(UPDATE) EPD beefs up their arsenal for Palco Marsh Eviction…while ACLU promotes violent clash?

THC received a highly surprising amount of response following Monday’s article regarding the EPD’s purchase of new tasers – and apparent preparations for some serious shit going down in the Palco Marsh. THC had naturally expected some action to arise following the EPD’s mandate to remove folks from the Marsh come May 2nd.

THC has been clear on our opinions regarding the City’s bone-headed decision to vacate the Palco Marsh for their precious little trail. We’ve since been told that the over-riding reason trial construction has to start is to remove the old concrete structures that led to a “self-styled homeless advocate”‘s injury and a subsequent $400,000 settlement paid out by the City. If the structures are not removed, the City will either lose or be unable to afford their insurance policy. (Thanks a lot, lady.)

Hell, we even heard from someone that (doubtfully!) claimed to be an EPD officer that riot gear is going to be standard equipment for all officers following the Marsh evacuation. (THC thinks this person was bullshitting us, but who knows.)

But what we didn’t realize is that the EPD may have very good reason to believe they’ll be met with entrenched and armed resistance when they begin their sweeps.

According to a number of readers, the EPD aren’t just concerned because of the potentially violent background of the homeless in the Marsh. They’re concerned because a number of groups, namely the ACLU and potentially other, unspecified homeless advocate groups, are actively encouraging the homeless to stand their ground and resist EPD’s efforts to clear the Marsh.

Which is just about the stupidest f***ing thing THC has heard. Not even the Supes do shit that stupid. Rather than trying to resolve the issue of homelessness, or at least find some more peaceable solution, the ACLU and others are out actively encouraging people to violently resist the police. Which is truly despicable on many levels. That puts both the police and the folks in the Marsh at severe risk. Remember how many guns get pulled out of the Marsh? Clearly, the people down there are no strangers to arming themselves.

So in the interest of pushing their own social engineering agenda, ACLU is agitating in the Marsh – for what? To set their group up for a lawsuit? Oh yeah, and to get somebody killed. Good job everyone – way to make this already terrible situation worse.

At the end of the day, the City of Eureka is ultimately responsible for creating this debacle. But the groups actively encouraging resistance aren’t making anything better for the homeless or the community. They’re doing it for a set of misguided ideals about the way they think things should be done.

While everyone else was all worked up listening to HumCPR and Betty Chinn talk about their container village proposal at the Eureka City Council’s meeting last week, THC had a chance to peruse other items on the meeting’s agenda.

Sure, lot’s of boring stuff. But wait, what’s that? EPD appropriating funds to update it’s taser arsenal?

tasersnipFirst, we were excited because we love gadgets. Tasers have an inherent cool factor, no?

Normally we’d say something about how much money is being spent, etc. But THC thinks $28k for police-grade tasers ain’t too bad. What actually piqued our interest is the EPD’s percieved need to upgrade their arsenal – and to upgrade it pronto.

Why would they need to do that? Obviously, for some expected increase in situations in which tasing the living shit out of people is needed. What could possibly lead to such a situation?

Oh, of course – kicking people out of the Palco Marsh. Here’s a piece from a Times-Standard article by Hunter Cresswell:

There are still about 130 people living out there based on a count done this week. It’s not clear how these people will be made to move off the property.

“I’m not going into the actual operations plan right now due to officer safety concerns,” Eureka Police Department Capt. Brian Stephens said.

Anyone else willing to bet that the “operations plan” involves EPD officers in full riot gear? THC wouldn’t blame the police for such a policy – it’s going to be increasingly scary trying to evict people from the Marsh who may be violent criminals. (As an added bonus, thanks to Eureka’s hard-on for a waterfront jogging trail, those same potentially violent individuals will be pushed out into the greater community. And housed in Old Town!)

The bottom line is this – it looks like there’s gonna be a serious escalation in police activity in the next week. THC sincerely hopes it doesn’t happen the way we’re afraid it might. But it sure looks like the EPD is gearing up for battle.

Thanks again, City Council. P.S. it’s a great idea to to saddle the entire community with the consequences of pushing desperate people out of the Marsh so you can have a trail.

