Now, Eureka decides to make the issue more visible by allowing a location in an area that is being contested (basically pissing off a bunch of legitimate other interests)……….ya, that is Humboldt, always that existential bullcrap controversy created by local grass roots gubbamint looking for attention and media publicizing cuz they all ain’t got nuttin beta ta scooby doo.

      Humboldt needs a miracle.


  2. Arcatan says:

    Does it actually surprise anyone that there is no plan? I rarely go to Eureka but the total lack of any effort towards economic development is obvious to all but those in power. The blindness of Eureka’s officials to the need for meaningful incentives for business is only surpassed by our County electeds. We should all be letting our Supervisors know that their reelection is dependent on what they do to bring jobs to Humboldt.


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