Presenting Humboldt’s Mr Beefcake 2016

In a semi-landslide victory, Rex Bohn has been named the beefiest of the beefy in Humboldt County. It was thanks, in no small part, to this astounding photo shoot:

bohninheels‘Nuff said.

On another note, your runner up is 2nd place Mr. Frank Jager, who proves yet again that people like them some aged beef.

frank modelIn a shocking twist, Aaron Newman and Matthew Owen tied for 3rd place. Our apologies to Mr. Newman – there truly is no accounting for poor taste.

Rounding out the bunch is Rob Arkley, who received two votes or something. (Thanks, Rob and Cherie, for stopping by!)

Happy weekend, Humboldt, and enjoy the last few days remaining before we enter a new era of freeloader enabling! Cheers!

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2 Responses to Presenting Humboldt’s Mr Beefcake 2016

  1. Just Watchin says:

    Is the guy in the pink high heels behind Bohn jon yalcinkaya?


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