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5 Responses to (UPDATE) EPD beefs up their arsenal for Palco Marsh Eviction…while ACLU promotes violent clash?

  1. John Chiv says:

    Great post THC!


  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    “We’ve since been told that the over-riding reason trial construction has to start is to remove the old concrete structures that led to a “self-styled homeless advocate”‘s injury and a subsequent $400,000 settlement paid out by the City. If the structures are not removed, the City will either lose or be unable to afford their insurance policy. ” ~THC via COE.

    Response: Soooooooo after eviction, the city removes the concrete after constructing a temporary access trail, sooooo the homeless can move back in, lol. Eureka officials collude soooooo much, time to build a wall around Humboldt Bay ala World War Z shit.

    Is it any wonder “spokespeople” are “IMMATERIAL”……why even pay a public spokesperson…..it’s a stupid public employment position that feeds bullshit to media knowing media can only regurgitate the bullshit for speculation. Let media learn to grow a spine and backbone, do their own research that does not require any spokespersons……oh, but wait, only THC has the energy (opposite of laziness) to peruse shit these days while the wannabee journalist post headlines without write ups (decrepit laziness by those who hate to work).

    In fact, THC is providing excellent examples to other local media wannabees who are soooooooo bad at reporting that they wander over to THC to coment and enjoy the accolades of THC that which otherwise is not present on their own makeshift blogs.

    Note: THC says (implies) the supes are not that stupid (referring to ACLU inviting a lawsuit through open resistance threats), BUT Supervisor Moonedburg (Sundberg) openly gestates his testicular dominance when advocating his personal attitude towards public lawsuits (bring it on, he isn’t scared)(of course, Moonedberg ain’t paying for the lawsuit outta his own arrogant pocket)


  3. Shak says:

    Considering how the EPD has joined forces with the Feds through grants & are wearing the same hat now days, this sounds like it goes deeper than it looks. Toss in AG Loretta Lynch global police security scheme & the COG’s regional plans of merging non elected reign, I’m certain we can kiss our local good guy Sheriff goodby. Dropping every sheriff who respects the constitution is the ultimate goal.
    This isn’t good.


  4. jmms says:

    What’s boneheaded is to leave people to rot and live in filth in a marsh. I’m all for building a trail along the water where young and old can walk safely without fear of loose pitbulls or used needles and their owners.
    What I’ve learned about the ACLU (from personal experience) is that they are more interested in sensationalism than civil liberties or fairness. Shame on them.
    How would you like to walk in Greg Sparks’s shoes? He’s being squeezed by AHHA, the business owners, other homeless activists, the discouraged public, (like me), the mindless three amigas on the city council, and the police – he’s gotta be a human pancake by now.
    Now we have Peter Martin’s suit…oh thrills!


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      What HOJ has learned is that City officials use the squalor to justify taking land to convert it’s use to that of a trail…….as opposed to land with no other political controversy attached to it…….some properties, it is easements, others it’s artsy, cutsie grant rehab…..the city has used the tactics of deception so well, that county officials “one upped” the city of Eureka (only because of geography) by declaring wild animal paths as a trail that can be further developed for new human uses, whoopi……..unless the city of Eurtweeka determined homeless squalor nothing more than a pack of wild animals, then it makes sense that the county just improvised no different than “inventing a new acronym”.

      HOJ does agree that the ACLU lost its luster years ago because they take on cases that make little difference, but snub those victims who cry upon these civil Liberty outlets for real help, real representation, but are ignored or met with the turn of a blind eye.

      Enough of the ACLU types appear to “collude” in order to not engage as it should, but won’t admit it, obviously…….just more reality why people part of these “organizations” such as Leo Sears are mother fucking bullshitters pulling faces with faux principles on constitutional rights and privileges. Leo Sears causes many to puke their guts out…….the guy is untrustworthy and is complicit in avoiding certain justifiable and winning lawsuits when the victim of actual illegal unconstitutional takings exposes “grass root violations of law” by some local piece of shit connected to “the local grass roots polirical system”……

      Quote of the day:

      “To hell with Leo Sears, first hand experience. He caters to the local grass roots insiders and attorney fraternity as an “implant for political melodrama”, not the victims of constitutional law violations.


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